March 2015

Trash & Recycling24 Mar 2015 05:05 pm

The Streets Department has announced potential one-day delays for trash pickup in some areas, due to wear and tear on a significant number of the sanitation trucks that are also used for snow removal. Residents should continue to set out trash on the normal schedule, and any trash not collected on the usual day will be picked up the following day. Read the full press release on the Streets Department’s website.

While we do not know if our neighborhood will experience any collection delays at all, as a reminder, all household trash must be placed in sealed bags or appropriate containers. This is not only a requirement, it also helps to keep loose trash from scattering around on these breezy spring days! Thanks for helping to keep Passyunk Square a clean and pleasant place to live, work, and visit.

Zoning13 Mar 2015 01:06 am

At the March 10, 2015 Meeting of the PSCA Zoning Committee, the following applications were considered by the Committee:

1. 827 Wharton Street: No vote – informational presentation only

2. 1331 Juniper St., application for 12 residential units in an additional above an existing one story structure: 5-0 vote in opposition

3. 1225 Annin St., application for residential units: 4-0 vote in opposition (1 abstention).

4. 1151 S. 7th St., application to legalize a duplex: 4-2 vote in non-opposition

5. 1018 Ellsworth St., application to legalize a duplex: 6-0 vote in non-opposition.

The committee encourages everyone in the community to review to monitor the date and time of the ZBA hearing for any properties of interest to them, and attend those hearings to make their opinions known.

Uncategorized11 Mar 2015 11:36 pm

La Hoja Informativa más reciente de la PSCA ahora está disponible en español. Haz clic aquí. The most recent PSCA Newsletter is now available in Spanish. Click here.

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