February 2014

Zoning06 Feb 2014 05:06 pm

On Tuesday, February 11th at 7PM at Annunciation BVM Church Hall at 1511 S. 10th Street (Dickinson St Entrance) the Zoning Committee of the Passyunk Square Civic Association is scheduled to hear the following cases:

1536 Camac Street: 

Application for a 2 story addition with roof deck and pilot house.  Also requesting 2 off street interior parking spaces (Garage).  For use as a 2-family dwelling.  Refused for use, parking and open area in RSA-5 zoning district.  Property was formerly an auto repair garage that has been vacant for many years.

1148 Wharton Street: 

Informational presentation on proposed 5 story building with apartments over parking.   

1439 E. Passyunk Avenue:

Application to change use from doctor’s office to retail gift shop first floor with existing single family dwelling on the second floor, which is not allowed in this zoning district.

1500 S. 9th Street:

Application for the erection of a roof deck above the 1-story portion of an existing 2 story attached structure for the legalization of 1 accessory off street interior parking space (garage) for use as two family dwelling.

1428 South Clarion Street:

For the erection of an addition with a roof deck and roof deck access pilot-house to an existing attached single family dwelling.

1100 Federal Street (Tiffin Bistro)

Request for permit for six tables of outdoor seating on the sidewalk on Federal and 11th St.


The PSCA Zoning Committee meetings are opportunities for neighbors to hear the details of zoning applications within our civic association boundaries. The Zoning Committee does not make final decisions on the applications, but it does send letters to the Philadelphia Zoning Board Administration. Check facebook.com/passyunksquare or twitter.com/passyunksquare for any last minute changes Please email zoning@passyunk.org with any zoning-related questions.


Minutes06 Feb 2014 05:00 pm

Minutes from February 4, 2014 PSCA General Meeting @ Annunciation BVM

Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola welcomed guests and two new Board members, Tom Wyatt and Jared Klein.

Zoning: Jared Klein reviewed the following cases, to be heard by the Zoning Committee next Tuesday. 1536 Camac Street is an application for a 2-story addition with roof deck and pilot  house, and two off street interior parking spaces (garage), for use as a 2-family dwelling. Refused for use, parking, and open area in RSA-5 zoning district. 1148 Wharton 6th Street is an informational presentation on a proposed 5 story building (same height as Wharton Lofts) with 30-40 apartments over parking. 1439 E. Passyunk Avenue is an application to change use from doctor’s office to retail gift shop first floor with existing single family dwelling on the second floor, which is not allowed in this zoning district. 1500 S. 9th Street is an application for the erection of a roof deck above one story portion of existing 2 story structure, legalization of 1 off-street parking space, use as two-family dwelling.  Refused for multi-family use and parking usage. 1428 South Clarion Street is an application for the erection of an addition with a roof deck and roof deck access pilot-house to an existing attached single family dwelling. 1100 Federal Street (Tiffin Bistro) is for legalization of existing outdoor seating.

Events: Pam Zenzola announced that the PSCA Community Art Show and Auction will take place Friday, March 28 from 7-10pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall.

Fundraising: Ilene Wilder reminded everyone that it is not too late to give an annual gift to PSCA, from the 2013 annual appeal mailing.

Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the monthly cleanup is looking for volunteers, and anyone interested should contact trash@passyunk.org.

Education: Tom Wyatt announced that PSCA participated in the successful MLK Day event at Jackson School. There will be a school partnership meeting on Feb. 18. Kindergarten registration will take place Feb. 13 at 6pm at the Donatucci branch of the Free Library.

Beautification: Sarah Anton announced we are now taking fall tree applications, and those are due by May 5 for a fall planting. There will be a spring pruning event in April. Passyunk Gardens will have a happy hour on Feb. 26, location TBD. Beautification is always looking for volunteers for their efforts. Mural Arts is looking for new opportunities for mural locations, in addition to planning a few more in our area, as well as updating some existing ones.

