Park renovations will begin on Monday, Sept. 23rd. To ensure everyone’s safety and for legal liability reasons, the entire park will be fenced off during construction. Fencing will be put around the perimeter of the park on Monday and the park will be closed during renovation. There will be heavy equipment moving in and out of the park during the process. The only way into and out of the Recreation Center will be through the main entrance on the corner of Wharton and 12th street. Programming in the center will continue but the playground, field, dog park, tot lot and patio will be closed. Except for a construction entrance in the middle of Wharton which needs to be kept open, street parking should not be affected.

During the renovation period, visit our sister parks; Capitolo which has a recently renovated playground, or Gold Star Park; both within walking distance from Columbus Square. While this may be a short-term inconvenience, in the long run the community will have a beautiful space to enjoy for years to come.
Details on the renovations are available at:

Updates on the renovations will be delivered on Columbus Square’s Facebook page ( Please check here for any important information on renovation activities or visit the Recreation Center office at the corner of 12th and Wharton.

10/1 Update: Based on ongoing neighbor feedback, work and modifications on 11th (including adding back some parking spaces) will be continuing through October We will continue to post any information we have here.

To leave additional comments or feedback on this project, please use this google form

At our next regular General Meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd representatives from the city will be answering questions and speaking to concerns about the restriping of 11th Street that is currently in progress. We hope you will be able to attend to have questions answer and hear more about this implementation. More details available via this flyer/pdf:

We’ll update this page with a link to meeting minutes after the meeting and any other helpful information that comes from our discussion.


Below is a list of public materials that have been released to date.

January 2019

  • Meetings with Council staff and three civics bounding S 11th Street: Hawthorne Empowerment Coalition, Bella Vista Civic, Passyunk Square Civic to share the concept and agree to public outreach plan

February 2019

  • Project Flyer distributed to civic associations for distribution to their members

  • On-site visits with business owners to assess loading needs

March & April 2019

  • Open House Announcement (April 16th 2019) distributed door to door and to civic associations for distribution to their members

  • Boards from open house posted on website and linked via social media

  • News story in the South Philly Review

June 2019

  • Continuing coordination with businesses and major property owners
  • Notice of July 16th Construction Pop-Up Meeting distributed door to door and to civic associations for distribution to their members

July 2019

  • July 1st – Roadway milling start
  • Boards from July 16th Construction Pop-Up Meeting posted on website and linked via social media

  • News story in the South Philly Review

August 2019

  • Construction continues
  • Continued outreach with property and business owners to finalize loading zones and address concerns
  • News story in the Inquirer

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