June 2011

Event22 Jun 2011 10:01 am

The "old" fountain

TOMORROW NIGHT, June 23, the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation is throwing a party to celebrate the rededication and grand unveiling of their renovations to the fountain at East Passyunk Avenue and Tasker Street. Ceremony will begin at 7pm followed by a  big old block party at 8pm and run for about two hours. Sections of Passyunk Avenue will be blocked off to car traffic so for at least one night, our neighborhood will have its own “piazza.” (Take that Northern Liberties!)

More info about the “new” fountain from PARC:

PARC has invested more than $60,000 in the restoration of the fountain and improvements to the square. With the removal of the fencing and the addition of park benches and chess table, the fountain is reborn as a public gathering space and neighborhood amenity. The fountain will also be illuminated by state of the art LED lighting technology that will greatly enhance the square. The fountain itself has been fully restored with new tiles and marble.

The block party following the rededication ceremony will feature beverages and food provided by Paradiso and Izumi. Show your support for the neighborhood and the great work that PARC is doing to keep making it better.

Event20 Jun 2011 12:30 pm

Transition Philadelphia would like to invite you to a Home Energy Workshop on TONIGHT. It will take place at the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center (East Passyunk Avenue and Dickinson Street) at 7pm. Come early at 6:30pm for a potluck.

Transition Philadelphia welcomes the following to the event:

Philadelphia’s Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) will suggest measures people can take to lower their energy bills and discuss programs offered by the ECA to help make homes more energy efficient.

Rory Tout from Bioneighbors Sustainable Homes LLC will present how Green Roofs help insulate your house in the winter and lower urban air temperatures and combat the heat island effect in the summer.

Jerry Silberman, Union organizer, peak oil activist for several years, will position Home Energy Efficiency in the context of peak oil and climate change.

It should be a fun and educational evening.

Transition Philadelphia is working to build community resilience in response to climate change, peak oil, and economic instability. They hold monthly workshops to strengthen community ties and to help us become less dependent on fossil fuels. We hope you will join us and work together to more fulfilling, less carbon intensive lives.

For more information on Transition Philadelphia or the Transition Movement email or visit: www.transitionphiladelphia.org, www.transitionus.org, or www.transitionnetwork.org.

Zoning20 Jun 2011 06:45 am

Last Tuesday, June 14, the Zoning Committee of the Passyunk Square Civic Association met with applicants for two projects.

1. 538-44 Washington Avenue: Applicant is seeking permission for a roof deck, pilot house and 5 accessory signs in R10-A zoning district (single family).

This project had come before the committee previously and was granted permission for 3 commercial spaces (2 ground floor retail and a second floor office space) and 2 residential spaces (a third story apartment and a bi-level residence on the second and third stories). Currently, the first floor will be occupied by a dentist’s office. Other commercial tenants are to be determined. This applicant sought permission for a roof deck and pilot house to access the deck. It also sought permission for 5 signs totaling 30 square feet (15 square feet of signage on Washington Avenue and 15 square feet on 6th Street).

The committee voted in non-opposition to the deck/pilot house by a 6-0 vote and non-opposition to the signage by a 6-0 vote. This case is currently scheduled to appear before the Zoning Board of Adjustment on July 27, 2011 at 5pm.

2. 1332-36 S. 9th Street: Requesting variance for auto repair on the first floor with 4 apartments on the 2nd floor. Also requesting pilot house and 4 roof decks for apartments. Refused by L&I for auto repair and 4 apartments in R10-A (single family dwelling) and for height of pilot house.

This project had also appeared previously before the Zoning Committee seeking permission for three apartments and an auto repair shop. At the time, the Committee opposed the auto repair shop but the variance was granted by the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Since the owner did not begin work on the property, the variance expired. Presently, the applicant is seeking permission for (1) four apartments, (2) four roof decks – separate ones for each unit – with a pilot house for common access to the roof, and (3) an auto repair shop on the first floor.

The committee voted in NON-OPPOSITION to the four apartments by a 6-0 vote. The committee voted in NON-OPPOSITION to the roof deck and pilot house by a 6-0 vote. The committee voted to OPPOSE the auto repair shop. Committee members and neighbors expressed concern at the number of auto repair and auto body shops currently operating in many parts of the neighborhood, particularly in the area bounded by East Passyunk Avenue, Ellsworth St, Reed Street and 7th Street. One committee member mentioned the desire of the neighborhood to continue its transition into a place where auto repair facilities in the middle of dense, residential blocks would no longer be acceptable.

This project is currently scheduled to be heard by the Zoning Board of Adjustment on June 29 at 4pm.

Neighbors are encouraged to attend the Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings for any of these projects and express either their support or opposition to the project. The ZBA hearings take place at 1515 Market Street on the 18th Floor.

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