Beautification and Capitolo and Columbus Square and Communication and Education and Event and Fundraising and Minutes and Trees and Volunteers and Zoning05 Sep 2014 04:15 pm

September 2, 2014 General Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Chris DiCapua. Meeting began at 6:46 pm, adjourned at 7:38 pm. Present: Anton, Wilder, Klein, DiCapua, Knapp, Silva, Antonellis, Wyatt, D’Ippolito, Zenzola, Emma. Absent: DiGiulio


Welcome and Introductions:

A list of PSCA accomplishments from August 2013 through August 2014 was distributed to the membership as well as a postcard invitation to the upcoming Columbus Square Fundraiser. Pam Zenzola welcomed guests and thanked Francoluigi’s for their pizza donation.

Pam called for volunteers for a number of upcoming events.


By-Laws Vote: 

Prior to today’s General Meeting, the revised by-laws were distributed, and two neighbors submitted some comments/questions for clarification.

Below is the transcript of the comments and responses:

1. What does the word “representative” mean in Article 3, Section 2(a)? If a husband and wife own a property, does that mean that only one of them votes as “representative” of that property? Or do both vote? I think the latter is your intention. For clarity, I recommend deleting the word “representative” from this section. Alternatively, you could write two different sentences, one for “residents” and another for non-resident property owners. If a corporation or partnership owns a property, presumably you intend that only one representative of the corporation or partnership votes.

2. What does the word “representative” mean in Article 3, Section 2(b)? The implication seems to be that a business gets only one vote even if it is owned by several people. If that’s the case, then the word “representative” means something different in Section 2(a) than it does in Section 2(b). The wording of the two sections should be reconciled and clarified.

1 & 2. The intent here, as you correctly surmised, is that every adult resident is entitled to one vote, while a business would need to assign one individual to vote on behalf of the business entity. While I agree this could be clearer, I think the distinction between Article III, Section 2 a & b is with the word “each” as applied to residents, as opposed to “one” being the descriptor for business.

3. Does Article IV, Section 8 mean that political party Committee persons cannot serve as Directors or Officers? Is a Committee person an elected municipal official? I think the answer should be no, but I’d appreciate a clarification.

3. We discussed this point in some depth and a Committeeperson can serve on the Board. We considered a Committeeperson to be a party office holder, not a municipal office holder, so Committee service would be acceptable. Of course, should a Committeeperson be elected to the Board, they would be subject to the same stringent limits on political activity as all other board members, and could not use the platform of the Association to the benefit of the party or any candidate.

Following are comments related to the PSCA Bylaws:

Article II Section 2 (o)
Is this limited to public schools? I would have a problem contributing to an organization that supports a school associated with a religion.

Yes this is limited to local public not schools with a religious charter or mission.

Article IV Section 5
Is there any value to changing the wording as follows: …shall not authorize or approve debts in total beyond the current balance….

We have it covered even without the clarification when the Bylaws are combined with our financial procedures. As we take on debts, they become part of the rolling budget and we update the current balance of the treasury accordingly. Board members aren’t authorized to spend beyond their budget line without board approval, so I’m not sure there would be the opportunity for this to be a problem.

Article V Section 5
If there is a tie for the last available position how will it be resolved?

On the specific issue of a tie, that would seem to be something that doesn’t need to be spelled out in the bylaws so as not to tie future election committee’s hands. So determining what to do in case of a tie can be a decision made by the election committee. As long as that procedure is spelled out at the very beginning of the process for all voters and prospective candidates, then whatever is chosen should be fine.

Article XI
There may be informational value for Association Members and contributors in knowing which standing committees exist.

As our standing committees change from time to time based upon serving the needs and request from the community listing them in the by-laws would not be prudent. However, to keep the members informed the committees are listed on both the website and in the newsletter.

A motion was made to accept the amended by-laws. A suggestion from a resident was made to add partitions to the voting tables for more privacy in future elections. A vote was taken and the motion to approve by-laws was carried.


Board Updates:


Jared announced 2 possible but unconfirmed zoning cases for this month: 1246 Federal & 1400 S. Darien. The PSCA website and Facebook page will be updated when more information becomes available.

Home Tour

Caroline New, event chair, reminded residents of the upcoming Home Tour, scheduled for October 11 from noon to 4:00 pm. Brigantessa, the soon-to-open restaurant from the team behind Le Virtu, is now confirmed as the after-party location. Caroline announced that she is accepting payment at tonight’s meeting – by cash and checks or credit cards. Advance tickets are $20, and can also be purchased through PayPal. The Home Tour Committee is seeking additional homes and program advertisers, as well as volunteers for the day of the event. Those interested should contact Caroline at hometour@passyunk.org. For more information visit passyunksquare.org/hometour or email hometour@passyunk.org!


