April 2011

Education and Event29 Apr 2011 05:31 am

Mother’s Day Celebration

When: Tuesday, May 10th 2:30-5:00pm
Where: Andrew Jackson, 1213 S. 12th Street

The Home and School Association of Andrew Jackson Elementary School has planned a wonderful festival in celebration of Mother’s Day.  The event will feature traditional Mexican dancing performances by students, live music and food.  A great event for the whole family to enjoy and support your local public school.  Funds raised from food sales will go toward the Home and School Association for upcoming programs.

Planning29 Apr 2011 05:30 am

Large Rise in Hispanic/Latino Population

Passyunk Square’s population grew by 7.7% between 2000 and 2010, according to the recent 2010 Census. For the five census tracts that make up the neighborhood (which also include portions north of Passyunk Square to Christian Street and south to Mifflin/McKean), the neighborhood gained 1,567 persons in that ten-year period, from 20,248 in 2000 to 21,815 in 2010.
The neighborhood in 2010 is 66% White, 19% Asian, 9% some other race alone, 5% Black, and 1% American Indian, which is similar to the year 2000, when the neighborhood was 69% White, 19% Asian, 9% Black, and 2% some other race alone. The neighborhood went from being 6% Hispanic or Latino (1,271 persons) in 2000, to 16% Hispanic or Latino (3,545 persons) in 2010, for a net increase of 2,274 Hispanic or Latino persons, or 279%. (Note that Hispanic or Latino is an ethnicity and is separate from race.)
The total number of housing units increased from 9,948 in 2000 to 10,381 in 2010, for a net increase of 433 housing units, or 4%. The percentage of vacant housing units has also declined from 2000 to 2010, from a vacancy rate of 12% in 2000 to 10% in 2010.

If we examine the data down to the most specific level–the census block—this allows us to examine our exact neighborhood boundaries of Broad to 6th, Washington to Tasker, which comprise 136 census blocks. The 2010 Census shows a population of 11,440, of which 64% are White, 21% are Asian, 9% are some other race alone, 5% are Black and 1% are American Indian. Similarly, 16% are of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity. There are 5,457 housing units, of which 540 are vacant, or 10%.

Event28 Apr 2011 01:26 pm

As of December 31, rate caps that kept electricity rates artificially low for customers of PECO and other PA utilities were lifted. At the same time, the law allows companies to compete to be your electricity supplier. You may have noticed recent advertisements on the radio for PPL Energy Plus or the door hangers with Arnold Palmer’s picture on them from Spark Energy (nope… Arnold Palmer is not running for City Council).

It can be a confusing time for electricity customers in our neighborhood, which, let’s face it, includes all of us (at least we’re not aware of anyone who is totally “off the grid”). Into the information void steps some of our elected officials and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. We received the following from State Senator Farnese’s office and figured we would pass it along to anyone who is interested in attending the event tonight:

Rate caps have been lifted, which may spark elevated electric bills. However, consumers can now compare prices from different suppliers to find a lower rate.

Senator Farnese invites members of the community to hear the Public Utility Commission (PUC) present information about electric choice options.

The event will occur in the auditorium at Ss. John Neumann- Maria
Goretti High School on Thursday April 28th at 7pm

To learn more, go to www.papowerswitch.com

If you can’t make it tonight, check out the website above or this presentation from the PUC’s website. It might help to clear up any confusion. If we hear about more of these events in the future, we will pass them along.

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