Minutes04 Nov 2016 10:09 am

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by President Jared Klein.  Board members in attendance were: Jared Klein, Ilene Wilder, Nick Ventrola, Sarah Anton, Christine Knapp, Henry Sullivan, Andrew Stober, Tom Wyatt and Jeff Brown.  Absent were: Andrew Emma and Ricardo Silva

Introductions.  Jared asked people in the audience to introduce themselves to someone they did not know.  They did so.

Committee Reports: 

Home Tour.  Andrew Stober reported that PSCA had a great Home Tour last Saturday, October 29.  Among the homes visited were those of Ilene, Ricardo, Frank, Dana and his.  Ninety people participated and PSCA netted almost $4,000.  The home owners loved it and participants made contacts.  Andrew mentioned that he still has two raffles available and people have an excellent chance to win.  He will sell raffle tickets at the end of the meeting and also give people Gen 3 bags and Home Tour guides.

Zoning.  Tom indicated that, due to the election, the Zoning Committee will meet on Tuesday, November 15 at 7:00 PM at St. Maron’s Church.  The cases to be reviewed include: 1226 S. Sheridan Street, 1212 Mildred Street, 1509-11 S. Franklin Street and 610-12 Wharton Street.

Education.  Nick mentioned that he can be contacted regarding education issues at education@passyunk.org.

Beautification.  Sarah reported that they are closing Passyunk Garden for the season and will have a big workday this Saturday, November 5 between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  There will be tree planting on November 19 and also canvassing to see who wants trees for the spring.  Requests for spring trees have to be in by November 25.  Sarah will be at the Fountain every Wednesday until Thanksgiving to inform people about the availability of trees.  She also mentioned that they will be rebooting tree tenders on November 9 at the Triangle Tavern.

Communication.  Sarah reported that PSCA communication will be transitioning from Erika Reinhard who recently got married and moved out of the neighborhood.  She called for and received volunteers who are interested in working on PSCAs social media.  They include, Alysea MacDonald, Josh Kruger, Katie Castiglione and Holly Keefe.

Speaker.  Zack Duberstein, Principal of the Vare/Washington School was introduced.  He mentioned that Vare/Washington was just named a Teach for America school to learn from.  It is ranked ninth out of 55 elementary schools in Philadelphia.  The school received a $100,000 learning grant and is in the running for other grants.  Vare/Washington is doing really cool things.  It is working with the United Way.  It has improved its landscaping recently.  It’s always looking for volunteers to do things such as read with kids. There are plans to restructure the school yard and basketball courts.  The school has two roof decks that have never been used since its founding in 1935.  Zack reported that it also is about to undertake a Mandarin emergence program, which would be the first in Pennsylvania.  He is looking for letters of support from the community.  Ilene asked if students can volunteer in Columbus Playground on Saturdays and Zack said yes.  He can be reached at zduberstein@philasd.org.

Officer Ace Delgado reported that there will be a toy drive on between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, on Saturday, November 12 and 19 in the Walmart parking lot.  They are looking for donations for kids of all ages, including gift cards.

Theresa Rose spoke about the 9th Street Stock Exchange.  She came up with the idea, is the project curator and is working with the Mural Arts program and eight businesses along 9th Street.  The businesses are selling other businesses products on a weekly basis.  The eight businesses represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds and she asked that they come up with a product best representing their store.  For example, Fante’s had a pasta machine.  On Wednesday of each week the stores rotate selling other store’s products and the money from the product sold is returned to the original store without any commissions.  There are cash only transactions.  The eight stores are identified by big white signs, everything is in English and Spanish and the Stock Exchange will operate until December 7.

Jared ended the meeting by reminding people that they can buy raffles and the December 6 membership meeting will be a holiday party with a location to be determined.

The meeting adjourned at 7:08 PM.


Submitted by Jeff Brown.


Addendum:  Ricardo Silva reported after the meeting that the next Spanish/English language exchange would be at Iztaccihuatl – Philadelphia 1122 S 8th St, Thursday November 17th  7-9pm. We welcome all people from beginners to really fluent in either language they want to practice.

Beautification and Capitolo and Cleanup and Columbus Square and Education and Event and Gold Star Park and Minutes and Trees and Volunteers and Zoning15 Nov 2014 06:01 pm

November 4, 2014 General Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Chris DiCapua.
Meeting began at 6:39 pm, adjourned at 7:18 pm.
Present: Wilder, Klein, DiCapua, Knapp, Zenzola, Anton, Silva, Wyatt, D’Ippolito
Absent: Emma, DiGiulio, Antonellis

Welcome and Introductions:

Pam welcomed guests. She sent around a sign-in sheet to add names to our database. She encouraged meeting guests to introduce themselves and greet one another. Pam explained that a representative from Mural Arts was invited to speak tonight, but was unable to make it at the last minute. Pam encouraged residents to take down flyers/signs around the neighborhood when the events have passed.

Board Updates:

Parks and Immigrant Outreach

Chris announced that Columbus Square, Gold Star and Capitolo Parks will be holding their Love Your Park fall clean up day on Saturday, November 15. Guests should check park Facebook pages or websites for more information. He also announced that the next session of ESL classes will begin after the new year in January. The next South Philly Language Exchange will be held on Thursday, November 20 at 7:00 pm at Don Chucho’s Mexican Restaurant (1108 S. 9th St). Chris invited all those interested, regardless of their level of Spanish, to attend this community-building event.


Sarah announced that Passyunk Gardens is closing for the season. The final workday was scheduled to be held last weekend, but was postponed due to the weather until this Saturday from 11-1. Sarah explained that the garden will be put to bed for the season. All are welcome to participate. Please send Sarah an email at beautification@passyunk.org to get on list serve.

A tree planting is set for November 15, at 8:45 am, starting at Capitolo Playground. 25 trees will be planted. Sarah anticipates a good core volunteer group, including students from Furness High School, but she could always use more help. Volunteers will be trained on how to plant trees. Those interested should email her for more details. Sarah announced that she is looking for people with tree tender experience especially. An after party will be held at Garage.

Mural Arts is beginning work on a new mural at 10th and Washington. They are looking to interview neighborhood residents in January to gather more information for the mural. Those interested in talking to Mural Arts people are encouraged to email Sarah.

Sarah explained to meeting guests that we partner with the PWD to take care of neighborhood stormwater planters, and we are looking for volunteers to help monitor them. We have volunteers for all five locations, but we need back up monitors. Please contact Sarah if you are interested in volunteering.