Tom Wyatt announced school starts next Monday, September 8. Andrew Jackson School (1213 S. 12th St.) needs about 100 volunteers for its Community Day on Saturday, September 13. At 11:00 am, volunteers will begin various painting and beautification projects around the school – those interested in volunteering should contact education@passyunk.org (no tools or experience needed). After the volunteer work is completed, at 3:00 pm the ribbon for Jackson’s brand new playground will be cut. Refreshments and a DJ will be on hand for the celebration, and all are welcome.


Ilene Wilder announced that the current number of PSCA sponsors is 15 to date. Residents were encouraged to visit the PSCA website for the list of sponsors. The newest sponsors are Noord, Garage and Francoluigi’s. When visiting our sponsors’ establishments, thank them for contributing to the betterment of the community by supporting the PSCA. Ilene invited people to volunteer to get involved in her committee. Those interested in donating money to the PSCA can do so via PayPal on the PSCA website.


On Saturday, September 6, Passyunk Garden will be part of the neighborhood Garden Tour from 1:00-4:00pm. There will be 22 gardens featured. Passyunk Garden is open every Thursday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and Sunday from 4:00 pm—6:00 pm. All are welcome.

A new mural is scheduled for the Capitolo Playground Building on the Wharton Street and playground facing sides. Over the winter work will be started on a mural at 10th and Washington Streets, facing the Sunoco Station. The Beautification Committee welcomes ideas for new projects. For more information email beautification@passyunk.org.

The next meet up with the PSCA pruning club will take place on Sunday, September 21 at 10:00 am, at Passyunk Gardens. Participants will work with certified arborist Joe Schiavo on one of the blocks in the neighborhood. Last month the club pruned the 900 block of Tasker. Residents were reminded to save the date for the final session on October 5.

The next neighborhood tree planting will take place on November 15th. Email beautification@passyunk.org for more information. An advanced Tree Tenders class will take place on September 17. The class is full but it is still possible to participate in a webinar. The basic Tree Tender Class must be completed first. Those interested in helping out should email beautification@passyunk.org for more information.

PSCA is partnering with the Philadelphia Water Department in their Soak It Up! Adoption Program this year to ensure that storm water management installations through out the neighborhood – the planters and rain garden at Columbus Square Park, the planter outside the South Philadelphia Older Adult Center, the tree trench on 12th Street between Dickinson and Tasker, and the tree trench on 10th Street between Wilder and Reed – are as beautiful as they are effective in keeping our water clean. Volunteers are needed to help monitor these sites. Those interested in helping out should email beautification@passyunk.org for more information.

Parks and Translation Projects

Chris reported that the third session of ESL classes will began at Columbus Square the week of September 8. Level 1 (for beginners with a little bit of English) meets on Tuesdays for five weeks, beginning September 9. Level 0 (beginners with no English) meets on Thursdays for five weeks, beginning September 11. The cost for five weeks, including materials, is $20.

Chris informed guests of the South Philly Language Exchange Program. Residents should check the PSCA Facebook page for information about September’s Language Exchange.

Chris invited residents to View from the Top: Columbus Square Park Fundraiser scheduled for Friday, September 12 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the roof of Wharton Lofts (12th and Wharton Streets) to help kick off Columbus Square Park’s fundraising campaign and learn of the proposed renovations to the park. Participants will enjoy drinks and bites donated by local restaurants and find out how to get engaged. Suggested donation is $25. There are three ways to purchase tickets:
1.) by check made payable to “Passyunk Square Civic Association” with “Columbus Square Fundraiser” written in the notes line; checks should be left with Jessica Porco, Recreation Leader at Columbus Square; 2.) via PayPal on the Columbus Square Facebook page, or 3.) at the door.

The monthly PSCA Newsletter continues to be translated into Spanish and posted to the website monthly. Chinese translation of newsletter will begin in the fall, pending award of recently submitted Activities Grant.


The NAP is planning a meeting on Monday September 15, to be held at Angel’s home (1326 S. 9th St). Volunteers are being sought to help with various projects. Angel announced that the PSCA is looking for a new leader for the Welcome Wagon program. Those interested should contact Angel directly.

$200 in cash and a $100 Acme Gift card were awarded each to three Block Party Award recipients: the 700 block of Ellsworth, the 700 Block of Sears, and the 600 block of Annin. These community building block parties are scheduled in the coming weeks.



