Zoning12 May 2015 07:57 am

The following cases are scheduled for the May 12 zoning committee meeting. Please note that this list has changed from what appeared in the May newsletter.

  • 1182 S. 11th – representing additional evidence after April opposition vote
  • 1247 S 7th – representing additional evidence after April opposition
  • (possibly) 1535 S 10th – Take out license

The Zoning Committee will meet on Tuesday, May 12 at 7 pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall (10th & Dickinson). Email zoning@passyunk.org with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee or visit passyunksquare.org/zoning.

Zoning21 Apr 2015 04:45 pm

At our April 14, 2015 Zoning Meeting the PSCA Zoning Committee considered the following cases on which a committee vote was taken:

1425 S 8th Street: 6-0 vote in opposition
1247 S. 7th Street: 5-2 vote in opposition
1182 S. 11th St.: Vote held pending submission of additional documents from the applicant
1225 Annin St.: Treated as information presentation due to lack of a formal refusal from L&I
827 Wharton St: 6-0 vote in opposition.

Please see the Zoning page for more information about the monthly zoning meetings.

Newsletter and Zoning07 Apr 2015 11:12 am
April is another busy month for the Zoning Committee! The following cases are scheduled for the April 14 meeting:
  • Triangle Tavern – Presenting their outdoor seating plan for neighborhood comment
  • 827 Wharton Street – Formal RCO meeting for proposed mixed use development
  • 1225 Annin Street – second presentation with revised plans for multi-family living
  • 1425 S 8th St – Application for erection of wall above existing 1 story garage
  • 1035 Cross Street – Application for the erection of rear yard deck with spiral stairs to upper deck
  • 1247 S. 7th St – Legalization of a two family dwelling
  • 1182 S. 11th St – Application for three family dwelling in existing structure
The Zoning Committee will meet on Tuesday, April 14, at 7 pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall (10th & Dickinson). Email zoning@passyunk.org with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee or visit passyunksquare.org/zoning.

Zoning13 Mar 2015 01:06 am

At the March 10, 2015 Meeting of the PSCA Zoning Committee, the following applications were considered by the Committee:

1. 827 Wharton Street: No vote – informational presentation only

2. 1331 Juniper St., application for 12 residential units in an additional above an existing one story structure: 5-0 vote in opposition

3. 1225 Annin St., application for residential units: 4-0 vote in opposition (1 abstention).

4. 1151 S. 7th St., application to legalize a duplex: 4-2 vote in non-opposition

5. 1018 Ellsworth St., application to legalize a duplex: 6-0 vote in non-opposition.

The committee encourages everyone in the community to review http://cityofphiladelphia.github.io/zoning-appeals/ to monitor the date and time of the ZBA hearing for any properties of interest to them, and attend those hearings to make their opinions known.

Newsletter and Zoning02 Mar 2015 11:00 am

The Zoning Committee is busy this month!  

 We have 1 informational discussion and 6 zoning cases for our March 10 meeting.  They are:
  • Informational discussion: A presentation from the team behind the new Triangle Tavern, who will tell us about their reopening plans and outdoor seating concept.
  • 1151 S. 7th Street – Application for the legalization of a duplex
  • 1210 S. 13th Street – informational presentation for single family construction
  • 1331 S. Juniper – Second presentation for mixed use proposal
  • 827 Wharton Street – Second information presentation for mixed use development
  • 1225 Annin Street – Application for multi-family residential use
  • 1018 Ellsworth street – application to legalize multi-family use
The Zoning Committee is also pleased to announce that the PSCA Board recently adopted new zoning guidelines that govern the composition of our zoning committee and conduct of our meetings.  The new guidelines are posted at passyunk.org/zoning.
The Zoning Committee will meet on Tuesday, March 10, at 7 pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall (10th & Dickinson). Email zoning@passyunk.org with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee.

Newsletter and Zoning02 Feb 2015 05:19 pm

The Zoning Committee will meet on Tuesday, February 10, 7 pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall (10th & Dickinson). There are five cases for consideration this month:

  • 1225 E. Passyunk – Legalization of outdoor neon sign
  • 1331 S. Juniper – Application to erect three-story addition with commercial and multi-family use
  • 1151 S. 7th – Legalization of two-family use
  • 827-29 Wharton - Second information presentation
  • 1024 Ellsworth - Application for three-family dwelling

Email zoning@passyunk.org with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee.

Newsletter and Zoning05 Jan 2015 07:34 am

The Zoning Committee will meet on Tuesday, January 13, 7pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall (10th & Dickinson). There are three cases for consideration this month:

  • 1151 S. 7th: Permit to legalize use as two-family.
  • 1225 E. Passyunk: An application to legalize an existing outdoor sign. (Rescheduled from December’s meeting.)
  • 1331 Juniper: Permit to erect three-story addition (max. height 44 feet) with elevator penthouse above for use as 12 dwelling units on floors 2-4 with 12 parking spaces and accessory office.