Tom announced that our second community day at Jackson School took place recently and was a great success. Volunteers painted fences, mulched, and built a greenhouse among other things. Tom informed guests that Friends of Jackson got their 501c3 from the IRS. They will be having a rooftop fundraiser scheduled for spring. Last Wednesday night at 6:30 at Columbus Recreation Center the Education Committee hosted Professor Cucchiara from Temple University who discussed enhancing community schools with a focus on equity. Last Thursday night Tom co-hosted a Teach For America alumni event at Cantina for all TFA alums in the 19147 zip code. Pam was invited to come and connect the group to the PSCA.

Home Tour

Caroline New, Home Tour event chair, announced that this year’s home tour was a successful event with 10 homes featured, 173 wristbands sold and 10 advertisers in the program book. Caroline thanked homeowners, advertisers and volunteers. She announced that over $4500 was raised. Three Home Tour sponsors were present at meeting and Pam recognized and thanked them.


Jared announced that zoning meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 and are held at Annunciation. He invited residents to attend these meetings, then summarized this month’s zoning case as follows: Only 1 November case – 1246 Federal owner came back for more discussion. Jared announced that last month the committee heard a preview presentation from the owners of a lot across from Pat’s. The owner wants ground floor retail space with 21 residential units above it. No provision for parking was discussed. The building would be 4 stories high. The owner will be coming back to discuss further.


Ilene passed out annual appeal letter. She asked guests to consider donating money to be able to keep up the great work that the civic association does.


Pam announced that out annual Holiday Party will take place on December 2. It will be held at Garage starting at 6:30 pm. She invited all guests to attend.

Pam announced the Christmas Tree Sale will be held this year at Urban Jungle on December 6. She asked those who wish to volunteer to be PSCA Christmas carolers this year to see her.


Beautification and Capitolo and Columbus Square and Education and Event and Gold Star Park and Minutes and Planning and Trees and Volunteers and Zoning12 Oct 2014 07:00 pm

October 7, 2014 General Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Chris DiCapua. Meeting began at 6:36 pm, adjourned at 7:27 pm.
Present: Wilder, Klein, DiCapua, Knapp, Antonellis, Zenzola, Emma. Anton, Silva.
Absent: DiGiulio, Wyatt

Welcome and Introductions:

Pam welcomed guests. She invited the Board to introduce themselves, then encouraged meeting guests to introduce themselves and greet one another.

Pam announced that the PSCA will be using a new Salesforce database to keep track of volunteers and events. She announced that a new volunteer, Tom Gavaghan, will be handling it.

Pam announced that the PSCA Holiday Party is scheduled for Tuesday December 2, and that she is looking for a volunteer leader for the upcoming Tree Sale at Urban Jungle on December 6 from 10 am to 6 pm.

Christine Knapp announced the winners of the 2014 Block Party Award. A representative from the 700 block of Medina, one of the awarded blocks, reported that the block party was a huge success with more than 100 attendees. The program will continue and be announced earlier next year.


Jared announced that zoning meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month and are held at Annunciation. He invited residents to attend these meetings, then summarized this month’s zoning cases as follows: 600 Washington Ave (Special exception for a take-out license), 1246 Federal (Legalization of multi-family use), 1213 Peters Street (Single family home with roof deck. Refused for open space), and 827-829 Wharton (Informational presentation for mixed-use development).

Home Tour

Caroline New and Jennifer Barr, event chairs, reminded residents of the upcoming Home Tour, scheduled for October 11 from noon to 4:00 pm. Thus far $2500 from advertisers has been raised and 42 tickets have been sold to date. Brigantessa, the soon-to-open restaurant from the team behind Le Virtu, is the after-party location. Wood-fired grilled pizza is on the menu.

Caroline announced that she is accepting payment at tonight’s meeting – by cash and checks or credit cards. Advance tickets are $20, and can also be purchased through PayPal. Jennifer Barr announced that among the many discounts participants will find in the guide book, each participant will receive a free slice of cheese pizza from Slice.

Three more volunteers are needed for the day of the Home Tour, especially from 1:30-4:00 pm. Volunteers are admitted to Home Tour for free. If you are interested, email hometour@passyunk.org. Pam awarded Jennifer and Caroline with a P’unk t-shirt for their hard work and dedication.


Ilene named all of our current sponsors and asked residents to patronize and support their businesses. The newest sponsors are Noord, Garage and Francoluigi’s.


 Mural Arts is finishing up the mural at Capitolo Playground and beginning work on a new mural at 10th and Washington. Shira Wallinsky, the artist creating the 10th and Washington mural, will likely speak at our November general meeting.

This year’s final tree pruning event took place one October 5 from 10 am-12 pm. Andrew asked residents for recommendations of blocks that need tree pruning.

A tree planting will take place on Saturday, November 15 at 9 am. 25 trees will be planted. Sarah announced that the she is looking for volunteers to arrive at 8:45 am. Volunteers should bring a shovel and gloves and food will be provided.

Applications for street trees in front of residents’ homes are due on October 27 and are available on the PSCA website. Street trees applied for by October 27 will be planted in the spring.

A yard tree giveaway will take place on Sunday, October 19 from 12 pm – 2 pm at Columbus Square Park. Pre-registry is recommended.

Sarah announced that Passyunk Gardens is closing down for the season. Sarah invited interested residents to get involved.

Sarah asked for volunteers who would like to be trained to care for the 5 storm water sites in the neighborhood. We have 4 volunteers so far. We need a fifth and one back up for each site. Please email Sarah if you are interested at beautification@passyunk.org. She will give those interested a tour of the site.

Parks and Immigrant Outreach

Chris announced that the Columbus Square Park Fundraising Committee’s “View From the Top” rooftop fundraising event took place at Wharton Lofts on Friday, September 12 from 6:00-8:00 pm. With more than 200 people in attendance and about $10,500 raised towards the renovation of the park, the event was a great success. Columbus Square’s new website www.mycolumbussquarepark.org was launched also on September 12. He invited guests to stay tuned for upcoming fundraising events.

Columbus Square is planning a flea market for October 25 from 7:00 am – 1:00 pm, as well as a Pumpkin Painting Celebration for kids on the same date from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Capitolo Playground will be hosting a Fall Flea Market with live bands on Saturday, November 1st from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Gold Star Park’s Campfire Night will be held on Thursday, October 9th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Gold Star Park (on Wharton, between 6th & 7th Streets). Plan to bring your family and friends. Join neighbors to bring a bit of country into the city! goldstarphilly@gmail.com with any questions. Rain date will be October 16th.

The fourth session of ESL classes (Level 0 and Level 1) began the week of September 8 at the Columbus Square Recreation Center. Residents should stay tuned for information about future ESL sessions.

The monthly PSCA Newsletter continues to be translated into Spanish and posted to the website monthly.

The next Language Exchange event will be held on Thursday, October 23rd at 7:00 pm at Taquitos de Puebla (1149 S 9th St). All are welcome.


