Beautification and Event23 Sep 2011 08:15 am

By now you may have noticed the exciting development on the southwest corner of E. Passyunk Ave. and Wharton St. The quick back story (in case you haven’t heard it) is that producers of the Rachel Ray Show got together with the good folks at the Camden Children’s Garden and made an agreement with the owner of the lot to operate it as a community garden for at least the next two years. The show wanted the spot to be the backdrop for an upcoming episode (Monday, September 26 in fact) during which they’d have some kind of cooking contest and show some footage of the process of turning the formerly blighted lot into the great space it is now. Having done that, The Rachel Ray show has turned over the garden to us and the Camden Children’s Garden. CCG and the PSCA Beautification Committee are now partnering up to turn this into a real asset for the neighborhood.

Caught up? Great. So what’s happening today from 5 to 8?

The issue we have to deal with now is the fact that the food growing in the garden needs to be harvested…asap! (I know… tough problem, right?) That’s why this TODAY we’re going to open up the garden from 5-8 for anyone who wants to come in, and have a little kickoff introductory event. We’ll harvest as much of the food as we can, and have a few folks come and prepare the most delicious thing we can conjure up from it all. A big salad seems like a definite, but some of the basil and mint would be amazing in some virgin cocktails (we can’t have alcohol in the space, sorry folks). In addition Slice pizza will be providing some free pies for everyone who turns out.

So… we could still use some volunteers to help out. Specifically, we’re looking for:

People who have a special talent for preparing food, and food ideas! The garden has tons of different leafy greens and spices, and someone who could prepare and explain the preparation of a nice sized salad, as well as some peppers, sage, basil, parsley, oregano, etc etc etc is greatly needed.

Sign creators! We need one large sign for the front of the garden, describing the story of how it got here, and how people can get involved. This will be a process with a few design meetings and such, but anyone who wants to help head this and get involved in this way is very much needed. We could also use some signs underneath the various plants, letting folks know what they are; I guess laminating them would help. Any ideas?

Anything to further spruce up the space; some holiday lights, tiki torches, or anything you can think of. We need buckets for water, and baskets for harvesting food as well!

Bowls, utensils, napkins, etc. Non-paper products would be nice to limit the amount of waste we have on site. At the very least, it would great if everyone brought their own utensils and plates but we’ll make sure to have some on hand so everyone can enjoy the feast.

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