Town Watch11 Aug 2011 02:55 pm

This is a request/plea/call for Town Watch volunteers. It’s possible we just need to re-brand it a little, hence the “Saturday Stroll” idea. Regardless of what we call it, we could use some neighbors.

Passyunk Square Civic Association Town Watch meets on the Second Saturday of every month (coming up on August 13) at 11am and patrols the neighborhood for an hour. It wraps up at noon even if Batman himself shows up to help fight crime.

The July Town Watch was canceled due to lack of volunteers. We know that summer weekends can take their toll on participation on such programs. Heck, we kind of count on the summer migration to the shore to make it easier to park in the neighborhood. That said, we also know there are two or three of you out there who do stick around on the weekend and would be interested in helping out if only someone would ask. Consider this the ask.

If you are free on Saturday morning, please consider helping out. The group meets in front of the 3rd District Police HQ at 11th and Wharton. The purpose of the Town Watch is to spot potential problems (abandoned cars and houses, short dumping and litter, broken windows and street lights, open hydrants, cracked sidewalks, and the olfactorily obvious pet hoarding) before they become actual, very difficult problems.

We also welcome suggestions for how to increase participation in this activity (theme music? a frequent town watcher program?). Email with your ideas.

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