May 2012

Beautification and Neighborhood Stories and Planning and Zoning22 May 2012 05:19 pm

We love it when other websites and blogs take notice of some of the great stuff happening in our neighborhood. The blog Naked Philly recently featured the renovation of 1131-1137 Wharton Street – the headquarters of the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation. PARC, who visited our civic association’s zoning committee last summer to get approval for this project, has moved their offices downstairs and activated the Titan Street side of the building, turning a gi-normous, blank, stucco wall into something kinda cool. On the second floor and in lofts above are now five luxury apartments.

Check out some other cool features mentioned in the Naked Philly post:

each of which will have an individual solar power array. On the first floor, each apartment will have its own parking space, as well as an electric car charging station, powered by each apartment’s solar unit.

Naked Philly includes some great before-and-after shots as well as the renderings for the eventual finished product. Give it a look.

Columbus Square and Education and Event22 May 2012 05:11 pm

From our friends at the South Philadelphia Branch of the Free Library (note yoga is also available on Wednesdays at 6:30pm until June 27 at the Columbus Square Rec Center for a small fee of $6 per class or a block of 5 classes for $25):


Feeling Fatigued by the daily grind, and need a boost to focus the mind and body?

Yoga literally means “Union” Yoga is for Everyone. Whether you believe you are “too inflexible, too busy, not patient enough, can’t sit still” etc. … Join us.

For Beginners as well as Seasoned Practitioners. All levels welcome.

Classes are from 6:30 to 7:30pm on:
June 7
June 21
July 5
July 19

South Philadelphia Library
1700 S. Broad Street (Broad/Morris)
Questions call (215) 685-1866

NOTE: A limited number of mats will be provided for those who don’t have one. Also, bring a block or blanket to fold for balance.

About the teacher:

Jennifer Nehila teaches at three studios in Philadelphia and beyond–Wake Up Yoga, Shanti Yoga, and Jai Studio Haverford, in addition to bringing Yoga to many corporations through Deliver Me Yoga. She is a former gymnast who also enjoys acrobatic yoga, slackline (tight rope), climbing, and running, and finds traditional yoga practice to be a great compliment to all of these activities. Jennifer finds that yoga is always there to support you, like a comfortable and constant friend, and thinks of the mat as safe space where the one “learns to abide in one’s true nature.”

Event22 May 2012 03:24 pm

The Philadelphia Bee Company presents:

High-rises and Honey Bees: An Introduction to Urban Beekeeping

FREE!!!!!! FREE!!!!!! FREE!!!!!!

Sponsored by the Friends of the South Philadelphia Branch

Thursday, May 31st at 6:00PM

South Philadelphia Branch
1700 S. Broad Street

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