Philadelphia21 Apr 2011 12:15 pm

Now that the candidates night that PSCA helped to host has come and gone, you might be wondering where you can learn about the candidates for the First City Council District (of which PSCA is part) and the At-Large Council positions (who represent the whole city) before you have to vote on May 17.

The Committee of Seventy is happy to provide all the information you need. There you’ll find everything from the answers to questions like “What does City Council do?” to “What about campaign finance regulations?” (And without the snark with which some people might answer those questions.) They also provide links to repositories of information about the candidates in each council district (including our own Fightin’ First) and how to find your polling place.

One date that has already passed, however, was the registration deadline for the May 17 primary. It was April 18. If you haven’t registered at all or you are registered as an independent you won’t have a chance to vote for candidates in next month’s primary election. Independents and non-affiliated voters can vote on ballot questions. If you moved since the last election and didn’t change your registration to your current address, you’ll have to go back to your old polling place to vote. And if you’re not registered as a Democrat, you won’t be able to vote for any candidates for the First Council District since all the candidates are Democrats and PA is a closed primary state, meaning you must be registered to a party to vote in that party’s primary.

So if you fall into any of those categories, perhaps you should spend your time writing to your state representative and state senator requesting them to enact some more progressive election laws like Election Day registration, vote by mail, or an open primary system. (Opinion alert! Standard disclaimer: opinions are held only by the writer of this post – Dan, in this case – and do not reflect any policies of the PSCA or opinions of its other board members.)

For everyone else, PLEASE get out to vote on May 17. Put it on your calendar. It’s on ours!

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