Officer Ace Delgado, Community Relations Officer, was scheduled to speak but unable to stay at the meeting. Pam spoke for him. He reports that bicycle and auto thefts are up in the neighborhood. Officer Delgado suggests that nothing be left in cars to reduce risk of break-ins. He reports that violent crimes are down in the neighborhood significantly. He also strongly recommends that residents turn on porch lights in front and rear of their homes. Statistics prove this deters crime. He invited interested residents to support the Police Department by attending the Division Police Banquet on September 18th from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm at Galdos Banquet Hall (1933 W Moyamensing Ave).



On Saturday, September 6, a 10K run starting at the neighborhood Rita’s Water Ice and ending at the Fountain will take place. 3500 runners are expected. The event will take place from 7:00 am-11:00 am. Residents were advised to read signs to learn of anticipated parking restrictions. An after party is scheduled at the fountain at the end of the event.

Pam announced that next month we will host a speaker from the City Planning Commission to discuss the process for planning for the future of the municipal complex at 12th and Reed.

Education and Newsletter and Volunteers01 Sep 2014 08:48 pm

SchoolSuppliesFlyer2School Supply Drive

Please join us in collecting school supplies for our neighborhood schools, Jackson and Kirkbride, through September 6! Drop off any supply donations at Acme (1400 E. Passyunk Avenue) or the firehouse (1357 S. 12th Street), or bring your donations to the General Meeting this Tuesday! Copy paper is especially needed, along with other suggested items: book bags, #2 pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pens, crayons, glue sticks, boxes of tissues, broad-tip markers, scissors, pencil cases, spiral-bound or marble notebooks, pocket folders, hand sanitizers/disinfecting wipes, rulers, calculators, construction paper, colored paper, paper towels, and Band-Aids. Click here for more information and a printable list.


Community Day at Jackson School

Andrew Jackson School (1213 S. 12th St.) needs about 100 volunteers for its Community Day on Saturday, September 13! At 11 am, volunteers will begin various painting and beautification projects around the school – please email education@passyunk.org if you are able to volunteer (no tools or experience needed). After the volunteer work is completed, at 3 pm we will cut the ribbon for Jackson’s brand new playground! Refreshments and a DJ will be on hand for the celebration, and all are welcome!

Newsletter and Volunteers01 Sep 2014 08:40 pm

The PSCA is actively seeking the following:

  • A volunteer to maintain the PSCA’s database and run reports on an as-needed basis; familiarity with Salesforce would be useful
  • A volunteer for the Communications team, for a variety of tasks that might include interviewing other community members or taking photos at events
  • A volunteer to lead the annual Christmas tree sale fundraiser for this year

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of these efforts, or any other volunteer opportunities, please send an email to contact@passyunk.org.

  • The Fundraising & Sponsorship committee also invites any interested volunteers to serve. Become an ambassador of PSCA to your neighbors, friends, and local businesses, and learn how to run a successful, effective sponsorship program. This is a great way to meet people and find out what’s going on in the community. If interested, contact Ilene Wilder at ilenena94@gmail.com or (215) 514-0449.

If you want to get involved with the Passyunk Square Civic Association but you aren’t sure exactly what you would like to do, visit passyunksquare.org/volunteer to view a list of general categories and submit an interest form. Volunteers are always needed and always appreciated!

Event and Fundraising and Volunteers12 Nov 2012 12:26 pm

Stop by Urban Jungle on Saturday, December 1st  from 2pm-6pm to buy your Christmas Tree and all the trimmings!  Proceeds from the sale will go to support Passyunk Square Civic Association services and programs. It’s a great time to find just the right tree, unique ornaments, and all the trimmings to make your tree a show stopper this year.  To help you get into the mood, there will be carolers singing all the traditional holiday songs and Santa will be visiting the event from 4:00 to 4:30!

