Beautification and Cleanup and Trash & Recycling26 Jul 2010 06:43 pm

The Passyunk Square Civic Association has big news to share with you. We are very proud to announce the launch of a sidewalk sweeping initiative across the area!

In case you have not noticed, over the past few months a hired contractor (LRC Services) has been sweeping the main streets within the Passyunk Square boundaries. The main east/west streets and numbered north/south streets are being swept every-other week (usually on Thursdays). The sidewalks and curbs are being swept with brooms to make our neighborhood more attractive & enjoyable. As a reminder, Passyunk Square covers 6th to Broad, Washington to Tasker.

This new program is the result of much hard work & the dedication of the Passyunk Square Civic Association, and is also solely funded by PSCA through fundraising efforts. In addition, this service is currently supported for one year and PSCA must continue to receive funding to keep it going. Again, this is not funded by the City of Philadelphia, but by neighbors and businesses like you, and we need your help.

Please support PSCA’s litter fighting efforts by following the “Top 10 Ways to Fight Litter in Passyunk Square”

  1. Give financial support to the new program. You can donate  directly to PSCA by following this link Also, PSCA now has an on-line store to promote fundraising items. Check it out!
  2. Continue to sweep in front of your own house and block, the new program is not meant to remove this responsibility.
  3. Display the “No Handbills” sticker on the front of your home. Much of the sidewalk litter can be attributed to menus/flyers left in railings. You can get a sticker at a PSCA meeting or download and submit a request to the city here:
  4. Report businesses that do not adhere to the “No Handbill” sticker or do not have a valid license. PSCA will be launching an on-line form for reporting these business and residences which contribute to the litter problem.
  5. Secure your trash and recyclables on collection days. The wind always seems to make a mess of our streets so please ensure trash does not leave your bin.
  6. Volunteer your time at one of PSCA’s monthly events. There are many programs available where your assistance is needed. Please check the PSCA website for more info:
  7. Curb your dog and clean up the mess they leave. Not only is it hygienic, it’s the law.
  8. Support businesses which support PSCA and encourage those that don’t to start helping. If you notice litter always comes from the same businesses (menus, red & white cups, black & orange cups) please ask them to help make the neighborhood more beautiful and participate in the efforts.
  9. Encourage your neighbors, friends, and local business to follow these guidelines and help spread the word. We all need everyone’s participation!
  10. Donate and purchase from the store

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