Minutes09 Mar 2014 10:22 am

Minutes from March 4, 2014 PSCA General Meeting @ Annunciation BVM

Meeting began at 6:35pm, ended at 7:30 pm. Attendance: Approximately 25.

Board Members Present: D’Ippolito, Morris, Knapp, Emma, Anton, Fioretti, Wilder, Wyatt, Klein; Absent: Zenzola, Knox, DiCapua

Welcome and Introductions: Angel D’Ippolito welcomed guests.

Zoning: Jared Klein announced two cases to be heard by the Zoning Committee next Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Annunciation BVM Church Hall at 1511 South 10th Street, Dickinson Street Entrance. The first is 1114 Annin, application for a two-family dwelling, not permitted in this zoning district. The second is for 1403-09 S. Darien, to create six lots from one existing lot to build six attached single family homes, each with a roof deck accessed by a roof deck access structure (enclosing stairs/landing), and each with one accessory interior parking space. Refused for use (accessory parking to be accessed from front of property), roof deck setback, minimum lot area, minimum open area, minimum rear year depth, and maximum height.

Events: Sarah Sitzler from the Art Auction Committee announced that the PSCA Art Auction will take place Friday, March 28 from 7-10pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall, and tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Fundraising: Ilene Wilder reminded everyone that it is not too late to give an annual gift to PSCA, from the 2013 annual appeal mailing. In addition, we will be hosting an event in the future to thank all businesses in the neighborhood that have donated or assisted PSCA.\

Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the next monthly cleanup is March 29, 9:30 to 12 noon, meeting at Passyunk Gardens (E. Passyunk Ave and Wharton Streets) to pick up supplies and decide on a location for the cleanup; bring your own gloves. The City of Philadelphia’s 7th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup will be Saturday, April 5, 2014 (rain date is Saturday, April 12, 2014). We are also excited to announce our first document shredding event in the neighborhood on Saturday, May 31 from 10-12, at the parking lot of Reed & East Passyunk Ave. We have contracted with ProShred for our onsite shredding event. The documents will be permanently destroyed as you watch, and the paper will be recycled! A suggested donation of $5 is requested to cover the cost of the service.

Education: Tom Wyatt announced that PSCA will participate in a consignment sale April 5 and 6, with proceeds going to local schools. The Education Committee is planning a fundraising dinner and cocktails on the rooftop of the Wharton Lofts for May 15, with proceeds supporting Jackson School. The next meeting of the committee is March 18, location TBD.

Beautification: Sarah Anton announced that there will be a spring Tree Care Day on April 26. We are still taking tree applications for the fall planting. Passyunk Gardens will be opening sometime in March. There are a number of murals planned for the neighborhood.

Planning: Karin Morris announced that the final public meeting for the for the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Washington Avenue Transportation & Parking Study (funded by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission) will be on Tuesday, March 11th at 6pm at Grace and Peace Church at 1701 Washington Avenue. All are welcome to attend to hear the preferred alternative for restriping Washington Avenue to better accommodate all users.

Translation: Ilene Wilder announced we are now offering ESL classes in partnership with Columbus Square, as well as translating our monthly newsletters into Spanish, which are available under the “Espanol” tab on our website.

Outreach: Angel D’Ippolito announced that the next Neighborhood Ambassador Program meeting is March 18 at 7:30pm at 1321 S. 9th Street. The next Neighborhood Meet and Greet (held on the 2nd Saturday of every month) will be at Zoe’s Frozen Yogurt on S. 9th Street this Saturday March 8 from noon to 1pm (note Zoe’s has a full coffee bar). Angel also reminded members to report graffiti to 311. Community Relations Police Officer Ace Delgado handed out information about keeping your home safe from burglaries. In addition, on Saturday, March 8th from 8-11pm, 10th Street Laundromat at 1143 S. 10th Street, one of our sponsors, will be having a party with wine, beer, food & art! They will have five artists displaying their work, while Stacy Papa of Sugarplum Catering will be bringing some light goodies, and there will be plenty of neighbors to mull about art in this unconventional setting!  Donations accepted for PSCA.


