May 2012

Capitolo22 May 2012 03:17 pm

The Capitolo rec building at 9th and Federal Sts sits empty and open on many weeknights through the summer and fall. Space in the building includes the gym and another large room. We want to help them out with some new program ideas to be hosted there. From art to exercise, ping pong to poetry, for young or old, propose your idea and see if the folks at Capitolo can make it happen!

Feel free to comment to this blog post with ideas, on our Facebook page or email

Planning10 May 2012 02:49 pm

As discussed at our May General Membership meeting, the full results of our Parking Issues survey have been compiled and available now for your reading pleasure. Click on the links below to open PDF files that summarize the statistical portion of the survey and compile the answers from the open-ended questions portion of the survey.

We are ALWAYS looking for feedback about problem parking areas in the neighborhood or other car/bike/pedestrian issues that need to be addressed. If you notice repeat offenses of parking in crosswalks, parking on sidewalks, blocking fire hydrants, blocking handicap ramps; if you know of any handicap parking spaces that are no longer being used by the person who originally requested them; or if you have any suggestions for how we can take care of some of our most persistent problems, please email parking (at) All emails will be kept strictly confidential. We will use the information you give us to add to the list of problem areas that we will discuss with the police and for which we will request targeted enforcement.

Click here for graphs showing the results of the statistical portion of the survey.

Click here for a document that summarizes the open-ended questions about problem parking areas, obsolete handicap spaces and suggestions for improvements.

Zoning10 May 2012 01:36 pm

The following is a draft of a letter to be sent to the ZBA regarding the deision of the Passyunk Square Zoning Committee for the applicant at 1537 S. 11th St. This case appeared before the committee on Tuesday, May 8, 2012.
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