Parks: Chris DiCapua announced that the Columbus Square plan was presented to the public last week, and 10% of the funds needed for its implementation have been raised so far. South Philly Review will be doing an article about the park plan. PSCA is sponsoring ESL classes (English for Non-English Speakers) at Columbus Square starting Feb. 11 through March 11, and the cost is $20 for the series. Scholarships are available thanks to a donation from Lisa Budnick of 10th Street Laundromat as well as from the Columbus Square Advisory Council. Prizes will be available for those who attend at least four out of the five sessions, and on-site programming for children will be available during the classes. Also, PSCA is now translating our monthly newsletter into Spanish and that will be available on our website.

Outreach: Angel D’Ippolito announced that NAP is looking for more volunteers. The monthly PSCA neighbor meet and greet is this Saturday Feb. 8 from noon to 1 at Global Crepes & Shakes.


Jim Reardon of Acme Markets thanked everyone for the continuing good relationship between the neighborhood and Acme. Acme is renovating their store to accommodate more organics, gluten-free, more produce, bigger floral area, new bakery cases, more seafood cases, and moving the pharmacy and customer service closer to the front door. Grand reopening is Feb. 28. They cannot put islands in the parking lot due to cost, but may be able to put in a garden/better landscaping near the street.

Bill Lutz and Debbie Lewis of Generation 3 Electric is offering specials to neighbors on exterior lighting, security cameras, or security systems. They can offer 10% discount if three or more installations happen on a block. They are offering a long-term payment plan with six months of interest-free financing if using Paypal.

Jane Golden from Mural Arts presented their mission, which includes programs for youth, including apprenticeship and entrepreneurial programs, as well as art education. They have plans to do a new mural at 10th and Washington, along with finishing one near Capitolo. They may do a mural at Broad and Federal with a 76ers theme. The South Philly Musicians mural across from Pat’s needs to be redone, as it is 12 years old and deteriorating. The surface needs to be whited-out and repaired and Mural Arts is committed to putting something there. Should it be the same mural, an updated one, or something new? They could put a call out to artists for potential designs. Mural Arts is also interested in doing a history of the neighborhood mural, perhaps on a different wall. Jim Croce was born at Broad and Reed, so that is another musician idea. Councilman Squilla expressed concerns of some with removing the mural’s current theme.

-Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, February 5, 2014.



Uncategorized03 Feb 2014 08:16 pm

Kung Hei Fat Choi or Happy Lunar New Year! 

Last month we tried to have our first General Meeting of the year, but the Polar Vortex shut us down. Our three guest speakers were kind enough to re-schedule for this coming Tuesday, February 4th. Our guest speakers, all seemingly with totally different presentations. However, the common thread is betterment of the neighborhood:

Lights and Cameras for the Home

The holiday lights are gone and the ugly snow is making for some dark and dreary streets. That is unless you turn on your porch lights to help illuminate the neighborhood. Statistics show the brighter the neighborhood the less crime is committed. Bill Lutz and Debbie Lewis, who in addition to being great neighbors, are the owners of General3 Electric. If you do not have a porch light but are thinking of getting one, Bill and Debbie will be on hand to offer suggestions. A few stories in the news lately reported how security cameras have help to capture criminals. One such case was the people stealing the Christmas decorations! Again, if you are thinking of buying such a camera Debbie and Bill will offer some guidance.

Public Art Plans for 2014

Representatives from the Mural Arts Program (http://muralarts.org/) will be speaking about several upcoming projects in our neighborhood including plans to revitalize the site of the “The Soul of Philadelphia” mural across the street from Pat’s Steaks on 9th Street. Come hear the details and get more information about the process. In addition, if you have seen Joe Bucherow’s completed Watchtowers on Dickinson between 9th and 10th, be sure to check it out!

Acme Remodeling

Wondering how much longer Acme will be remodeling? Jim Reardon, our friendly store manager, will give us the latest on the progress of the project. From what I hear it is not all about structural change, there will be new products on the shelves as well.

-Pam Zenzola, President


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