September 2012

Event03 Sep 2012 06:36 pm

***Online ticket sales are now closed, please visit Benna’s, B2, or Columbus Square Recreation Center to buy a ticket today and also to pick up your Home Tour materials if you’ve already purchased a ticket.  Cash and credit cards accepted***

On Saturday, October 13 from 12pm-4pm the Passyunk Square Civic Association will host its annual Home Tour. The Home Tour is a self-guided tour of homes throughout the Passyunk Square Neighborhood. The tour showcases homes in all stages of renovation, provides a chance to compare contractors, get ideas, and meet neighbors.

This year the PSCA Home Tour will be the showcase of the DesignPhiladelphia Festival!  October 13th is going to be a great day in the neighborhood.  For more information visit

Bought a ticket? Click here for where to go on the day of the tour!

Volunteers03 Sep 2012 06:35 pm

Neighbors helping neighbors.  That is our mantra.  We need your help!  Please join us on September 4th at 6:30 p.m. at S.P.O.A.C for our General Meeting where we will be kicking off the first phase of the official Passyunk Square Neighborhood Ambassador program.  We are looking for some friendly neighbors to help grow PSCA. We need Ambassadors to get the word out about PSCA and to get other neighbors involved in our community.  We want to reach out to underrepresented groups in our neighborhood so that we can collectively work to continue improvements to Passyunk Square.  At the September meeting, we will discuss the responsibilities of the Ambassadors and have a round table discussion about how we can accomplish our best outreach.  So, please come out one and all.  If you want to have a positive effect in our community, this is a great chance to do so!  If you are unable to make it to Tuesday’s meeting, but still want to be involved, please email

Trash & Recycling03 Sep 2012 06:34 pm

The South Philly Trash Think Tank was formed in spring of 2012 as a group of residents committed to addressing the problem of litter in new and creative ways. For the first project, members reached out to businesses offering takeout & items consumed off-premises to advise of a City regulation requiring them to provide a trash can outside of their store.  The City will be stepping up enforcement of this regulation soon for those that do not comply.

We finished our outreach in August; visiting 42 businesses of which 16 were already in compliance.  Having almost 40% is a good starting number and are hoping all the remaining business we met with will add a trash can soon.

We would like to thank all businesses that were already doing a great job in keeping their area clean:

Dunkin Donuts 1401 S. 10th St; (215) 463-7675
Iannelli Bakery 1155 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 468-0720
CVS 1405 S. 10th St; (215) 465-2130
Rite Aid 1443 S 7th St; (215) 436-7748
Acme Markets 1400 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 467-2221
Oaxaca Grocery & Deli 701 Federal St; (215)755-2223
Richetti’s South Philly Cold Cuts 701 Wharton St; (215) 468-9676
Pat’s King of Steaks 1237 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 468-1546
Geno’s 1219 S. 9th St; (215) 389-0659
J&J Pizza 1177 S. 9th St; (215) 551-1233
Los Taquitos de Puebla 1149 S 9 St; (215) 334-0664
Atlantic Pizza 1401 S. 12th St; (215) 755-6115
Chickie’s Italian Deli 1014 Federal St; (215) 462-8040
Franco & Luigi’s High Note Café 1547 S. 13 St; (215) 755-8900
Bitar’s 947 Federal St; (215) 755-1121
Ippolito’s Seafood 1300 Dickinson St; (215) 389-8906

We would also like to recognize the attached businesses that have responded to our Trash Think Tank group’s request to place a trash can outside of their business.  We appreciate their support and help to reduce the amount of trash on the streets of our neighborhood.  Great Job!

Tienda el Paisano 1345 E Passyunk Ave; (215) 467-1751
Passyunk Market 1407 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 465-2452
Lucky Star 13th Federal St; (215) 551-5066
El Jarocho 1138 S. 13th St; (215) 463-2020

Next time you are in any of the above businesses let them know their effort and support of our neighborhood is truly appreciated.

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