Zoning12 Oct 2011 08:30 am

At tonight’s meeting of the Passyunk Square Civic Association Zoning Committee, the committee reached the following results.

1. 1520 S. 6th St and 1521 S. Marshall St.
Applicant is seeking the relocation of lot lines to create one lot from two existing lots. This property contains a previously approved 3-family dwelling (a two-family dwelling in the two-story 1520 S. 6th and a single-family over a garage in the two-story 1521 S. Marshall). The refusal is for lack of sufficient open space, rear yard area and rear yard depth.

Committee voted 5-0 in non-opposition. This case is scheduled to be heard by the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment (18th Floor, 1515 Arch Street) on October 19, 2011 at 5pm.

2. 704 Alter Street
Applicant is seeking to erect a 3-story addition on top of an existing 1-story structure for use as a 6-family dwelling. Refusal is for proposed use (6-family dwelling) which is not permitted in this single family zoning district. Zoning is also refused for insufficient open area, rear yard depth, rear yard area, insufficient size of off-street parking spaces and for exceeding maximum height and number of stories.

Committee voted 5-0 in opposition. This case is scheduled to be heard by the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment on November 2. Check back on this website for the time of the hearing.

The committee will be sending letters to the ZBA expressing their decisions in these cases and the reasoning behind these votes. In the interest of transparency, copies of these letters will be available on this website.

The PSCA Zoning Committee meetings are opportunities for neighbors to hear the details of zoning applications within our civic association boundaries. The Zoning Committee does not make any final decisions on these zoning applications, but we do send letters to the Philadelphia Zoning Board Administration. Those letters outline the neighbors’ thoughts on the application and the Zoning Committee’s decision either to oppose or not oppose the proposal. The Committee strongly urges neighbors who are interested in the outcome of these cases to attend the ZBA meetings.

Zoning Committee meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at S.P.O.A.C.

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