Beautification10 Nov 2008 11:28 am

If you have been approved for a tree, here’s how you can help:

Day of planting

-organize your neighbors so that they can become part of the process (this can simply be one other neighbor)

-arrange for someone to be home between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM, so that volunteers can have access to WATER and a large clean bucket (you can arrange for a neighbor to do this instead)

-if you have a water source in the front of your house, make sure that the valve is open in your basement.

-quickly dispose of the small amount of soil that may be left behind after the planting

-read and comprehend the Tree Care Sheet that has been provided to you, if something is unclear to you, ask a community member who is more familiar with tree care


– WATER your tree regularly. The 39 trees that will be planted on November 15th are “bare-root.” Street trees have traditionally not been planted using this method. Bareroot trees are less expensive, and the planting method is more ecologically friendly than other methods. Bare-root trees are also more vulnerable during their first few seasons than trees planted by traditional methods. Regular watering will bring tree roots in closer contact with soil.

-take responsibility for your tree and organize with neighbors to care for all trees in your neighborhood. For people who live in row houses the street is the biggest room in the house. When you make it look like people care, more people will care.

-before doing something with your tree, educate yourself, using reliable informational sources (starting with the informational leaflet that we have provided)

For more information: check our website or call volunteer coordinator: Peter Verrecchia (415.533.2146) with specific questions.

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