Dan Pohlig, Chair of the PSCA Nomination Committee, presented the PSCA Nomination and Election Process. Nominations will be formally submitted at the April Membership Meeting and the Election will occur at the May Membership Meeting. There are 12 Director positions up for election this year. Serving on the Board is a great way to make your neighborhood a better place while getting to know some great neighbors. Nomination forms are due March 28. Find out more at www.passyunksquare.org. Dan thanked committee members Aubin Clever, Cassie Knox, Sue Petrone, and Ben Cardell.

Andrew Stober from the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (and our neighbor) presented the city’s plans for Bike Share. Philadelphia is preparing to join 40 other U.S. cities, including Washington, Boston, Chicago, New York, and Denver, as well as international cities such as Toronto, Montreal, London and Paris, in deploying a bike sharing system that will provide convenient, on-demand access to bicycles for short distance trips. Bike sharing will be an affordable, healthy, safe, environmentally sustainable addition to Philadelphia’s transportation options. A yearly membership fee will be less than $100, with options for one-day or three-day memberships for tourists/visitors. Philadelphia plans to have 200 stations or 2,000 bikes deployed, with an initial service area from Lehigh Avenue to the Navy Yard, extending into West Philly. The City will announce the rollout of the program this spring or summer, and will install 75-100 stations initially in Zone 1, near public parks or plazas, rather than removing parking. The city will be divided into Zone 1 (System Core, where stations will be more closely spaced), and Zone 2 (Neighborhood Scale, with stations spaced farther apart). Northern portions of PSCA fall into Zone 1 and southern portions in Zone 2.

Regarding safety, you must be 16 to ride, so there will be no child seats nor can the bikes accommodate such seats. Helmets will not be required, as Philly has no helmet law. So far, in North America, there have been 6 million trips on bike share systems with no fatalities. This may be because the bikes are heavy, big, bright, with front and back headlights, and professionally maintained. Regarding theft, the bikes are impossible to tear out of their stations, and theft-resistant as all of their parts are custom-made and fitted, so their resale value is negligible. In Washington D.C., for instance, 16 bikes out of 2,000 were stolen in the early days of their system, but thefts have decreased, as thieves quickly figured out the bikes cannot be sold to bike shops or their parts to chop shops. Philadelphia’s system will be unique as compared to other cities because the City will not require that users have a credit card, which will open the program to those that are lower income. The City is also hoping to install more bike lanes, as now the City reviews every street that gets repaved for bike lane feasibility. 13th and 15th Street may also become neighborhood bikeways, which will be improved streets for bicyclists. The City is also streamlining the process to install bike racks in front of commercial businesses (which is separate from Bike Share, as that has its own racks).

Gregg Kravitz, a Deputy Commissioner from the Office of City Commissioner Al Schmidt, presented the department’s new website, www.philadelphiavotes.com, which includes the most time-sensitive information on upcoming elections. Information is organized according to four users: voters/prospective voters, candidates for office and their campaign personnel, election board officials, and individuals conducting research. You can easily find out who your elected officials are, where your polling place is, and which elections are coming up. The website is also available in Spanish. Our next election day is May 20, with polls open from 7am-8pm, with many offices up for primary election, including Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Congress, State Senate, etc.

–Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, March 5, 2014.


Minutes06 Feb 2014 05:00 pm

Minutes from February 4, 2014 PSCA General Meeting @ Annunciation BVM

Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola welcomed guests and two new Board members, Tom Wyatt and Jared Klein.

