Our neighborhood continues to be affected by the tragedy on 8th Street this past December. Everyone is very grateful for the outpouring of support from all over the city. Neighbors in need who would like to be connected to support and resources can email us at 8thstreetfire@passyunk.org.

Trauma support is available for free via the Red Cross and City’s Department of Behavioral Health.

As always, if you smell gas anytime, anywhere in the neighborhood, the fire department and PGW advise neighbors to leave the area and immediately call 911 and/or PGW at 215-235-1212

We will continue to post any information we receive from the city here and on social media. Below is a running list of updates we have received.

UPDATES FROM THE CITY (as of 2/18/2020):

On December 19, the 1400 block of S. 8th Street was the site of a horrible fire that ended in tragedy for several families of the block. We are still working to determine the best ways to directly assist these families, but we know in the coming days they will need the support of their neighbors.

First responders including the Philadelphia Fire Department, The Philadelphia Police Department, the Office of Emergency Management, The Red Cross, and Red Paw all were on the scene immediately and offered amazing and heroic assistance and we want to be sure they are supported as well.


Neighbors in need of support can call 1-800-RED-CROSS, reach out to the Office of Emergency Management at OEM@phila.gov or contact Councilmember Squilla’s office (215-686-3458) or Representative Fiedler’s office (215 271-9190)

The Philadelphia Fire Department (Twitter) and the Philadephia Office of Emergency Management (FacebookTwitter) both have active social media presence. We encourage neighbors to follow these feeds.


We encourage neighbors to above all remember this is still an active situation and to avoid the area from 7th to 9th Federal to Tasker where possible.


Now that there are several direct funding opportunities, we are taking down our general fund on this page. There are still opportunities to support generally though being organized by area businesses like Termini’s holiday line Christmas Eve Day. We encourage you to check back and we will list these efforts too.

We will be distributing general resources to those affected and non-profit first responding agencies over the next few weeks and updating this page with any new direct funding opportunities.

We encourage you to consider direct support for our first responders as well Philadelphia Fire/OEM, the Second Alarmers, Red Cross and Red Paw)


We are at capacity on coats, clothing and toiletries at our drop off locations. We’ll update neighbors with any specific needs as we hear them.

It has been an amazing response from the neighborhood and we are so gratified to know we are surrounded by wonderful, generous people. Thank you to all.

Neighbors who would like to offer specific donations, other services or places to stay can email us at 8thStreetFire@passyunk.org and we will work to pass these on.


  • Area businesses interested in donating items or services are welcome to share information through their own communications directly or can contact adam@visiteastpassyunk.com. He is compiling a list to pass on to OEM.

October 2020 Update

The pandemic paused our updates for this project but Councilmember Squilla has asked us to share that, based on community feedback, the developer has updated their proposal to reduce the density of this project and agreed to add additional landscape trees throughout the streetscape. Below is the chart with new residential unit counts (155 as opposed to the 170 listed in our chart below) and further reiterated details.


We will pass on updates on how the process for approving the sale of this parcel will proceed as they are announced.

December 2019 Update Meeting Post

Thank you to the 80+ neighbors who attended Councilmember Squilla’s meeting last night regarding proposed plans for the Municipal Complex area. 

For those who could not attend last night, below is the handout distributed by the proposed developer, Alterra Properties, and a chart summarizing the updated proposal for the area.




We encourage neighbors to send their feedback directly to mark.squilla@phila.gov with a cc: to municipalcomplex@passyunk.org

Neighbors are also welcome to add their names to our mailing list for updates about this project and submit comments on our Municipal Complex google form.

We will be reporting on feedback and next steps in the new year.  

You can also download and review a copy of the 2035 Philadelphia South District Plan section regarding this area, that was discussed at last night’s meeting. 

Past Posts on this topic:
December 2019 Meeting Announcement
Spring 2019 Update
November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Councilmember Squilla is having an update meeting on plans for the Municipal Complex area around 11th and Reed (including new parking for the area.) Monday 12/16, 6:30 at Capitolo Playground. See attached flyer for details. Please spread the word.

Click here to review the Spring Update including a further history of this project and process.

Neighbors are also welcome to provide feedback via this google form.

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