May 2013

Philadelphia29 May 2013 04:11 pm

PPDInformation Bulletin Received From the Philadelphia Police Department

The Philadelphia Police Department Central Detective Division has identified a scam targeting merchants in and around the city of Philadelphia.

The scam works as follows:

The subject/customer executes the scam by walking into a store and or business well dressed, after selecting the merchandise the subject use a prepaid credit card/debit card, with his or her name displayed on the card. The subject also uses a Pennsylvania state driver’s license or identification card with the name matching the name on the credit card. Once the merchant swipes the credit card for approval the card is automatically declined. The reason for this declination is that the credit card is prepaid, and no funds were ever deposited to make the card have a positive balance. The merchant then tells the subject/customer that the card was declined; subject/customer then comes up with an excuse as to why the card was declined. Subject/customer uses their cell phone to call their bank; in reality, subject/customer is calling a co-conspirator at another location. The merchant is then handed the subject/customer’s cell phone. The merchant is led to believe they are speaking to a representative of the subject/customer bank. Co-conspirator asked the merchant if they verified the customer’s identification, etc. Once the security question part of the conversation is over the co-conspirator will, then ask the merchant what type of credit card machine are using after the merchant responds to the co-conspirator instructs the merchant to key in a series of commands, which prints out a receipt with an approval code, and the merchant then hands the phone back to the subject/customer. The merchant has subject/customer sign the receipt, and he/she exits the store with the merchandise. Most merchants do not discover the scam until they receive a charge back from their bank several days later.

Purchases range from a few hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars at a time.

Central Detective Division S.I.U is conducting the investigation into this matter, contact Detective Steven Parkinson 8164, at 215-686-3093.



Neighborhood Stories and Philadelphia23 May 2013 01:41 pm

Ace day at Christopher Columbus Charter School 5-22-13 002Ace day at Christopher Columbus Charter School 5-22-13 013











On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 it was “Ace” day at Christopher Columbus Charter School in South Philadelphia to honor Philadelphia Police Officer Juan “Ace” Delgado # 6318, the long time 3rd District Community Relations Officer. This was a surprise presentation that was months in the making, the cafeteria was decorated with drawing hanging on the walls & ceiling, most with the theme from a deck of cards with the “Ace” of hearts, spades, clubs & diamonds to show how much the kids from the school appreciate Ace for his years of service. Miss Dougherty the Campus Principle told of how the school opened in 1999 and they where new to the neighborhood and didn’t know anyone, then decided to call the 3rd District and ask if an officer can stop by due to a disturbance with a parent, Ace made his way to the school to take care of the assignment and when he was done he gave his cell phone number that he answers every time his services are needed. A dozen students performed dances, a choir of 70 children serenaded Ace with songs “We are grateful”, “Honor a Vet”, “I am grateful to be Free”. A lunch was served to the visitors which included Aces wife, mother & children, Christopher Columbus Charter School Board Chairman Mr. R. Pescatore and Commanding Officer of the 3rd District Captain Michael Ryan. Ace stated he was very surprised and appreciated being recognized for doing something that he loves which is working with children in reference to danger / stranger programs and making our schools & community safer.

Report prepared by: Police Officer Michael Duffy, Badge #7441

Reviewed by: Captain Michael Ryan, Badge #20



Education23 May 2013 01:16 pm

PSCA_POSTCARDPassyunk Post ( now has a monthly guest column looking at education issues in South Philly and their first guest writer is our own Christine Knapp! Check out her column by clicking here.








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