August 2015

Cleanup and Newsletter04 Aug 2015 12:45 pm

Sidewalk Sweeping – Revamped!

Our area has always been a popular tourist destination. With the arrival of the special guest in September we can expect even more visitors to the city. That is just one reason the sidewalk sweeping program needed a bit of tweaking. Thanks to your support of PSCA we will have someone 5 days a week, four hours each morning. Mostly this will take place in the east side of our neighborhood and a few streets to the north.

We are working on getting a set schedule. Once we do we will need you to be our eyes reporting on the progress. Look for updates on social media!

In the meantime, look for the young man with the PSCA vest on in our area!

Newsletter and Trash & Recycling and Volunteers04 Aug 2015 12:30 pm
We have two events coming up for Trash & Recycling enthusiasts:
Trash and Recycling Committee meeting: 6:30 pm, Thursday, August 20 August 27 at the Pop-up Garden (9th and Wharton). The agenda will include the push to get local retail businesses to help out by putting trash cans outside during business hours, and planning for an October 10 recycling event (paper shredding, e-waste, and hopefully hazardous waste collection – more to come on this!).
Monthly Cleanup: Saturday, August 29 at Gold Star Park and 6th & 7th streets. Watch for details on Twitter and Facebook.
*This post has been edited to add meeting time and date change.

Newsletter and Zoning04 Aug 2015 12:15 pm

We have a busy month ahead of us in August. The following cases or presentations will be heard at the August 11  zoning meeting:

  • Informational presentation regarding the lot between S. 9th and S. Darien (just south of Washington Ave.)  PSCA will hear from the development team to review a mixed use concept (including ground floor commercial, below grade parking, and residential) at the long vacant lot.
  • 737 Earp – lot adjustment and single family residence
  • 1535 S. 10th – takeout restaurant application
  • 1108-10 Federal – 2 single family homes
  • 1202 Ellsworth – 1 story addition with roof deck

Note: the 902 Washington Ave nightclub permit request, which was reviewed at our July meeting, will be heard at our September meeting at the request of the applicant.

The Zoning Committee will meet on Tuesday, August 11 at 7 pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall (10th & Dickinson). Email with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee or visit

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