June 2012

Philadelphia11 Jun 2012 10:01 pm

News From the City of Philadelphia

On June 1, 2012, Mayor Nutter and the City of Philadelphia launched the Philadelphia Homestead Exemption for all homeowners in Philadelphia. A Homestead Exemption means that if you own your home, you can qualify for a reduction of your home’s tax assessment, and therefore reduce your tax bill.

Although legislation is still pending for the approval of the program, you are encouraged to apply, as it will help reduce the taxable assessed value used for calculation of your tax bill. The program’s only requirement is that the property is your primary residence. There are NO requirements related to age, income or length of homeownership. To be eligible, you must own your own home and live in it, and complete the Homestead Exemption application by JULY 31, 2012.

The application is simple and takes only minutes to complete.  Applications and additional information about the Homestead will be mailed out to all Philadelphia homeowners by late June and is available online now at www.phila.gov. Applications are due July 31, 2012. You can reach the application directly at http://www.phila.gov/pdfs/homestead-applicationv2.pdf.

After an application has been approved, you do not need to reapply each year unless the deed to the home changes. Applications received after the deadline for this year will be considered for tax year 2014.

In addition to qualifying for the Homestead Exemption on your property, you may also qualify for additional programs that can help reduce your real estate taxes, including programs for those who meet income qualifications, are over age 65, or have a disability. More details about these programs can be found online at www.phila.gov or by calling 311.

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Zoning06 Jun 2012 03:56 pm

The PSCA Zoning Committee is tentatively scheduled to review the following cases at its June meeting. The Zoning Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center (SPOAC) on the NW corner of East Passyunk Avenue and Dickinson St. Please note that 1501 S. Iseminger was not announced at last night’s general membership meeting because the representative from the Zoning Committee had not gotten all the cases to that point.

1519 S. 7th Street: Applicant is seeking to open a tutoring service in an R-10A (single family residential) building. This use is not permitted in this zoning district. ZBA hearing is scheduled for June 19, 2012

1501 S. Iseminger St: Applicant is seeking to legalize a rear addition at the second floor of a single family dwelling. Refused for insufficient % of lot as open area. Requires 30% of lot to be open area. Proposes 5%.

Check passyunk.org or twitter.com/passyunksquare for any last minute changes! Get zoning committee meeting alerts directly to your cell phone via text message by texting PSCA to (215) 987-5555. We’ll send out the list of cases as soon as it is finalized and let you know of any last minute cancellations.

The PSCA Zoning Committee meetings are opportunities for neighbors to hear the details of zoning applications within our civic association boundaries. The Zoning Committee does not make any final decisions on these zoning applications, but we do send letters to the Philadelphia Zoning Board Administration. Those letters outline the neighbors’ thoughts on the application and the Zoning Committee’s decision either to oppose or not oppose the proposal.

Please come and help make our neighborhood a better place.

Communication04 Jun 2012 08:45 am

In an effort to further open the lines of communication with everyone in the neighborhood, the Passyunk Square Civic Association has set up a way for people to receive important updates about news, events and meetings right on their cell phone. You can use any regular cell phone or smart phone to receive this service and it only costs whatever you pay for simple text messages.

Subscribe by texting PSCA to (215) 987-5555 or email your name and cell phone number to info@passyunk.org with “Text message alerts” in the subject line.

We’ll be using this to send out reminders about IMPORTANT upcoming events like our General Membership meetings and to send out the list of properties being heard at our monthly Zoning Committee meetings (which take place on the 2nd Tuesday of EVERY month). Messages will be short with just the details of where, when and what. And don’t worry: we only plan on sending two or three per month at most. That’s a promise.

We hope to use this service so that people who don’t use email or check our website will be better connected to Passyunk Square Civic Association events. And we get the irony of announcing this on our website! We’ll also be pushing this at events throughout the summer, on printed materials and at all of our meetings. So please spread the word to your friends and neighbors and get connected to us!

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