Danielle Saletta from Wells Fargo specializes in working with small businesses. Danielle offered her services to meeting guests. She is available to talk about retirement planning or answer any questions about banking in general.

Nicole Ozdemir from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (Nicole.Ozdemir@phila.gov) announced that a comprehensive plan for all of South Philly is being completed. The plan addresses physical improvements, open space, transportation, and remapping for zoning (i.e., updating zoning to match land use). This is the first new plan in about 50 years. Nicole announced that land use surveying has been completed. The City Planning Commission is planning to hold the first of three public meetings the first week in December. The other two meeting are being planned for the spring. Nicole fielded a number of questions, among them one about the future use of the Municipal Complex behind the fire station. Nicole assured meeting guests that the Planning Commission will get community input to begin to address this underutilized space. For more information, residents can go to Philadelphia2035.org.


Pam announced that the 10th Street Laundromat will be holding a Community Art Fiesta from 6pm-8 pm this coming Friday, October 10th. All are welcome. She also reminded meeting guests of a second Community Volunteer Day that will be held at Jackson School on October 25th at 9 am. Those interested should gather at the school.

Passyunk Square Civic Association’s general meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each month (September through June) at Annunciation BVM Church (10th and Dickinson).

Beautification and Capitolo and Columbus Square and Communication and Education and Event and Fundraising and Minutes and Trees and Volunteers and Zoning05 Sep 2014 04:15 pm

September 2, 2014 General Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Chris DiCapua. Meeting began at 6:46 pm, adjourned at 7:38 pm. Present: Anton, Wilder, Klein, DiCapua, Knapp, Silva, Antonellis, Wyatt, D’Ippolito, Zenzola, Emma. Absent: DiGiulio


Welcome and Introductions:

A list of PSCA accomplishments from August 2013 through August 2014 was distributed to the membership as well as a postcard invitation to the upcoming Columbus Square Fundraiser. Pam Zenzola welcomed guests and thanked Francoluigi’s for their pizza donation.

Pam called for volunteers for a number of upcoming events.


By-Laws Vote: 

Prior to today’s General Meeting, the revised by-laws were distributed, and two neighbors submitted some comments/questions for clarification.

Below is the transcript of the comments and responses:

1. What does the word “representative” mean in Article 3, Section 2(a)? If a husband and wife own a property, does that mean that only one of them votes as “representative” of that property? Or do both vote? I think the latter is your intention. For clarity, I recommend deleting the word “representative” from this section. Alternatively, you could write two different sentences, one for “residents” and another for non-resident property owners. If a corporation or partnership owns a property, presumably you intend that only one representative of the corporation or partnership votes.

2. What does the word “representative” mean in Article 3, Section 2(b)? The implication seems to be that a business gets only one vote even if it is owned by several people. If that’s the case, then the word “representative” means something different in Section 2(a) than it does in Section 2(b). The wording of the two sections should be reconciled and clarified.

1 & 2. The intent here, as you correctly surmised, is that every adult resident is entitled to one vote, while a business would need to assign one individual to vote on behalf of the business entity. While I agree this could be clearer, I think the distinction between Article III, Section 2 a & b is with the word “each” as applied to residents, as opposed to “one” being the descriptor for business.

3. Does Article IV, Section 8 mean that political party Committee persons cannot serve as Directors or Officers? Is a Committee person an elected municipal official? I think the answer should be no, but I’d appreciate a clarification.

3. We discussed this point in some depth and a Committeeperson can serve on the Board. We considered a Committeeperson to be a party office holder, not a municipal office holder, so Committee service would be acceptable. Of course, should a Committeeperson be elected to the Board, they would be subject to the same stringent limits on political activity as all other board members, and could not use the platform of the Association to the benefit of the party or any candidate.

Following are comments related to the PSCA Bylaws:

Article II Section 2 (o)
Is this limited to public schools? I would have a problem contributing to an organization that supports a school associated with a religion.

Yes this is limited to local public not schools with a religious charter or mission.

Article IV Section 5
Is there any value to changing the wording as follows: …shall not authorize or approve debts in total beyond the current balance….

We have it covered even without the clarification when the Bylaws are combined with our financial procedures. As we take on debts, they become part of the rolling budget and we update the current balance of the treasury accordingly. Board members aren’t authorized to spend beyond their budget line without board approval, so I’m not sure there would be the opportunity for this to be a problem.

Article V Section 5
If there is a tie for the last available position how will it be resolved?

On the specific issue of a tie, that would seem to be something that doesn’t need to be spelled out in the bylaws so as not to tie future election committee’s hands. So determining what to do in case of a tie can be a decision made by the election committee. As long as that procedure is spelled out at the very beginning of the process for all voters and prospective candidates, then whatever is chosen should be fine.

Article XI
There may be informational value for Association Members and contributors in knowing which standing committees exist.

As our standing committees change from time to time based upon serving the needs and request from the community listing them in the by-laws would not be prudent. However, to keep the members informed the committees are listed on both the website and in the newsletter.

A motion was made to accept the amended by-laws. A suggestion from a resident was made to add partitions to the voting tables for more privacy in future elections. A vote was taken and the motion to approve by-laws was carried.


Board Updates:


Jared announced 2 possible but unconfirmed zoning cases for this month: 1246 Federal & 1400 S. Darien. The PSCA website and Facebook page will be updated when more information becomes available.

Home Tour

Caroline New, event chair, reminded residents of the upcoming Home Tour, scheduled for October 11 from noon to 4:00 pm. Brigantessa, the soon-to-open restaurant from the team behind Le Virtu, is now confirmed as the after-party location. Caroline announced that she is accepting payment at tonight’s meeting – by cash and checks or credit cards. Advance tickets are $20, and can also be purchased through PayPal. The Home Tour Committee is seeking additional homes and program advertisers, as well as volunteers for the day of the event. Those interested should contact Caroline at hometour@passyunk.org. For more information visit passyunksquare.org/hometour or email hometour@passyunk.org!


Tom Wyatt announced school starts next Monday, September 8. Andrew Jackson School (1213 S. 12th St.) needs about 100 volunteers for its Community Day on Saturday, September 13. At 11:00 am, volunteers will begin various painting and beautification projects around the school – those interested in volunteering should contact education@passyunk.org (no tools or experience needed). After the volunteer work is completed, at 3:00 pm the ribbon for Jackson’s brand new playground will be cut. Refreshments and a DJ will be on hand for the celebration, and all are welcome.


Ilene Wilder announced that the current number of PSCA sponsors is 15 to date. Residents were encouraged to visit the PSCA website for the list of sponsors. The newest sponsors are Noord, Garage and Francoluigi’s. When visiting our sponsors’ establishments, thank them for contributing to the betterment of the community by supporting the PSCA. Ilene invited people to volunteer to get involved in her committee. Those interested in donating money to the PSCA can do so via PayPal on the PSCA website.


