March 2016

Zoning16 Mar 2016 03:25 pm

Below are the results from our March, 2016 Zoning Meeting:

1152 S 12th:    Application for a coffee house with roasting equipment.  Committee voted 5-3 in opposition due to the lack of hardship specific to the property and concerns of near neighbors regarding the impact of deliveries.

1150 S 12th St.  Application to legalize 2 existing parking spaces.  Committee Vote 8-0 in non opposition.

1224 S. Sheridan St:  Application for 1 story addition to existing 2 story single family.  Committee vote 8-0 Non opposition.

813 Federal:  Application for 2 story addition to existing single family home.  Committee voted 8-0 in oppositio

1100 Washington.  Review of liquor license transfer.  The Committee and community had no objection to the grant of the license transfer.

Our next meeting will be April 12, 7:00 at St. Marson’s


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La Hoja Informativa más reciente de la PSCA ahora está disponible en español. Haz clic aquí. The most recent PSCA Newsletter is now available in Spanish. Click here.

Beautification and green stormwater infrastructure and Meet & Greet and Soak It Up! Adoption Program and Volunteers03 Mar 2016 03:22 pm

Soak It Up! Adoption Program Meet & Greet Wednesday, March 16

Interested in learning more about the neighborhood’s green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) and how you can help keep the installations eye-catching and effective at maintaining clean water?

Join us in the formation of a new group of GSI Ambassadors, who will help PSCA spread the word about the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure and report any issues to the Philadelphia Water Department.

While we welcome involvement at any level, we hope to form a solid team of GSI Ambassadors interested in learning about green stormwater infrastructure, assisting with monitoring the local installations, and engaging the neighborhood through fun and educational events and initiatives.

Learn more about the GSI Ambassadors by joining us for a Meet and Greet at B2 (1500 E. Passyunk Ave.) on Wednesday, March 16, at 6:30 pm or by emailing You can also read more about PWD’s innovative Green Cities, Clean Waters initiative at their website.

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