Zoning10 Aug 2011 05:22 pm

Last night, the Zoning Committee of the Passyunk Square Civic Association heard three of the four cases that were scheduled to appear. The following is a brief summary of the results of those hearings:

1. 639 Manton Street. This property is currently a cinder block one-story structure occupying a single lot opposite Gold Star Park on Manton. The owner, who purchased it as part of the entire Federal Baking Company parcel, is seeking to demolish and replace with a three-story structure for use as a two-family dwelling. The committee voted 6-1 in non-opposition with provisos that include creating a roof deck for outdoor space, security lighting on front and back, preservation of trees and permeable surface in the backyard for storm water management. Applicant is scheduled to appear before the Zoning Board of Adjustment on August 31, 2011.

2. 1422 S. 9th Street. Applicant did not appear. ZBA hearing for this property is currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 14, 2011. If the applicant contacts the PSCA Zoning Committee to get on the schedule for the September 13, 2011 meeting, the Zoning Committee will hear this case. Otherwise, the Zoning Committee will write a letter in opposition to this project to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

3. 12th and Latona Development. With strong support from the neighbors and after the developer addressed several concerns brought up by the Zoning Committee the Committee voted 7-0 in non-opposition to the large single family home with detached guest house at 1212 S. 12th Street, 7-0 in non-opposition to the 9 single family town homes at 1214 S. 12 Street that will front on Latona Street, and 7-0 in non-opposition to the mixed use structure at 1216 S. 12th St. (currently a vacant lot on the southwest corner of 12th and Latona). Developer and committee agreed upon provisos regarding exterior lighting, a design change to include some outdoor space for the single family condos in the 1216 S. 12th St. building, acceptable demolition and construction days and times, storm water management plan pursuant to approval by the Philadelphia Water Department. The Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing date for this project is September 13, 2011.

4. 1105-07 S. 6th Street. Structure is currently a three-story shell. Applicant intends to add a fourth story and rent the first floor out as an eat-in/take-out restaurant. Second floor will be two apartments. Third and fourth floors will be two bi-level apartments. Original plans called for the second floor apartments to have two bedrooms, the front apartment on the third/fourth floor to have four bedrooms and the rear apartment to have three bedrooms. Committee, owner and architect negotiated to reduce the number of bedrooms by one in each apartment and increase the size of remaining bedrooms and common areas. Committee also suggested that architect design some kind of open, outdoor space (roof deck or balcony). The Committee voted 6-0 in non-opposition to the project PROVIDED that the applicant send updated plans to the Zoning Committee by August 23rd. The Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing date for this project is September 7, 2011 at 4 PM.

Neighbors are encouraged to attend the Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings for any of these projects and express either their support or opposition to the project. The ZBA hearings take place at 1515 Arch Street on the 18th Floor.

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