On Saturday, September 6, Passyunk Garden will be part of the neighborhood Garden Tour from 1:00-4:00pm. There will be 22 gardens featured. Passyunk Garden is open every Thursday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and Sunday from 4:00 pm—6:00 pm. All are welcome.

A new mural is scheduled for the Capitolo Playground Building on the Wharton Street and playground facing sides. Over the winter work will be started on a mural at 10th and Washington Streets, facing the Sunoco Station. The Beautification Committee welcomes ideas for new projects. For more information email beautification@passyunk.org.

The next meet up with the PSCA pruning club will take place on Sunday, September 21 at 10:00 am, at Passyunk Gardens. Participants will work with certified arborist Joe Schiavo on one of the blocks in the neighborhood. Last month the club pruned the 900 block of Tasker. Residents were reminded to save the date for the final session on October 5.

The next neighborhood tree planting will take place on November 15th. Email beautification@passyunk.org for more information. An advanced Tree Tenders class will take place on September 17. The class is full but it is still possible to participate in a webinar. The basic Tree Tender Class must be completed first. Those interested in helping out should email beautification@passyunk.org for more information.

PSCA is partnering with the Philadelphia Water Department in their Soak It Up! Adoption Program this year to ensure that storm water management installations through out the neighborhood – the planters and rain garden at Columbus Square Park, the planter outside the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, the tree trench on 12th Street between Dickinson and Tasker, and the tree trench on 10th Street between Wilder and Reed – are as beautiful as they are effective in keeping our water clean. Volunteers are needed to help monitor these sites. Those interested in helping out should email beautification@passyunk.org for more information.

Parks and Translation Projects

Chris reported that the third session of ESL classes will began at Columbus Square the week of September 8. Level 1 (for beginners with a little bit of English) meets on Tuesdays for five weeks, beginning September 9. Level 0 (beginners with no English) meets on Thursdays for five weeks, beginning September 11. The cost for five weeks, including materials, is $20.

Chris informed guests of the South Philly Language Exchange Program. Residents should check the PSCA Facebook page for information about September’s Language Exchange.

Chris invited residents to View from the Top: Columbus Square Park Fundraiser scheduled for Friday, September 12 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the roof of Wharton Lofts (12th and Wharton Streets) to help kick off Columbus Square Park’s fundraising campaign and learn of the proposed renovations to the park. Participants will enjoy drinks and bites donated by local restaurants and find out how to get engaged. Suggested donation is $25. There are three ways to purchase tickets:
1.) by check made payable to “Passyunk Square Civic Association” with “Columbus Square Fundraiser” written in the notes line; checks should be left with Jessica Porco, Recreation Leader at Columbus Square; 2.) via PayPal on the Columbus Square Facebook page, or 3.) at the door.

The monthly PSCA Newsletter continues to be translated into Spanish and posted to the website monthly. Chinese translation of newsletter will begin in the fall, pending award of recently submitted Activities Grant.


The NAP is planning a meeting on Monday September 15, to be held at Angel’s home (1326 S. 9th St). Volunteers are being sought to help with various projects. Angel announced that the PSCA is looking for a new leader for the Welcome Wagon program. Those interested should contact Angel directly.

$200 in cash and a $100 Acme Gift card were awarded each to three Block Party Award recipients: the 700 block of Ellsworth, the 700 Block of Sears, and the 600 block of Annin. These community building block parties are scheduled in the coming weeks.



Officer Ace Delgado, Community Relations Officer, was scheduled to speak but unable to stay at the meeting. Pam spoke for him. He reports that bicycle and auto thefts are up in the neighborhood. Officer Delgado suggests that nothing be left in cars to reduce risk of break-ins. He reports that violent crimes are down in the neighborhood significantly. He also strongly recommends that residents turn on porch lights in front and rear of their homes. Statistics prove this deters crime. He invited interested residents to support the Police Department by attending the Division Police Banquet on September 18th from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm at Galdos Banquet Hall (1933 W Moyamensing Ave).



On Saturday, September 6, a 10K run starting at the neighborhood Rita’s Water Ice and ending at the Fountain will take place. 3500 runners are expected. The event will take place from 7:00 am-11:00 am. Residents were advised to read signs to learn of anticipated parking restrictions. An after party is scheduled at the fountain at the end of the event.

Pam announced that next month we will host a speaker from the City Planning Commission to discuss the process for planning for the future of the municipal complex at 12th and Reed.

Minutes10 Jun 2014 02:22 pm

June 3, 2014 General Meeting MinutesSubmitted by Chris DiCapua.

Meeting began at 6:37 pm, adjourned at 7:38 pm.

Present: Anton, Wilder, Klein, DiCapua, Emma, Knapp, Silva, Antonellis. Absent: Zenzola, D’Ippolito, DiGiulio, Wyatt.

Welcome and Introductions: Christine Knapp welcomed guests and introduced returning and new Board members. She also recognized and thanked outgoing Board members.

Board Updates:

Beautification: Sarah Anton explained what the Beautification committee does and gave Passyunk Garden’s summer hours and schedule. Committee will facilitate giving away free trees to interested residents. Next scheduled tree planting will be in November. Sarah spoke of the PWD’s Soak It Up Program, which she explained provides the city with storm water infrastructure. Passyunk Square has 5 sites and the Beautification committee is looking for volunteers to help monitor them.

Parks and Translation Projects: Chris DiCapua introduced new Board member Ricardo Silva, who will be working with him on immigrant outreach and park projects. Chris reported that the third session of ESL classes began at Columbus Square the week of May 26. Level 1 (for beginners with a little bit of English) meets on Tuesdays for five weeks, beginning May 27. Level 0 (beginners with no English) meets on Thursdays for five weeks, beginning May 29. The cost for five weeks, including materials, is just $20. Free supervised childcare is offered. Chris also informed guests of the South Philly Language Exchange Program. Mark Phillips of Americorps VISTA and the PSCA have partnered to offer regular language exchange sessions at rotating local Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. The first session was held on Thursday, May 22 at Taquitos de Puebla Mexican Restaurant.   The goal of this program is to bring together two populations that might not otherwise have contact, for networking, friendship and community building. This is a low-pressure, loosely organized program in which participants can choose to order discounted food or not.  On May 29, 13 participants attended: 7 native Spanish speakers, 4 native English speakers and 2 natives of both. The next Language Table will take place on Thursday, June 12 at 7:00 pm at Don Chucho Mexican Restaurant (1108 S. 9th St.)

