December 2010

Fundraising23 Dec 2010 04:58 am

We have been busy cleaning and greening the Passyunk Civic area for you in 2010! This past spring, we launched the weekly sidewalk litter pick-up program and it has been a great success. We have picked up over 25,000 pounds of trash since the program started in May!

We hope that you have noticed the difference and would greatly appreciate if you could join the many that have already given to support our neighborhood. Please make a small contribution this holiday season to help support the cost of the litter pick-up program ($15,000 per year) and the many other beautification, events, planning, zoning, townwatch and education programs that make our neighborhood the best place to live in Philadelphia!

A happy holidays to you and thanks for thinking of us this holiday season!

Ways to donate…
– online via paypal:
– check made payable to “Passyunk Square Civic Association” addressed: PSCA, PO Box 18052, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Let’s hear it for our 2010 PSCA donors/supporters!!

Individual Donations
Aaron Bauman
Alison Fritz
Allison Herdan
Alyssa Boyle & Jay Wright
Angel and Mike D’Ippolito
Aron Heintz
Aspassia Argiron
Benjamin Davis
Brian Palmer
Cameron Voss-Denis Murphy
Carol & Philip Furnas
Cornelious Furgueson
Craig Crosby
Craig Totaro
David Romberg
David & Leah Vodila
Elizabeth Saccardi
Erin O’Brien
Francene Black
Gao Qui Hua
Holly Drauglis
Ingris Reisner
Jessica Cestone
John Deritis
John Raezer
Karyn Caravoulias
Launi Petrylak
Lisa Calvano
Lisa Kaiser
Megan & Scott Larkin
Meredith Weber
Mike LoGreco
Pam & Ed Zenzola
Patrick Rooney
Rich Rodowizc
Robert Calabrese
Roy Conard & David Jacobs
Sandra Tsaras
Stanley Hoffman

Business & Government Donations/Sponsorships
10th Street Laundromat
Generation 3 Electric – Bill Lutz
Bainbridge Law Center
Corey J. Wise, Esq
Dung Phat LLC
East Coast Mortgage
Fitness Works
Green Eggs Cafe
Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition (State Rep. Babette Josephs)
Leise Janney Montgomery -Bernard Buckley
MoBland Properties
Mortage Network
Prudential Fox & Roach – Deidre Quinn
P’unk Avenue
Remaxx – Ricardo Silva
Starr – Richard Astrella

In-Kind Business Donations
1540 Hardware
Anastasi Seafood Inc.
Benna’s Cafe
Black and Brew
Café de Laos
Chickie’s Italian Deli
Comcast Spectacor
Cosmi’s Deli
DaVinci Ristorante
Devil’s Den
Iannelli Bakery
J&J Pizza
Lime Organic Cleaners
Pho Hoa Restaurant
Ricci’s Hoagies
RIM Cafe
Rita’s Water Ice
Sixteen Hundred Below
Sweat Gym
Teri’s Deli
Urban Jungle
Vintage Whimsey
Violet Salon II
Xpresssions – Harvey Wall

Trash & Recycling20 Dec 2010 07:48 am

More than 20 local civic and nonprofit organizations are working together to recycle trees this holiday season. For the third year in a row, the City of Philadelphia will not be collecting holiday trees for recycling. As a result, any trees left at the curb will go into landfills or incinerators, causing air and water pollution and contributing to global warming.

Instead, with sponsorship by Bartlett Tree Experts and Schectman Tree Care these volunteer groups are working to have trees chipped and reused to beautify local dog runs, community gardens and parks.

$5 suggested donation. Please remove all decorations.

Date:  Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Location: Columbus Square Park at 13th and Reed streets

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Early Drop-Off: At northeast corner of 13th and Reed, donation can be dropped off at 1415 S. 13th St (private residence).

Trash & Recycling06 Dec 2010 08:41 am

Passyunk Square was gifted 25 rain barrels by the Philadelphia Water Department, but we only have 3 left!

A rain barrel collects and stores rainwater from a rooftop. By using a rain barrel at home to temporarily hold back rainwater during a storm, you can help reduce the pollution of our creeks and rivers; our drinking water source. The collected rain water can be reused to water lawns, gardens, window boxes or street trees.

If you reside in Passyunk Square, you could receive a free rain barrel if you:

– are the legal homeowner
– have a square downspout
– are willing to submit installation photos
– are willing to fill out a one-time survey
– are willing to do monthly monitoring
– are willing to submit a monthly survey

*Surveys will be located on the Philadelphia Water Department’s website

If you qualify and are interested, please contact Christine Knapp at christineknapp (at) yahoo (dot) com