January 2014

Education06 Jan 2014 08:57 pm

The Philadelphia Tribute to the Last Waltz, held November 30th at the Trocadero Theatre, was a sold out success. The four producers of the event, Fergus Carey, Bryan Dilworth, Andrew Lipke, and Kevin Hanson gave a $5,300 check to the PSCA Education Committee to contribute to our neighborhood schools. The vast majority of the money will go to benefit the Jackson HOME Band, who performed at the event, with a portion also going to Kirkbride programming.

-Tom Wyatt, Education Committee Chair

Beautification and Trees06 Jan 2014 08:56 pm

We know it’s the early days of official winter, but we’re already thinking about the Spring and plans to care for the trees in our neighborhood. If you are already a Tree Tender, or are interested in getting involved in our Pruning Club, let us know at beautifiation@passyunk.org and we’ll keep you posted on our upcoming activities.

If you’d like to learn more about tree care over the winter, PHS is offering two ways to become a certified Tree Tender: an 8 week “Lunch and Learn” series Jan 8- Feburary 26 or two-part regular training on Saturday Jan 25 and Feb. 1. More information and registration details are available at www.pennhort.net/treetenders. PSCA is offering our residents a limited number of scholarships to cover the $25 fee. For more information email us at beautfication@passyunk.org

-Sarah Anton and Andrew Emma, Beautification Co-Chairs

Fundraising06 Jan 2014 08:55 pm

PSCA is happy to have as one of our sponsors The 10th Street Laundromat (1141-43 S 10th St) a neighborhood fixture where laundry, art and community converge. More than just a row of washing machines and dryers, the 10th Street Laundromat makes doing laundry a positive, enjoyable experience. With a clean environment, friendly on-site service and wash cycles that take only 23 minutes, you can be done quickly, pay reasonable prices and enjoy the artwork that enlivens this cozy establishment. If you want to work, there’s wifi available for any of your devices. Don’t want to wait? No worries – they have a Wash and Fold service; drop off your laundry and pick it up all folded and ready to put away. You need clean clothes but have little time to do laundry, let 10th Street Laundromat help you. 10th Street Laundromat – It’s the way to do laundry!

Looking for a place to showcase your artwork? 10th Street Laundromat is looking for artwork done by local artists to hang in their friendly neighborhood establishment. If you would like to have your artwork exhibited, please call 215-463-1300. Spanish language spoken here. A small stipend will be paid to artists that are selected to exhibit.

Lisa Budnick, owner of the10th Street Laundromat, was recently featured in the South Philly Review! Read more about her here http://www.southphillyreview.com/news/lifestyles/Her_sort_of_site-238274201.html

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