Nicole Hostettler announced summer programming at Gold Star Park, including “Kids Play,” the third Saturday of every month, May 17 – Sept. 20. “Kids Play” is a monthly playgroup offered in conjunction with the Friends of Kirkbride, South Philly Food Coop, and Friends of Gold Star Park.  Toys, group activity & healthy snacks will be provided.  9:30am – 11am. “Music in the Park” will be held the second Wednesday of every month (June – August).

Education: Christine Knapp announced that the Wharton Lofts rooftop fundraiser for Jackson was successful. $65,000 raised. She also informed the guests of the recent death of a Jackson student due to a heart abnormality.

Home Tour: Caroline New and Jennifer Barr reported that this year’s Home Tour will take place on Saturday, October 11, and will coincide with the 10th  anniversary of Design Philadelphia. The Home Tour committee is actively seeking homes and advertisers.

Zoning: Christine Knapp announced that there are no zoning cases this month.


Officer Ace Delgado, Community Relations Officer: Officer Delgado reported that there has been a rash of home burglaries recently in the district. He introduced the Property ID Program (a burglary deterrent program), and passed out applications. Officer Delgado offered safety tips to meeting guests, such as not leaving front or back doors unlocked, among others.

Ryan Callahan, Outreach Director of Philadelphia Runner: Ryan introduced his store, Philadelphia Runner, and reported that to celebrate its 10th anniversary, a 10k race is planned for September 6. He passed out a race route map to guests, and informed that the race will begin and end in the Passyunk Square neighborhood. He explained that 3000 runners are expected to participate and discussed some logistics issues, specifically parking. Parking will be restricted in areas of the neighborhood beginning the night before the race until after the race, which is scheduled from 7:30 am to approximately 9:15 am. From 9:00 am – 11:00 am there will be a street festival for runners and open to all in the neighborhood on Passyunk Avenue between Tasker and Dickinson.

Matt Stern & Ellen Chapman, Energy Coordination Agency (ECA) for PGW Energy Sense Program: Matt Stern and Ellen Chapman are employees of the Energy Coordination Agency (ECA), which is a participating contractor in the PGW Energy Sense Home Rebates Program. Information about the Home Rebates Program was distributed to meeting guests. Matt explained that Energy Sense helps homeowners solve many common home issues, such as energy efficiency, pest problems, mold, CO2, and other health and safety issues. For $150, ECA will perform a detailed home audit for PGW customers, which will result in a report with prioritized improvement suggestions. Low interest (1%) financing is available to take on projects. Ellen gave more specifics about the details of a whole-house audit. Ellen also informed guests of ECA’s free rain barrel program as well as various programs for low and fixed income residents. She instructed guests to call (215) 609-1044 for more information about these programs. Ellen ended the discussion with information about the benefits of LED light bulbs, and then she fielded questions from guests.

Christine Knapp announced that there will be no General Meetings during the months of July and August.

Minutes15 Apr 2014 10:46 am

Minutes from April 1, 2014 PSCA General Meeting @ Annunciation BVM

Board Members Present: Zenzola, Knox, DiCapua, D’Ippolito, Knapp, Emma, Anton, Fioretti, Wilder, Wyatt, Klein; Absent: Morris

Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola welcomed guests.

Committee Updates:

Events: Pam Zenzola thanked everyone, from artists to attendees, and especially the organizing committee, for making the art auction a great success.

Zoning: Jared Klein announced that the following cases will be heard at the next Zoning Committee meeting on April 8th at 7pm: 1114 Annin: Rehearing on application for use variance for multi-family; 1143-45 Tasker St: Application for new construction of attached three story single family dwelling with cellar and roof deck; 738-44 Wharton St: Lot line relocation to create three lots out of four deeded parcels for use as three single family dwellings, three stories high with roof decks; 1500 S. 9th St: Rehearing for use variance to legalize an existing off-street parking space and to allow the use of the property as a two-family dwelling, and License and Inspection issued a refusal because both uses are prohibited in the zoning district.

Trash: Carmela Fioretti announced that the City of Philadelphia’s 7th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup is to be held Saturday, April 5, 2014 (rain date, Saturday, April 12, 2014) from 9am-2pm. Meet at Passyunk Gardens (Wharton & E Passyunk Ave.) to kick things off. PSCA plans to clean the areas of 9th and 10th Streets from Dickinson to Wharton with a focus on the alley located at S Percy St. off of 9th St.  The objective is to sweep and remove litter on the sidewalks and curbs and remove debris from storm drains. We will be distributing recycling bins, signing people up for recycle rewards and also handing out circular free stickers to help keep flyers off our streets. This is always a great event for our civic and a good way to meet new neighbors.  Volunteers are needed to make the Annual Spring Cleanup a success.  PSCA’s first ever Document Shredding Event will be Saturday May 31st from 10-12 at the parking lot of Reed & E. Passyunk Ave.  We have contracted with ProShred for our onsite shredding event.  The documents will be permanently destroyed as you watch and the paper will be recycled! As we gear up for spring cleaning and tax season, consider putting together your old documents and bring them to our shredding event. Suggested donation of $5 is requested to cover the cost of the service. Please contact trash@passyunk.org with any questions.

Education:  Tom Wyatt invited everyone to the April 10th Education Committee meeting at St. Maron’s (10th and Ellsworth) and announced that tickets are now for sale for the May 15 fundraiser, “Raise Your Hand for Jackson” on the Wharton Lofts rooftop for the Jackson School.

Beautification: Sarah Anton and Andrew Emma announced that 9th Street will have a special clean up on April 3 from 10-12. There is a yard tree giveaway on April 12 10-12 at Columbus Square.  For neighbors with room on their own property, free trees are available, no pre-registration is required. PSCA continues to partner with PWD to monitor the Green Stormwater Infrastructures in our neighborhood. Detailed descriptions of  all the sites are available by getting in touch with the Beautification committee. There is a good team in place working on this project, but more volunteers are always welcome. The next tree planting is April 26 at 8:45, meet at Capitolo Playground 900 Federal Street.  For more information on any of these projects email beautification@passyunk.org.

Parks: Chris DiCapua announced that a second five-week session of  ESL classes began the first week of April .  We now offer two levels: Level 0 and Level 1.  Classes are held at the Columbus Square Recreation Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8:00.  Cost is $20 for the five-week session. Free children’s programming is provided.

Neighborhood Ambassador Program:  Angel D’Ippolito announced the NAP is working on some upcoming flashlight brigades and a block party, stay tuned for more info.


Frank Mililio, the new Captain of the 3rd District of the Philadelphia Police Department, introduced himself to the community. He announced that there has been a major increase in car break-ins in our area, and urged us to make sure not to leave anything in cars and always lock them. A recent South Philly anti-gang effort has led to a major decrease in violent crime and they may be broadening it in the future. He urged residents to turn on lights in front of their homes to deter crime. The Captain took questions about dogs being walked off leash, as well as cars illegally parked on sidewalks.

