Zoning13 Jul 2011 04:41 pm

Last night, the Zoning Committee of the Passyunk Square Civic Association heard two cases that will be going before the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment in the coming weeks.

1. 1131-1137 Wharton Street. Applicant was seeking permission to construct five dwellings in this large R-10A (single family) zoned building. The owner of the building is the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation (PARC) whose mission includes upkeep of several other mixed-use commercial and residential properties on E. Passyunk Avenue and elsewhere, improvements to the street scape along the Avenue, greening of the neighborhood through tree planting and clean up of litter on E. Passyunk Avenue and major streets between 9th and Broad from Federal to Snyder. Applicant had come before the committee in May and met with some opposition from its immediate neighbors due to concerns over trash storage, parking and occupancy among others. In the intervening time, applicant met with neighbors representing others on the 1100 block of Wharton and Titan Streets and worked out arrangements to provide each unit with a dedicated, off-street parking space; on-site and 24-hour tenant-accessible trash storage in between collection days; and to establish residential occupancy limits as provisos to the variance that would allow the multi-family designation. Additional provisos were agreed to last night that would ensure that the project is built according to the plans linked to below and that tenants or on-site manager would be responsible for placing trash out on curb only on trash day. The latest versions of the plans can be by clicking on the following links:

1. Ground Floor Plan (office and vehicle storage)

2. Second Floor Plan (apartments)

3. Loft Plan for two of the one-bedroom apartments

4. Wharton Street rendering

5. Titan Street rendering

The committee voted 7-0 in non-opposition to the project. The ZBA hearing date for this project is Tuesday, July 26 at 9:30am.

2. 907 and 909 S. 7th St.: Applicant is seeking to build two single-family homes on the site of the former Federal Prezel Baking Company lots on S. 7th Street. These are separate from the Baking Company lots on Federal Street also owned by this applicant. Plans were refused by L&I due to insufficient open space, minimum rear-yard setback and minimum rear yard area. During the hearing applicant said that he is building the two homes in order operate them as single-family rental units.

Committee voted 6-1 in non-opposition but required the following provisos: (1) applicant would guarantee to install front and rear lighting and (2) applicant would provide for storm water run-off mitigation by using permeable pavers or similar (grass, etc.) in the backyard in order to allow water to go back into the ground water.

The ZBA hearing for this case is scheduled for July 27 at 4pm.

Please note that the committee has also sent a letter to the ZBA requesting a continuance for 1422 S. 9th Street which is currently scheduled to be heard on July 20 at 5pm. Neighbors are encouraged to attend the ZBA hearing at 1515 Arch Street on the 18th Floor to make sure the ZBA is aware of the request for continuance.

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