Neighborhood Stories22 Jun 2011 03:45 pm

Thanks to a tip from reader Missy, we saw this write-up on Technically Philly about Passyunk Square resident Frank Panko – founder of the website A View From My Seat. It was the reference to living two blocks away from Pat’s and Geno’s that gave Frank away as one of our neighbors. According to the TP write-up, AVFMS is “a product which collects photos submitted by users, of, quite literally, the view of the field from seats at sports venues.”

Frank and his wife hope to market the extensive database that they oversee to ticket sellers, teams and venues as a way to give customers a genuine preview of what they’re getting for their money.

The story of the business’s start-up and growth is a great tale of how to take something that everyone is doing now for free and creating value out of it. Check out the article.

Now… if only someone would come up with a way to stop that other recent baseball phenomenon – the person who sits behind home plate or in line with the batter and waves to people they are talking to on a cell phone and who see them on television.

If you have any tips about cool things being done by people in the neighborhood (6th to Broad, Washington to Tasker) please feel free to share by emailing

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