Dan Pohlig of the PSCA Nominations Committee announced the slate of people running for the 12 PSCA Board seats in the upcoming election on May 6. Candidates are: Sarah Anton, Joe Antonellis, Christopher DiCapua, John DiGiulio, Angel D’Ippolito, Andrew Emma, Michael Giangiordano, Jared Klein, Christine Knapp, Larry Lichtman, Ricardo Silva, Ilene Wilder, Tom Wyatt, and Pam Zenzola. For more on the candidates:  www.passyunksquare.org/about/board-of-directors-election/

–Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, April 10, 2014.


Minutes09 Mar 2014 10:22 am

Minutes from March 4, 2014 PSCA General Meeting @ Annunciation BVM

Meeting began at 6:35pm, ended at 7:30 pm. Attendance: Approximately 25.

Board Members Present: D’Ippolito, Morris, Knapp, Emma, Anton, Fioretti, Wilder, Wyatt, Klein; Absent: Zenzola, Knox, DiCapua

Welcome and Introductions: Angel D’Ippolito welcomed guests.

Zoning: Jared Klein announced two cases to be heard by the Zoning Committee next Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Annunciation BVM Church Hall at 1511 South 10th Street, Dickinson Street Entrance. The first is 1114 Annin, application for a two-family dwelling, not permitted in this zoning district. The second is for 1403-09 S. Darien, to create six lots from one existing lot to build six attached single family homes, each with a roof deck accessed by a roof deck access structure (enclosing stairs/landing), and each with one accessory interior parking space. Refused for use (accessory parking to be accessed from front of property), roof deck setback, minimum lot area, minimum open area, minimum rear year depth, and maximum height.

Events: Sarah Sitzler from the Art Auction Committee announced that the PSCA Art Auction will take place Friday, March 28 from 7-10pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall, and tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Fundraising: Ilene Wilder reminded everyone that it is not too late to give an annual gift to PSCA, from the 2013 annual appeal mailing. In addition, we will be hosting an event in the future to thank all businesses in the neighborhood that have donated or assisted PSCA.\

Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the next monthly cleanup is March 29, 9:30 to 12 noon, meeting at Passyunk Gardens (E. Passyunk Ave and Wharton Streets) to pick up supplies and decide on a location for the cleanup; bring your own gloves. The City of Philadelphia’s 7th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup will be Saturday, April 5, 2014 (rain date is Saturday, April 12, 2014). We are also excited to announce our first document shredding event in the neighborhood on Saturday, May 31 from 10-12, at the parking lot of Reed & East Passyunk Ave. We have contracted with ProShred for our onsite shredding event. The documents will be permanently destroyed as you watch, and the paper will be recycled! A suggested donation of $5 is requested to cover the cost of the service.

Education: Tom Wyatt announced that PSCA will participate in a consignment sale April 5 and 6, with proceeds going to local schools. The Education Committee is planning a fundraising dinner and cocktails on the rooftop of the Wharton Lofts for May 15, with proceeds supporting Jackson School. The next meeting of the committee is March 18, location TBD.

Beautification: Sarah Anton announced that there will be a spring Tree Care Day on April 26. We are still taking tree applications for the fall planting. Passyunk Gardens will be opening sometime in March. There are a number of murals planned for the neighborhood.

Planning: Karin Morris announced that the final public meeting for the for the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Washington Avenue Transportation & Parking Study (funded by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission) will be on Tuesday, March 11th at 6pm at Grace and Peace Church at 1701 Washington Avenue. All are welcome to attend to hear the preferred alternative for restriping Washington Avenue to better accommodate all users.

Translation: Ilene Wilder announced we are now offering ESL classes in partnership with Columbus Square, as well as translating our monthly newsletters into Spanish, which are available under the “Espanol” tab on our website.

Outreach: Angel D’Ippolito announced that the next Neighborhood Ambassador Program meeting is March 18 at 7:30pm at 1321 S. 9th Street. The next Neighborhood Meet and Greet (held on the 2nd Saturday of every month) will be at Zoe’s Frozen Yogurt on S. 9th Street this Saturday March 8 from noon to 1pm (note Zoe’s has a full coffee bar). Angel also reminded members to report graffiti to 311. Community Relations Police Officer Ace Delgado handed out information about keeping your home safe from burglaries. In addition, on Saturday, March 8th from 8-11pm, 10th Street Laundromat at 1143 S. 10th Street, one of our sponsors, will be having a party with wine, beer, food & art! They will have five artists displaying their work, while Stacy Papa of Sugarplum Catering will be bringing some light goodies, and there will be plenty of neighbors to mull about art in this unconventional setting!  Donations accepted for PSCA.


Dan Pohlig, Chair of the PSCA Nomination Committee, presented the PSCA Nomination and Election Process. Nominations will be formally submitted at the April Membership Meeting and the Election will occur at the May Membership Meeting. There are 12 Director positions up for election this year. Serving on the Board is a great way to make your neighborhood a better place while getting to know some great neighbors. Nomination forms are due March 28. Find out more at www.passyunksquare.org. Dan thanked committee members Aubin Clever, Cassie Knox, Sue Petrone, and Ben Cardell.

Andrew Stober from the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (and our neighbor) presented the city’s plans for Bike Share. Philadelphia is preparing to join 40 other U.S. cities, including Washington, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Denver, as well as international cities such as Toronto, Montreal, London and Paris, in deploying a bike sharing system that will provide convenient, on-demand access to bicycles for short distance trips. Bike sharing will be an affordable, healthy, safe, environmentally sustainable addition to Philadelphia’s transportation options. A yearly membership fee will be less than $100, with options for one-day or three-day memberships for tourists/visitors. Philadelphia plans to have 200 stations or 2,000 bikes deployed, with an initial service area from Lehigh Avenue to the Navy Yard, extending into West Philly. The City will announce the rollout of the program this spring or summer, and will install 75-100 stations initially in Zone 1, near public parks or plazas, rather than removing parking. The city will be divided into Zone 1 (System Core, where stations will be more closely spaced), and Zone 2 (Neighborhood Scale, with stations spaced farther apart). Northern portions of PSCA fall into Zone 1 and southern portions in Zone 2.

