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In advance of Friday night’s 1st Annual P’unk Square Art Show and Auction, we present brief bios and descriptions of the work of our 25 (25!) artists. And the best part is… there’s still time for you to get your tickets for HALF of what they will cost at the door. Click the button below to buy your tickets! After the jump, descriptions of our 25 participating artists.

Abi Galoza is a Philly printmaker who has shown at Mew Gallery, Gleaners, Nice Things Handmade and various other Indie galleries in the area. He is recently married and currently works in the healthy vitamin section of the South Philly Whole Foods.

Becca Kuhn is a woodworker and well-rounded renaissance woman. She currently works for Staack Woodworkers and makes and sells a variety of handcrafted cute items for local craft sales.

Carolyn Giordano is a University researcher and psychology professor and uses colorful mixed media art as a creative outlet.

Chris Crisman is a commercial photographer specializing in environmental portraiture. He is a Passyunk Square ingabitant and works for selected clients like Philadelphia Magazine, Cirque Du Soleil, ESPN Magazine, and many others. Click here for his website.

Cookie Cutter Apparel emerged from the mind of a local Philly creator, while she worked in New York city, as a result of experiencing the irony and humor of today’s fashion brands and the people that follow them.

Darla Jackson is most notably recognized for her bizarre animal sculptures that have been seen infiltrating spaces throughout Philadelphia. Past exhibitions include While you were out… at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Anatomy Now at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, My Dog Speaks at Seraphin Gallery, and On the Rise at the Gallery at City Hall. Jackson graduated with a BFA in Sculpture from Moore College of Art in 2003 and continues to live and work in Philadelphia, PA. She currently teaches sculpture classes at both the Fleisher Art Memorial and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Her website is here.

Isaiah Zagar is an award-winning mosaic mural artist and Philly local whose work can be found on over 100 public walls throughout the city of Philadelphia and around the world. Check out his website here.

Jason Goldberg is a Passyunk Square local best known for his tattoo skills and shop, Olde City Tattoo. Check out his art show at Grindcore House at 4th and Tasker and upcoming exhibit at Jinxed Gallery. He also owns Gunners Run in Northern Liberties. You should go there and make your own Bloody Mary.

Jessica Wirship is a photographer and former Brooklynite who now teaches reading to kids in North Philly. She is a corps member of Teach for America.

Johanna Stull is a Philly artist and designer. She works for Mitchell and Ness Apparel.

Julianna Crisman is a Passyunk Square local who designs and creates Mean Cards. You can see some of her work at her website.

Kelly Gadsby is a Passyunk Square local. She is an artist and teacher.

Kyra Harris is a native of Ireland and can be found paintstakingly hand-beading her jewelry items while watching ssci-fi movies in the Pennsport section of Philly.

Lauren Parker is a Passyunk Square local and former owner of Mew Gallery. She now teaches art full time in North Philadelphia. Click here for her website.

Lynda Hubbel is an artist with grounding in the biological sciences. Organic structure and texture are central to her work. She is a former PAFA student and likes to use metal, glass, and found objects in her work.

Liz Murphy is a Philadelphia photographer.

Miss Koco is a local crafter with a penchant for using recycled materials. She makes jewelry, cards, and all sorts of other great things. Check her out at local indie boutiques and craft fairs. She also teaches language courses at UArts and has traveled the world. Check out Miss Koco’s website here.

Nicole Rae Styer is a Philly based designer. All of her items are one of a kind and handmade by me. Every item is embellished with fun, unique textiles,sequins,beads and girly trims. Please visit her new store on East Passyunk Ave! Nicole’s website is here.

Nikki Virbitsky is a local artist, crafter, teacher, and gemologist. She spins her own yarn and sells it on etsy (along with many other things!). She teaches kids and adults at Fleisher and has had her paintings and other work shown at Mew Gallery, Gleaners, Nice Things Handmade, and various other cool places in Philly. You can find some of her work here.

phea jean by Amber Zaraza: phea jean was created to cater to the fashion forward customer. Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind. By combining non-traditional fabrics and unique designs, rocking a phea jean original allows you to stand out in a crowd. phea jean incorporates vintage and upcycled materials- taking the old and mixing it with the new. Click here for the phea jean website.

Ruth McGee is a South Philly based ceramicist. She teaches art and clay work at Fleisher and Penn Charter School.

Sam Mcconnell is a painter and Moore graduate. She recently earned her M.A. in art education at The University of the Arts. Sam teaches paper arts at Fleisher Art Memorial and runs after school arts programs at The Philadelphia School.

Toby Slawksy is a jewelry artist who is inspired by the style and craftsmanship of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ jewelry. Each piece is unique and has its own playful energy. Toby’s website is here.

Tony Pregiato is an architect with the firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and a drummer in the band SICU. He likes to mix creepy and functional with his “Break Lights” Nightlights.

Beth Richey and her creations at Tranqulity Jewelry are devoted to all things soothing, healing, and aesthetically fabulous. Her website is here.  Beth’s work can also be found locally at Nice Things Handmade, on etsy, and throughout the country at various indie boutiques and craft fairs.

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