Zoning: Jared Klein reviewed the following cases, to be heard by the Zoning Committee next Tuesday. 1536 Camac Street is an application for a 2-story addition with roof deck and pilot  house, and two off street interior parking spaces (garage), for use as a 2-family dwelling. Refused for use, parking, and open area in RSA-5 zoning district. 1148 Wharton 6th Street is an informational presentation on a proposed 5 story building (same height as Wharton Lofts) with 30-40 apartments over parking. 1439 E. Passyunk Avenue is an application to change use from doctor’s office to retail gift shop first floor with existing single family dwelling on the second floor, which is not allowed in this zoning district. 1500 S. 9th Street is an application for the erection of a roof deck above one story portion of existing 2 story structure, legalization of 1 off-street parking space, use as two-family dwelling.  Refused for multi-family use and parking usage. 1428 South Clarion Street is an application for the erection of an addition with a roof deck and roof deck access pilot-house to an existing attached single family dwelling. 1100 Federal Street (Tiffin Bistro) is for legalization of existing outdoor seating.

Events: Pam Zenzola announced that the PSCA Community Art Show and Auction will take place Friday, March 28 from 7-10pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall.

Fundraising: Ilene Wilder reminded everyone that it is not too late to give an annual gift to PSCA, from the 2013 annual appeal mailing.

Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the monthly cleanup is looking for volunteers, and anyone interested should contact trash@passyunk.org.

Education: Tom Wyatt announced that PSCA participated in the successful MLK Day event at Jackson School. There will be a school partnership meeting on Feb. 18. Kindergarten registration will take place Feb. 13 at 6pm at the Donatucci branch of the Free Library.

Beautification: Sarah Anton announced we are now taking fall tree applications, and those are due by May 5 for a fall planting. There will be a spring pruning event in April. Passyunk Gardens will have a happy hour on Feb. 26, location TBD. Beautification is always looking for volunteers for their efforts. Mural Arts is looking for new opportunities for mural locations, in addition to planning a few more in our area, as well as updating some existing ones.

Parks: Chris DiCapua announced that the Columbus Square plan was presented to the public last week, and 10% of the funds needed for its implementation have been raised so far. South Philly Review will be doing an article about the park plan. PSCA is sponsoring ESL classes (English for Non-English Speakers) at Columbus Square starting Feb. 11 through March 11, and the cost is $20 for the series. Scholarships are available thanks to a donation from Lisa Budnick of 10th Street Laundromat as well as from the Columbus Square Advisory Council. Prizes will be available for those who attend at least four out of the five sessions, and on-site programming for children will be available during the classes. Also, PSCA is now translating our monthly newsletter into Spanish and that will be available on our website.

Outreach: Angel D’Ippolito announced that NAP is looking for more volunteers. The monthly PSCA neighbor meet and greet is this Saturday Feb. 8 from noon to 1 at Global Crepes & Shakes.


Jim Reardon of Acme Markets thanked everyone for the continuing good relationship between the neighborhood and Acme. Acme is renovating their store to accommodate more organics, gluten-free, more produce, bigger floral area, new bakery cases, more seafood cases, and moving the pharmacy and customer service closer to the front door. Grand reopening is Feb. 28. They cannot put islands in the parking lot due to cost, but may be able to put in a garden/better landscaping near the street.

Bill Lutz and Debbie Lewis of Generation 3 Electric is offering specials to neighbors on exterior lighting, security cameras, or security systems. They can offer 10% discount if three or more installations happen on a block. They are offering a long-term payment plan with six months of interest-free financing if using Paypal.

Jane Golden from Mural Arts presented their mission, which includes programs for youth, including apprenticeship and entrepreneurial programs, as well as art education. They have plans to do a new mural at 10th and Washington, along with finishing one near Capitolo. They may do a mural at Broad and Federal with a 76ers theme. The South Philly Musicians mural across from Pat’s needs to be redone, as it is 12 years old and deteriorating. The surface needs to be whited-out and repaired and Mural Arts is committed to putting something there. Should it be the same mural, an updated one, or something new? They could put a call out to artists for potential designs. Mural Arts is also interested in doing a history of the neighborhood mural, perhaps on a different wall. Jim Croce was born at Broad and Reed, so that is another musician idea. Councilman Squilla expressed concerns of some with removing the mural’s current theme.

-Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, February 5, 2014.



Minutes06 Nov 2013 07:20 pm

Minutes from November 5, 2013 PSCA General Meeting @ Zoey’s Yogurt Bar

Meeting began at 6:40 pm, ended at 7:50 pm. Attendance: Approximately 45.

Board Members Present: Zenzola, D’Ippolito, Morris, DiCapua, Knapp, Emma, Anton, Fioretti

Absent: Wilder, Knox, Geary

Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola welcomed guests and thanked Zoey’s Yogurt Bar for hosting the meeting. Pam reminded members that we are always looking for volunteers to slot into one-time commitments or more involved work on our committees. We are specifically looking for volunteers to help with our upcoming Art Auction and to fill some recent vacancies on our Zoning Committee. Pam also alerted everyone to the home tour booklets on their seats, which have valuable coupons to use at neighborhood businesses. Also, our annual appeal is coming up in November, so look for that letter. Also announced was that the city-owned building at 11th and Reed that is used for fleet services may be put up for sale by the city, so look for information and future neighborhood involvement. Also, PARC will soon be collecting leaves in the neighborhood, and residents should look for more info at www.passyarc.com. PARC will host a neighborhood meeting on Nov. 25th from 6-7pm regarding the sale and renovation of 1520 E. Passyunk Avenue, currently Karina’s.

Outreach: Angel D’Ippolito announced that the next NAP meeting is Nov. 19 at 7pm at 1326 S. 9th Street. NAP will be trying out a new monthly coffee “get to know your neighbors” meet-up at a local coffee shop for an hour every 2nd Saturday, kicking off on Nov. 9 at 11 a.m. at B2. PSCA is also looking for residents to visit the 3rd District police station (11th & Wharton) this Friday Nov. 8 at 8am to take a tour of the facilities, and then complete a questionnaire which will be used to i) improve the 3rd District station and help officers learn how to best gain public acceptance, and the support and trust of the community; and ii) support the international Altus Police Stations Visitors Week effort through which police stations from all over the world will help to identify some of the best practices in use by police. Contact outreach@passyunk.org if interested.

Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the next monthly cleanup is Nov. 30. The next e-waste event is Nov. 16 from 10am-2pm at Acme.

Zoning: Gary Tumolo reported that the following four cases will be heard at the zoning committee meeting on Nov. 12 at 7pm at Annunciation: 1203 S. Clarion Street:  Application for the change in use from existing 1 story garage to a 3 story single family dwelling with one attached off street accessory parking slot inside the residence, and the use of a rooftop sundeck.  Zoning refused due the open area of lot and rear yard depth are under the minimum required amounts. 1308 S. 7th Street:  Application for the erection of an addition to an existing 1story structure in the rear of an existing 3 story single-family dwelling.  Zoning refused due the open area of lot and rear yard depth are under the minimum required amounts.  1235 Federal Street:  (Jehovah’s Witness building) Proposed 3rd story addition above existing attached structure with 10 dwelling units and 9 separate roof decks, each with a separate pilot house; with 6 interior parking spaces and 14 interior bicycle parking spaces. Refused for multi-family household living, open area and rear yard depth. 1304-06 S. 9th Street:  (El Zarape) Commercial ground floor restaurant with dwelling unit above. There will also be a pre-zoning presentation for a proposed coffee, bakery and desert bar idea for 1149 S. 12th.

Beautification: Sarah Anton and Andrew Emma announced that the next tree planting of 11 trees will be Nov. 23, and volunteers should meet at 9am at Columbus. Also on Nov. 23 at 2pm is the ribbon cutting for Jackson School rooftop garden, so please come for both events if you can. There will be a free yard tree giveaway on Sun. Nov. 10 at Columbus from 11am-1pm. Also this Saturday Nov. 9, volunteers are needed to help distribute 85 lbs of donated mulch for the police station garden at 11th and Wharton. Passyunk Gardens is now closed for the winter. PSCA is still looking for volunteers to assist with monitoring and reporting on PWD’s green infrastructure sites in the neighborhood.

