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Note this one change to the agenda for the Zoning Committee meeting on May 8: 1033-35 Tasker Street has sought a continuance of their ZBA hearing and will NOT be presenting at our Zoning Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 8. We’ll have one case: the revised plans for 1537 S. 11th (11th and Tasker) to add additional seating to the restaurant planned for that spot.

Minutes from May 1, 2012 PSCA General Meeting @ SPOAC

Meeting began at 6:40 pm, ended at 7:30. Attendance: Approximately 40 people. Board members: Knapp, Zenzola, D’Ippolito, Morris, Emma, Pohlig, Anton, Wilder, Fioretti. Absent (excused): DeCapua.

1. Announcements

a. Zoning: The zoning committee will hear two cases next Tues May 8:

i. 1033-35 Tasker St—Subdivision of 1 lot into 2 lots. One lot to be used as single family dwelling, the other to continue use as a previously approved 3 family dwelling. Both parcels refused for open area, lot size, and rear yard depth in R10-A.

ii. 11th and Tasker—proposed Fountainhead restaurant is reapplying for zoning variance as they now seek 2nd floor seating.

b. Board Nominations: Continue to seek new Board members. Will soon have an open Communications position and continue to have at-large positions.

c. Food Sponsors: Thanks to Acme for donating fruit and cookies.

2. Committee Reports

a. Town Watch: Kim Davis spoke about her desire to focus more on follow-up and resolution of complaints with 311. Also will be setting up way to anonymously report issues to PSCA.

b. Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti reported that the spring clean-up was a great success and thanked Acme for their donations and assistance. Carmela hopes to do more spot clean-ups around the neighborhood (email her with suggestions), as well as an e-waste and shredding event. Outreach to local businesses regarding trash will begin soon.

c. Education: We will be getting an education intern this summer and fall. Education volunteers will convene next month to follow up on the recommendations made at last month’s PSCA Education Forum.

d. Beautification: Tree planting and mulching event last month went well. There will be upcoming work days in the garden.

e. Events: PSCA Annual Plant sale at Urban Jungle is May 5. Will be raffling off Urban Jungle design services.

f. Other: PSCA is participating in PWD Rain Check Program.

g. Other: Joey Henderson from Acme spoke about their interest in partnering with PSCA on various green initiatives, supported by their parent company SuperValu. These include:

i. Greening the Acme parking lot

ii. Installing trash cans in the parking lot (already accomplished and has cut back their incidental pickup of trash in the lot by 80%)

iii. Recycle bag program—hope to give away two free bags to each customer, to cut back on plastic bag usage

iv. Have put doors on refrigerated cases, which has cut their energy cost/carbon footprint by 60%

v. Want to support local businesses, work with the local community on sponsoring events/programs

vi. Trying to get to zero waste, by recycling corn crates and doing local composting

vii. Started a healthy eating program four months ago with schools. Going to Jackson ES next week to reward teachers (give them flowers and gift cards) and give students a card that lets them come in to Acme and get a free banana or apple

viii. Also interested in hearing about what food the community wants stocked (for instance, they recently installed a gluten-free section)

3. Presentations

a. Hilary Jay from DesignPhiladelphia: DesignPhiladelphia, established in 2005, in partnership with the University of the Arts, is a weeklong series of design events in Philadelphia. This year it will take place Oct. 10-15, and Passyunk Square will be a ‘hot spot’ neighborhood, with a cluster of different events happening in our area. We will also host our fall house tour then (Oct 13). Our events and their events will be co-marketed and the week should bring greater exposure to our neighborhood. A call for submissions will be released by mid-June and be due by mid-July. Their website is www.designphiladelphia.org if you want to sign up for email updates.

b. Karin Morris regarding PSCA Signage Project: PSCA is hoping to install “Welcome to Passyunk Square” signage on key streets in the neighborhood. These would be metal 12 x 18 inch signs that would replace some of the obsolete No Parking Due To Street Cleaning signs. The draft sign design was presented for feedback. The signs would be oriented more towards pedestrians than motor vehicles, and bring greater awareness of our organization to the neighborhood. We are working with the Streets Dept, Councilman Squilla’s Office and the Art Commission to make this happen. It was suggested that the old signs that come down should be recycled or made available to artists to use.

c. Christine Knapp regarding PSCA Parking Survey Results: Condensed results will be available on our website, but highlights include:

i. 75% of respondents said they live on non-permit parking blocks

ii. 46% of respondents park within 1-2 blocks of their home; 32% on their block itself; 6% have a dedicated space; 13% do not have a car.

iii. 69% of respondents would like the local police to enforce parking laws that relate to safety (no parking in crosswalks, etc); 21% are not sure; and 10% were against.

iv. 64% of respondents own one car; 20% own two or more cars; and 16% own zero cars.

v. 34% of respondents have lived in the neighborhood for less than 5 years; 37% have lived here for 5-10 years; 11% for 10-20 years; and 18% for 20+ years.

vi. When asked to rate their concerns, the highest scoring were (in order):

1. Nonresident parking

2. Other (received a wide variety of responses—such as more muni lots needed; could use Acme lot as paid or permitted parking; limit vehicles allowed per household; repaint crosswalks; put lines in denoting on-street parking spaces; ticket snow bullies; don’t allow commercial trucks to park on side streets; don’t allow cyclists on sidewalks; auto body shops shouldn’t be allowed to park their cars on sidewalks or use street spaces; and concern over amount of institutional parking in our area—on-street spaces being used by police, churches, schools, etc.)

3. Illegal parking on sidewalks

4. Abandoned vehicles

5. Illegal parking in front of fire hydrants

6. Illegal parking in crosswalks

7. Handicapped spaces no longer needed

vii. When asked to list problematic intersections, most that were listed include any street that intersects with Passyunk Avenue (creating the traffic triangle), as well as issues with commercial trucks making deliveries or being parked in our area.

–Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, May 3, 2012.


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