September 2013

Neighborhood Stories28 Sep 2013 01:40 pm

“Whatever advice you give, be short.” – Horace

Sorry for the delay in posting the weekly tip. Last week, my sister’s family house burned down. She lived there with her husband and two boys. Luckily, no one was hurt. There were five other houses affected in the fire. Also luckily, they have excellent homeowner’s insurance and will be able to recover financially. So this week, my tip is to check your homeowner’s insurance policy. Most of us in Passyunk Square live in row homes, so you are more susceptible to fire since a neighbor’s accident five houses down can affect your home. If you rent, I strongly advise getting renter’s insurance. No one wants to spend the money, but when you need it, you’ll be glad you did. You need to ask your insurance company about 3 main things: the home replacement value, if it is a total loss, the amount of money they will give you to replace the contents inside your home, and how much they will pay for a rental or hotel accommodations while you are displaced. If you have a shore home, you should consider flood insurance, as most homeowner policies do not cover for flooding (remember, that is why so many were devasted after Katrina in New Orleans – they did not have flood insurance). Lastly, I strongly urge you to have a computer backup that is online – NOT located at your residence. Crashplan is a good company to check out for this. Remember, if your computer is destroyed, your data, including all your photos, are lost. If your computer backup is a hard drive in your home, that will be lost as well. Once again, my sister’s family was lucky in this regard and most of their photos were recoverable because they had offsite backups of them. Trust me, no one thinks it will happen to them – until it does.

-Melissa Rosato

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Town Watch26 Sep 2013 11:13 am

Information Bulletin from the 3rd POLICE DISTRICT

There has been an increase of robberies in the 3rd District where the offenders are on bicycles.

The latest robbery on 9-26-13 at 8th & Watkins Street the offender shot & killed the victim for his backpack.

Everyone is reminded your property is not worth giving up your life.

These perpetrators need to be taken into custody, to submit a tip go to:

CALL: 215-686-TIPS

TEXT: PPDTIP to 773847







Education17 Sep 2013 03:38 pm

Our Education Committee will meet at Columbus Square (12th and Wharton) at 7pm on Tuesday, September 17th. Any and all interested members of the community are welcome! For a full list of meetings for the 2013-2014 School Year, visit

Please contact Tom Wyatt at if you have any questions or to put on the education email distribution for more information prior to meetings and to be notified of any changes to the schedule.


Passyunk Square Civic Association Education Committee

“We are a vital community partner that cultivates great neighborhood schools in Passyunk Square.”

September 17, 2013


1.   Welcome & Introductions (10 minutes)

2.   Solidify Sub-Committee Structure (Group Discussion) (15 minutes)

3.   Grants Update / Sub Committee Organization (Steve Viscelli) (15 minutes)

4.   Political/District Liaison Report (Christina Grimes) (15 minutes)

5.   Jackson Update (Michele McDonnell) (10 minutes)

6.   Kirkbride Update (Christine Knapp and Stacey Siegel) (10 minutes)

7.   Events Review/Preparation (Tom Wyatt / Events Lead) (15 minutes)

a.   Supply Drive Review

b.   Raise a Glass for Education- Sept 23rd at Fountain Porter

c.   Back to School Night- Oct 3rd at Jackson

d.   Jackson’s Rooftop Garden Build Day- Nov 23rd

e.   Holiday Fundraiser at Coco Lu’s

f.     Spring Supply Drive

g.   “Going to Jackson” Shirts/Onesies

8.   Twitter/Social Media Update (Kate Mundie) (10 minutes)

9.   Parent Engagement Sessions Brainstorming / Funding Formula Session (Christopher Dean) (20 minutes)

10.   Adjourn (NEXT MEETING- OCTOBER 15TH!)

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