Parks: Chris DiCapua introduced the new recreation leader at Capitolo, John Medica. Mr. Medica introduced himself and said he wants to be involved in the civic and welcomes input into what type of programming should go on at Capitolo. He also introduced another new member of his team.

Planning: Karin Morris invited neighbors to attend a free workshop of Hidden City Philadelphia and the Preservation Alliance on Nov. 7 from 6-8pm on How to Nominate a Building to the Historic Register, at Cultureworks at 1315 Walnut, Suite 320. To register, please visit http://hcp.memberlodge.com/events?eventId=775600&EventViewMode=EventDetails. Also, she

reported that the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s work on the Washington Avenue Roadway Design Study continues, and a successful public meeting was held Oct. 23 at the Mummer’s Museum, with about 60 neighbors in attendance. The purpose of the study is to propose alternative roadway striping to better organizes movement within the cartway for pedestrians, bikes, cyclists, and vehicles. The plan will result in re-striping of Washington Avenue by the Streets Department in 2014 or 2015. Various alternative lane configurations can be reviewed at: http://www.phila.gov/CityPlanning/plans/Pages/washingtonavenue.aspx. The plan considers various options including reducing the number of through lanes, buffered bike lanes, more room for curbside loading/unloading, and back-in angled parking, among others.

Events: Upcoming events include our 10th Anniversary Party on Dec. 3 and our annual Xmas tree sale on Dec. 7 from 2-6pm at Urban Jungle, organized by Erin Osenbaugh, with caroling coordinated by Gary Tumolo (carolers needed!).


Steve Viscelli of the Jackson School rooftop garden presented the upcoming plans to install the rooftop garden, with the assistance of Penn and Swarthmore students, and hopefully some neighborhood volunteers. The rooftop will contain a community garden on one side, a garden lab on the other side for students, along with movable earth boxes that can be moved into and out of classrooms for instruction. There will also be programming around nutrition for the students, and later on a mushroom farming program whereby students will be able to sell mushrooms to the community, and hopefully eventually an aquaponics garden. Steve needs volunteer help to install the garden, along with equipment to move soil from the ground to the roof, and for the mushroom farming, he is looking for used coffee grounds and large food-grade containers. Please come to the garden ribbon cutting on Nov. 23 (rain date Nov. 24) from 2-4pm at the school at 12th and Federal. There will be food trucks, kids’ activities, live music, and more.

Dan Pohlig from the South Philly Food Co-op gave an update about the Co-op’s organizing efforts. They have been meeting since 2010, and are now up to 518 member-owners, with the next member goal set for 600, at which time they could pursue a real estate lease with certain contingencies. Their real estate committee has been investigating locations and studying their market feasibility. Dan expects that they will need somewhere between 900-1000 member-owners to open. For more information, visit http://www.southphillyfoodcoop.org/.

To recap, mark your calendars for the many ways to become involved in the next few weeks!

Nov. 7: Historic Designation Workshop

Nov. 8: Tour of 3rd District Police Station

Nov. 9: Mulching at the Police Station

Nov. 9: Meet and Greet at B2

Nov. 10: Free Yard Tree Giveaway

Nov. 12: Zoning Committee Meeting

Nov. 16: E-waste Recycling

Nov. 19: Neighborhood Ambassador Program Meeting

Nov. 23: Tree Planting

Nov. 23: Jackson School Rooftop Garden Opening

Nov. 25: PARC meeting about 1520 E. Passyunk Avenue

Nov. 30: Neighborhood Clean-up

Dec. 3: PSCA 10th Anniversary Party

Dec. 7: Annual Christmas Tree Sale and Caroling on the Avenue


–Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, November 6, 2013


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