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Are you a South Philly artist interested in showcasing your work alongside other top South Philly artists at the upcoming Passyunk Square Art Auction on April 1, 2016?

If so please email a photograph of your work to artauction@passyunk.org with a description and size of your work by February 26, 2016.

All mediums accepted. Maximum artwork size is 50ʺ × 75ʺ. Please note that framed or unframed pieces are welcomed, but note that for our venue, we will need to work on alternatives to hanging art on the walls. Artists will be notified in early March regarding their participation in the auction.



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La Hoja Informativa más reciente de la PSCA ahora está disponible en español. Haz clic aquí. The most recent PSCA Newsletter is now available in Spanish. Click here.

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Interested in learning more about the neighborhood’s green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) and how you can help keep the installations eye-catching and effective at maintaining clean water? Join the team of volunteer GSI Monitors to assist in the Philadelphia Water Department’s Soak It Up! Adoption program. GSI Monitors play a vital role in the continuation of PSCA’s partnership with the PW by being trained on how the sites function and how to identify issues and report problems – tasks which can be completed onsite while you walk your dog or take the stroller around the neighborhood!

Learn more about joining the team of GSI Monitors at a meet-and-greet at B2 located at 1500 E. Passyunk Ave. on Wednesday, February 17, at 6:30 pm or by emailing stormwater@passyunk.org. You can also read more about PWD’s innovative Green Cities, Clean Waters initiative at their website.

PSCA partnership the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) ensures that stormwater management installations in our neighborhood – the planters and rain garden at Columbus Square Park, the planter outside the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, the tree trench on 12th Street between Dickinson and Tasker Streets, and the tree trench on 10th Street between Wilder and Reed Streets – are as beautiful as they are effective in keeping our water clean.

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Would you like to put your green thumb to work in the Passyunk Gardens this summer? Join the PSCA Beautification Committee for their Meet & Greet on Saturday, February 6, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm at Cafe Crema located at 1205 S. 9th St. If you would like more information about the Passyunk Gardens, email beautification@passyunk.org.

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The next South Philly Language Exchange will be on Thursday, February 18, at Taqueria La Veracruzana located at 908 Washington Ave. All South Philly Language Exchanges begin at 7:00 pm!

 Do you want to learn some Spanish? Would you like to meet Spanish-speaking neighbors and help them to learn English, while supporting a local Mexican restaurant and building community in Passyunk Square? The South Philly Language Exchange is a monthly event that brings together English and Spanish speakers over dinner at local restaurants. This event is open to everyone and is informal and fun. If you come, you can order food or not, and you will be made to feel welcome!

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Our monthly zoning meeting is on Tuesday, February 9 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Saint Maron’s Maronite Church, 1013 Ellsworth St.

There will be 2 cases:

  • 1549 S 13th St – Outdoor seating for Francoluigi’s Pizzeria
  • 1241 S 13th – 3rd hearing to address issues on multifamily proposal
  • An informational presentation on 815 Wharton Street’s proposed multi-family use

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Thanks to donations made to PSCA by individuals and businesses, at the end of 2012 PSCA entered into a contract for sidewalk sweeping, litter removal and related cleaning services (not including large objects) with ABM Janitorial Services. Starting Monday, February 1, the sidewalk sweeping will begin a pilot program with a set schedule to clean the blocks east of 9th Street and north of Federal Street on specific days, every two weeks.

Although the contract is in effect, we would like to have neighbors make sure that their blocks are being cleaned. We are asking neighbors to volunteer to be PSCA’s eyes on the block where you live. We’re not asking for a major commitment of time or effort nor for you to check the entire neighborhood. We’re merely asking for residents to volunteer a few minutes to ensure that PSCA’s street cleaning contractor is cleaning your block of litter. If there is furniture or large trash items on your street, please contact 311 to have it removed, our contractor can’t remove it.

PSCA will let volunteers know in advance when their block is scheduled to be cleaned. Please check and/or send a photo to verify that the job is being done. If you are interested, please send your name, home address, phone and e-mail address to trash@passyunk.org.

NOTE: For the sweeping program to be truly effective, it is best if everyone sweeps in front of their own home once a week! Homeowners have a legal responsibility for cleaning their own sidewalk.

Sidewalk Sweeping Schedule Monday, February 1 – Friday, February 12:

Monday, February 1:  Tasker Street from 9th to 6th Streets; and 7th Street from Tasker Street to Washington Ave.
Tuesday, February 2:  Federal Street from 9th to 6th Streets; and 8th Street from Washington Ave. to Tasker Street.
Wednesday, February 3:  Wharton Street from 9th to 6th Streets; and 6th Street from Washington Ave. to Tasker Street.
Thursday, February 4: Start small east-west streets between 9th to 6th Streets from Dickinson Street to Tasker Street.
Friday, February 5:  Complete small east-west streets.
Monday, February 8:  Ellsworth Street from Broad Street to 8th Street.
Tuesday, February 9:  Start 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th from Federal Street to Washington Avenue.
Wednesday, February 10:  Complete 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th from Federal Street to Washington Avenue.
Thursday, February 11: 7th Street from Tasker Street to Washington Ave.
Friday, February 12:  8th Street from Tasker Street to Washington Ave.

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La Hoja Informativa más reciente de la PSCA ahora está disponible en español. Haz clic aquí. The most recent PSCA Newsletter is now available in Spanish. Click here.

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There will be a garden wrap up and planning meeting in late January. People who’d like to come should email beautification@passyunk.org to get on the garden planning group list and help us pick a date .

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