Email zoning@passyunk.org with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee.

Newsletter and Zoning01 Dec 2014 01:07 pm

The Zoning Committee’s next meeting is on Tuesday, December 9, 7pm at Annunciation BVM Church Hall (10th & Dickinson). There are two cases for consideration this month:

  • 1109 Gerritt:  Permit for partial demolition and erection of rear addition to existing single family home.
  • 1225 E. Passyunk:  Permit for the legalization of an illuminated sign on Geno’s catering facility.

Email zoning@passyunk.org with any questions regarding the Zoning Committee.

Beautification and Capitolo and Cleanup and Columbus Square and Education and Event and Gold Star Park and Minutes and Trees and Volunteers and Zoning15 Nov 2014 06:01 pm

November 4, 2014 General Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Chris DiCapua.
Meeting began at 6:39 pm, adjourned at 7:18 pm.
Present: Wilder, Klein, DiCapua, Knapp, Zenzola, Anton, Silva, Wyatt, D’Ippolito
Absent: Emma, DiGiulio, Antonellis

Welcome and Introductions:

Pam welcomed guests. She sent around a sign-in sheet to add names to our database. She encouraged meeting guests to introduce themselves and greet one another. Pam explained that a representative from Mural Arts was invited to speak tonight, but was unable to make it at the last minute. Pam encouraged residents to take down flyers/signs around the neighborhood when the events have passed.

Board Updates:

Parks and Immigrant Outreach

Chris announced that Columbus Square, Gold Star and Capitolo Parks will be holding their Love Your Park fall clean up day on Saturday, November 15. Guests should check park Facebook pages or websites for more information. He also announced that the next session of ESL classes will begin after the new year in January. The next South Philly Language Exchange will be held on Thursday, November 20 at 7:00 pm at Don Chucho’s Mexican Restaurant (1108 S. 9th St). Chris invited all those interested, regardless of their level of Spanish, to attend this community-building event.


Sarah announced that Passyunk Gardens is closing for the season. The final workday was scheduled to be held last weekend, but was postponed due to the weather until this Saturday from 11-1. Sarah explained that the garden will be put to bed for the season. All are welcome to participate. Please send Sarah an email at beautification@passyunk.org to get on list serve.

A tree planting is set for November 15, at 8:45 am, starting at Capitolo Playground. 25 trees will be planted. Sarah anticipates a good core volunteer group, including students from Furness High School, but she could always use more help. Volunteers will be trained on how to plant trees. Those interested should email her for more details. Sarah announced that she is looking for people with tree tender experience especially. An after party will be held at Garage.

Mural Arts is beginning work on a new mural at 10th and Washington. They are looking to interview neighborhood residents in January to gather more information for the mural. Those interested in talking to Mural Arts people are encouraged to email Sarah.

Sarah explained to meeting guests that we partner with the PWD to take care of neighborhood stormwater planters, and we are looking for volunteers to help monitor them. We have volunteers for all five locations, but we need back up monitors. Please contact Sarah if you are interested in volunteering.


Tom announced that our second community day at Jackson School took place recently and was a great success. Volunteers painted fences, mulched, and built a greenhouse among other things. Tom informed guests that Friends of Jackson got their 501c3 from the IRS. They will be having a rooftop fundraiser scheduled for spring. Last Wednesday night at 6:30 at Columbus Recreation Center the Education Committee hosted Professor Cucchiara from Temple University who discussed enhancing community schools with a focus on equity. Last Thursday night Tom co-hosted a Teach For America alumni event at Cantina for all TFA alums in the 19147 zip code. Pam was invited to come and connect the group to the PSCA.

Home Tour

Caroline New, Home Tour event chair, announced that this year’s home tour was a successful event with 10 homes featured, 173 wristbands sold and 10 advertisers in the program book. Caroline thanked homeowners, advertisers and volunteers. She announced that over $4500 was raised. Three Home Tour sponsors were present at meeting and Pam recognized and thanked them.


Jared announced that zoning meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 and are held at Annunciation. He invited residents to attend these meetings, then summarized this month’s zoning case as follows: Only 1 November case – 1246 Federal owner came back for more discussion. Jared announced that last month the committee heard a preview presentation from the owners of a lot across from Pat’s. The owner wants ground floor retail space with 21 residential units above it. No provision for parking was discussed. The building would be 4 stories high. The owner will be coming back to discuss further.


Ilene passed out annual appeal letter. She asked guests to consider donating money to be able to keep up the great work that the civic association does.


Pam announced that out annual Holiday Party will take place on December 2. It will be held at Garage starting at 6:30 pm. She invited all guests to attend.

Pam announced the Christmas Tree Sale will be held this year at Urban Jungle on December 6. She asked those who wish to volunteer to be PSCA Christmas carolers this year to see her.


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