Regarding safety, you must be 16 to ride, so there will be no child seats nor can the bikes accommodate such seats. Helmets will not be required, as Philly has no helmet law. So far, in North America, there have been 6 million trips on bike share systems with no fatalities. This may be because the bikes are heavy, big, bright, with front and back headlights, and professionally maintained. Regarding theft, the bikes are impossible to tear out of their stations, and theft-resistant as all of their parts are custom-made and fitted, so their resale value is negligible. In Washington D.C., for instance, 16 bikes out of 2,000 were stolen in the early days of their system, but thefts have decreased, as thieves quickly figured out the bikes cannot be sold to bike shops or their parts to chop shops. Philadelphia’s system will be unique as compared to other cities because the City will not require that users have a credit card, which will open the program to those that are lower income. The City is also hoping to install more bike lanes, as now the City reviews every street that gets repaved for bike lane feasibility. 13th and 15th Street may also become neighborhood bikeways, which will be improved streets for bicyclists. The City is also streamlining the process to install bike racks in front of commercial businesses (which is separate from Bike Share, as that has its own racks).

Gregg Kravitz, a Deputy Commissioner from the Office of City Commissioner Al Schmidt, presented the department’s new website, www.philadelphiavotes.com, which includes the most time-sensitive information on upcoming elections. Information is organized according to four users: voters/prospective voters, candidates for office and their campaign personnel, election board officials, and individuals conducting research. You can easily find out who your elected officials are, where your polling place is, and which elections are coming up. The website is also available in Spanish. Our next election day is May 20, with polls open from 7am-8pm, with many offices up for primary election, including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Congress, State Senate, etc.

–Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, March 5, 2014.


Minutes06 Feb 2014 05:00 pm

Minutes from February 4, 2014 PSCA General Meeting @ Annunciation BVM

Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola welcomed guests and two new Board members, Tom Wyatt and Jared Klein.

Zoning: Jared Klein reviewed the following cases, to be heard by the Zoning Committee next Tuesday. 1536 Camac Street is an application for a 2-story addition with roof deck and pilot  house, and two off street interior parking spaces (garage), for use as a 2-family dwelling. Refused for use, parking, and open area in RSA-5 zoning district. 1148 Wharton 6th Street is an informational presentation on a proposed 5 story building (same height as Wharton Lofts) with 30-40 apartments over parking. 1439 E. Passyunk Avenue is an application to change use from doctor’s office to retail gift shop first floor with existing single family dwelling on the second floor, which is not allowed in this zoning district. 1500 S. 9th Street is an application for the erection of a roof deck above one story portion of existing 2 story structure, legalization of 1 off-street parking space, use as two-family dwelling.  Refused for multi-family use and parking usage. 1428 South Clarion Street is an application for the erection of an addition with a roof deck and roof deck access pilot-house to an existing attached single family dwelling. 1100 Federal Street (Tiffin Bistro) is for legalization of existing outdoor seating.

Events: Pam Zenzola announced that the PSCA Community Art Show and Auction will take place Friday, March 28 from 7-10pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall.

Fundraising: Ilene Wilder reminded everyone that it is not too late to give an annual gift to PSCA, from the 2013 annual appeal mailing.

Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the monthly cleanup is looking for volunteers, and anyone interested should contact trash@passyunk.org.

Education: Tom Wyatt announced that PSCA participated in the successful MLK Day event at Jackson School. There will be a school partnership meeting on Feb. 18. Kindergarten registration will take place Feb. 13 at 6pm at the Donatucci branch of the Free Library.

Beautification: Sarah Anton announced we are now taking fall tree applications, and those are due by May 5 for a fall planting. There will be a spring pruning event in April. Passyunk Gardens will have a happy hour on Feb. 26, location TBD. Beautification is always looking for volunteers for their efforts. Mural Arts is looking for new opportunities for mural locations, in addition to planning a few more in our area, as well as updating some existing ones.

Parks: Chris DiCapua announced that the Columbus Square plan was presented to the public last week, and 10% of the funds needed for its implementation have been raised so far. South Philly Review will be doing an article about the park plan. PSCA is sponsoring ESL classes (English for Non-English Speakers) at Columbus Square starting Feb. 11 through March 11, and the cost is $20 for the series. Scholarships are available thanks to a donation from Lisa Budnick of 10th Street Laundromat as well as from the Columbus Square Advisory Council. Prizes will be available for those who attend at least four out of the five sessions, and on-site programming for children will be available during the classes. Also, PSCA is now translating our monthly newsletter into Spanish and that will be available on our website.

Outreach: Angel D’Ippolito announced that NAP is looking for more volunteers. The monthly PSCA neighbor meet and greet is this Saturday Feb. 8 from noon to 1 at Global Crepes & Shakes.


Jim Reardon of Acme Markets thanked everyone for the continuing good relationship between the neighborhood and Acme. Acme is renovating their store to accommodate more organics, gluten-free, more produce, bigger floral area, new bakery cases, more seafood cases, and moving the pharmacy and customer service closer to the front door. Grand reopening is Feb. 28. They cannot put islands in the parking lot due to cost, but may be able to put in a garden/better landscaping near the street.

Bill Lutz and Debbie Lewis of Generation 3 Electric is offering specials to neighbors on exterior lighting, security cameras, or security systems. They can offer 10% discount if three or more installations happen on a block. They are offering a long-term payment plan with six months of interest-free financing if using Paypal.

Jane Golden from Mural Arts presented their mission, which includes programs for youth, including apprenticeship and entrepreneurial programs, as well as art education. They have plans to do a new mural at 10th and Washington, along with finishing one near Capitolo. They may do a mural at Broad and Federal with a 76ers theme. The South Philly Musicians mural across from Pat’s needs to be redone, as it is 12 years old and deteriorating. The surface needs to be whited-out and repaired and Mural Arts is committed to putting something there. Should it be the same mural, an updated one, or something new? They could put a call out to artists for potential designs. Mural Arts is also interested in doing a history of the neighborhood mural, perhaps on a different wall. Jim Croce was born at Broad and Reed, so that is another musician idea. Councilman Squilla expressed concerns of some with removing the mural’s current theme.

-Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, February 5, 2014.



Minutes06 Nov 2013 07:20 pm

Minutes from November 5, 2013 PSCA General Meeting @ Zoey’s Yogurt Bar

Meeting began at 6:40 pm, ended at 7:50 pm. Attendance: Approximately 45.

Board Members Present: Zenzola, D’Ippolito, Morris, DiCapua, Knapp, Emma, Anton, Fioretti

Absent: Wilder, Knox, Geary

Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola welcomed guests and thanked Zoey’s Yogurt Bar for hosting the meeting. Pam reminded members that we are always looking for volunteers to slot into one-time commitments or more involved work on our committees. We are specifically looking for volunteers to help with our upcoming Art Auction and to fill some recent vacancies on our Zoning Committee. Pam also alerted everyone to the home tour booklets on their seats, which have valuable coupons to use at neighborhood businesses. Also, our annual appeal is coming up in November, so look for that letter. Also announced was that the city-owned building at 11th and Reed that is used for fleet services may be put up for sale by the city, so look for information and future neighborhood involvement. Also, PARC will soon be collecting leaves in the neighborhood, and residents should look for more info at www.passyarc.com. PARC will host a neighborhood meeting on Nov. 25th from 6-7pm regarding the sale and renovation of 1520 E. Passyunk Avenue, currently Karina’s.

