September 2011

Philadelphia and Planning29 Sep 2011 08:38 am

At the September PSCA General Membership meeting, representatives from Energyworks presented information about their program. EnergyWorks brings together all available rebates, tax credits and low-interest financing for home energy improvements. Through the EnergyWorks Select Partnership neighborhood associations, civic groups, faith-based and community-based organizations can receive group discounts on home energy assessments, and in some cases the contracted work. Neighbors or group members come together and act as a buying group, thus bringing down the price and saving time and energy for everyone.

Since EnergyWorks has over one hundred registered building analysts and contractors, Select Partners get to choose from a preferred list of contractors and analysts that have demonstrated exceptional work, financial stability and who participate in a unique discount purchasing program offered through the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance which allows them to provide additional savings to the homeowner on energy efficiency materials and products.

PSCA has signed up for the EnergyWorks Select Partnership, and we have had a number of households sign up already. Those who would like to register their interest can do so through an online intake form here.

We’ll be contacting a local auditor and service provider to come and meet with all interested parties immediately after the PSCA general membership meeting on October 4th. Please fill out the intake form online or come to the meeting to sign up and save money and energy in your home this winter!

Neighborhood Stories28 Sep 2011 04:12 pm

Just got the October 3rd edition of Sports Illustrated in the mail and while I don’t think the article is available online yet, I just had to share a few lines from the article about Cliff Lee. The story is about a city that has gone through a remarkable number of positive changes and how those changes are reflected in the performance of its baseball team. The writer uses the device of following Lee on his drive from his home in Rittenhouse Square to his work place at Citizens Bank Park. Along the way he passes by a number of neighborhoods, including a couple of places in ours truly. So in violation of probably several copyright regulations and available until SI comes along and asks me to pull it down, we present a couple excerpts from Monday’s forthcoming cover story:
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Event27 Sep 2011 08:15 am

Do you live in South Philly?  Are you responsible for buying or cooking your household’s food?  Do you like pizza?

The South Philly Food Co-op wants to learn more about your food shopping patterns and is looking for your participation!

When: December 3rd from 1pm- 3pm.  Free pizza lunch included!

How do I sign up? Just click here to fill out a short survey, enter your contact info, and a representative of the Co-op will be in touch with more details.

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