September 2015

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Last year Passyunk Square Tree Tenders ran a pruning training course through a program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. This year, East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association is managing the training, but they’ve invited Passyunk Square Civic neighbors to join. There are three remaining trainings  October 3October 17November 7. You can attend one or all three. Bring tools if you have them or some may be provided. For more information email
And if you’re interested in getting a tree for the sidewalk in front of your home, requesting assistance with light pruning for your tree or helping us canvas your block for more trees, get in touch– or visit PSCA‘s tree information page.

Zoning10 Sep 2015 08:56 am

Thanks to all who attended our September 8, 2015 Zoning Meeting.  Our results:

902 Washington:  Committee voted 5-1 in non-opposition to the variance request

1108 Federal:  Continued

738 Earp:  Continued

1127 S 11th: Continued

As a reminder, our next meeting will be Oct. 13 at 7:00.

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La Hoja Informativa más reciente de la PSCA ahora está disponible en español. Haz clic aquí. The most recent PSCA Newsletter is now available in Spanish. Click here.