Outreach: Angel D’Ippolito announced that the next NAP meeting is Nov. 19 at 7pm at 1326 S. 9th Street. NAP will be trying out a new monthly coffee “get to know your neighbors” meet-up at a local coffee shop for an hour every 2nd Saturday, kicking off on Nov. 9 at 11 a.m. at B2. PSCA is also looking for residents to visit the 3rd District police station (11th & Wharton) this Friday Nov. 8 at 8am to take a tour of the facilities, and then complete a questionnaire which will be used to i) improve the 3rd District station and help officers learn how to best gain public acceptance, and the support and trust of the community; and ii) support the international Altus Police Stations Visitors Week effort through which police stations from all over the world will help to identify some of the best practices in use by police. Contact outreach@passyunk.org if interested.

Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the next monthly cleanup is Nov. 30. The next e-waste event is Nov. 16 from 10am-2pm at Acme.

Zoning: Gary Tumolo reported that the following four cases will be heard at the zoning committee meeting on Nov. 12 at 7pm at Annunciation: 1203 S. Clarion Street:  Application for the change in use from existing 1 story garage to a 3 story single family dwelling with one attached off street accessory parking slot inside the residence, and the use of a rooftop sundeck.  Zoning refused due the open area of lot and rear yard depth are under the minimum required amounts. 1308 S. 7th Street:  Application for the erection of an addition to an existing 1story structure in the rear of an existing 3 story single-family dwelling.  Zoning refused due the open area of lot and rear yard depth are under the minimum required amounts.  1235 Federal Street:  (Jehovah’s Witness building) Proposed 3rd story addition above existing attached structure with 10 dwelling units and 9 separate roof decks, each with a separate pilot house; with 6 interior parking spaces and 14 interior bicycle parking spaces. Refused for multi-family household living, open area and rear yard depth. 1304-06 S. 9th Street:  (El Zarape) Commercial ground floor restaurant with dwelling unit above. There will also be a pre-zoning presentation for a proposed coffee, bakery and desert bar idea for 1149 S. 12th.

Beautification: Sarah Anton and Andrew Emma announced that the next tree planting of 11 trees will be Nov. 23, and volunteers should meet at 9am at Columbus. Also on Nov. 23 at 2pm is the ribbon cutting for Jackson School rooftop garden, so please come for both events if you can. There will be a free yard tree giveaway on Sun. Nov. 10 at Columbus from 11am-1pm. Also this Saturday Nov. 9, volunteers are needed to help distribute 85 lbs of donated mulch for the police station garden at 11th and Wharton. Passyunk Gardens is now closed for the winter. PSCA is still looking for volunteers to assist with monitoring and reporting on PWD’s green infrastructure sites in the neighborhood.

Parks: Chris DiCapua introduced the new recreation leader at Capitolo, John Medica. Mr. Medica introduced himself and said he wants to be involved in the civic and welcomes input into what type of programming should go on at Capitolo. He also introduced another new member of his team.

Planning: Karin Morris invited neighbors to attend a free workshop of Hidden City Philadelphia and the Preservation Alliance on Nov. 7 from 6-8pm on How to Nominate a Building to the Historic Register, at Cultureworks at 1315 Walnut, Suite 320. To register, please visit http://hcp.memberlodge.com/events?eventId=775600&EventViewMode=EventDetails. Also, she

reported that the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s work on the Washington Avenue Roadway Design Study continues, and a successful public meeting was held Oct. 23 at the Mummer’s Museum, with about 60 neighbors in attendance. The purpose of the study is to propose alternative roadway striping to better organizes movement within the cartway for pedestrians, bikes, cyclists, and vehicles. The plan will result in re-striping of Washington Avenue by the Streets Department in 2014 or 2015. Various alternative lane configurations can be reviewed at: http://www.phila.gov/CityPlanning/plans/Pages/washingtonavenue.aspx. The plan considers various options including reducing the number of through lanes, buffered bike lanes, more room for curbside loading/unloading, and back-in angled parking, among others.

Events: Upcoming events include our 10th Anniversary Party on Dec. 3 and our annual Xmas tree sale on Dec. 7 from 2-6pm at Urban Jungle, organized by Erin Osenbaugh, with caroling coordinated by Gary Tumolo (carolers needed!).


Steve Viscelli of the Jackson School rooftop garden presented the upcoming plans to install the rooftop garden, with the assistance of Penn and Swarthmore students, and hopefully some neighborhood volunteers. The rooftop will contain a community garden on one side, a garden lab on the other side for students, along with movable earth boxes that can be moved into and out of classrooms for instruction. There will also be programming around nutrition for the students, and later on a mushroom farming program whereby students will be able to sell mushrooms to the community, and hopefully eventually an aquaponics garden. Steve needs volunteer help to install the garden, along with equipment to move soil from the ground to the roof, and for the mushroom farming, he is looking for used coffee grounds and large food-grade containers. Please come to the garden ribbon cutting on Nov. 23 (rain date Nov. 24) from 2-4pm at the school at 12th and Federal. There will be food trucks, kids’ activities, live music, and more.

Dan Pohlig from the South Philly Food Co-op gave an update about the Co-op’s organizing efforts. They have been meeting since 2010, and are now up to 518 member-owners, with the next member goal set for 600, at which time they could pursue a real estate lease with certain contingencies. Their real estate committee has been investigating locations and studying their market feasibility. Dan expects that they will need somewhere between 900-1000 member-owners to open. For more information, visit http://www.southphillyfoodcoop.org/.

To recap, mark your calendars for the many ways to become involved in the next few weeks!

Nov. 7: Historic Designation Workshop

Nov. 8: Tour of 3rd District Police Station

Nov. 9: Mulching at the Police Station

Nov. 9: Meet and Greet at B2

Nov. 10: Free Yard Tree Giveaway

Nov. 12: Zoning Committee Meeting

Nov. 16: E-waste Recycling

Nov. 19: Neighborhood Ambassador Program Meeting

Nov. 23: Tree Planting

Nov. 23: Jackson School Rooftop Garden Opening

Nov. 25: PARC meeting about 1520 E. Passyunk Avenue

Nov. 30: Neighborhood Clean-up

Dec. 3: PSCA 10th Anniversary Party

Dec. 7: Annual Christmas Tree Sale and Caroling on the Avenue


–Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, November 6, 2013


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