Wanted: Singers for our Passyunk Square Chorus!  You don’t have to be a great singer, just want to have fun and sing holiday carols with neighbors.  If interested, please contact garytumolo@comcast.net

Volunteers03 Sep 2012 06:35 pm

Neighbors helping neighbors.  That is our mantra.  We need your help!  Please join us on September 4th at 6:30 p.m. at S.P.O.A.C for our General Meeting where we will be kicking off the first phase of the official Passyunk Square Neighborhood Ambassador program.  We are looking for some friendly neighbors to help grow PSCA. We need Ambassadors to get the word out about PSCA and to get other neighbors involved in our community.  We want to reach out to underrepresented groups in our neighborhood so that we can collectively work to continue improvements to Passyunk Square.  At the September meeting, we will discuss the responsibilities of the Ambassadors and have a round table discussion about how we can accomplish our best outreach.  So, please come out one and all.  If you want to have a positive effect in our community, this is a great chance to do so!  If you are unable to make it to Tuesday’s meeting, but still want to be involved, please email outreach@passyunk.org

Volunteers06 Aug 2012 09:21 am

Our brand new Neighborhood Ambassador Program will be introduced at our upcoming general membership meeting in September.  The Passyunk Square Neighborhood will be divided into 8 areas, and we are actively seeking Neighborhood Ambassadors to represent each area.  Neighborhood Ambassadors will help keep residents in their respective area informed of PSCA events and meetings, and help us to create a deeper connection with all residents of our community. We are also looking to recruit Language Specialists to assist the Neighborhood Ambassadors on an as-needed basis with our non-English speaking neighbors.  Regular meetings will be held with the Ambassadors for guidance and encouragement.  A goal of the program is to continue to recruit new ambassadors over time in order to divide up into even smaller sections from the original 8 areas.  Please join us in September to learn more about this new program and to find out how you can become involved.

Beautification and Capitolo and Cleanup and Columbus Square and Communication and Education and Event and Fundraising and Gold Star Park and Planning and Town Watch and Trash & Recycling and Trees and Volunteers and Zoning01 Jul 2012 09:20 am

We’re giving you a summer vacation from General Meetings for July and August, so we’ll see you in September with updates from our committees who have been busy working straight through these hot months to make Passyunk Square even better!  Speaking of committees, our 2012 Board of Directors and Committees have been announced:

Pam Zenzola, President
Angel D’Ippolito, Vice-President Outreach
Sarah Anton, Treasurer and Beautification Committee Co-Chair
Karin Morris, Secretary and Planning Committee Chair
Christine Knapp, Immediate Past President
Andrew Emma, Beautification Committee Co-Chair
Chris DiCapua, Parks Liaison
Ilene Wilder, Fundraising and Events Committee Chair
Carmela Fioretti, Trash and Recycling Committee
Cassie Knox, Communications Committee Chair

Beautification Clean-ups, plantings, banners, block efforts
co-chairs: Andrew Emma and Sarah Anton
Communications Public relations, external communication
chair: Cassie Knox
Zoning Monitoring zoning change requests
chair: John Digiulio
Outreach Giving every resident of the neighborhood a chance to become involved
chair: Angel D’Ippolito
Safety / Passyunk Square Town Watch
chair: Kim Davis
Trash & Recycling
chair: Carmela Fioretti
Planning Convening stakeholders to help choose what we want the area to look like in the future
chair: Karin Morris
Fund Raising/Sapling Program For association activities
chair: Ilene Wilder
Education Supporting schools in the neighborhood
chair: Open

Columbus Square and Trash & Recycling and Volunteers04 Jan 2012 11:05 am

Your Christmas tree has treated you to another great holiday season, don’t return the favor by sending it to rot in some landfill. Treecycle it! On Saturday, January 7th from 10am to 4pm, you can bring your tree to Columbus Square park (corner of 13th and Reed streets) and have it turned into wood chips and mulch that will be used in local parks and gardens.

A $5 donation is suggested to cover the costs of the tree chipping. Please be sure to remove all decorations (they don’t make good mulch). Unfortunately, we can’t take early drop-offs so make your plans now to be there between 10am and 4pm. Please note that the City of Philadelphia does not recycle trees left at the curb.

Do you have a couple hours you can offer to help out with this event? We’re looking for a few good volunteers. Email contact@passyunk.org if you’re interested.

Volunteers29 Dec 2011 01:19 pm

From the Better-Late-Than-Never News Desk:

Congratulations to Dan Wallace and Alys Kirsh – two of our volunteers from the November 19th Tree Planting – who each won a pair of tickets to the Philadelphia Flyers vs. Carolina Hurricanes on November 21st at the Wachovia Center. Though the game didn’t quite turn out the way Flyers fans would have wanted it to, Dan and his guest and Alys and her guest had the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle from the cozy confines of the Mayor’s Box.

Special thanks to the City of Philadelphia for providing the Passyunk Square Civic Association with these tickets. The PSCA Board decided the best use of these tickets would be to recognize a couple of its many dedicated volunteers for their hard work. If any more of these great opportunities come our way (Sixers basketball is back, right?) we’ll be on the look out for more great volunteers to share with.

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