Planning14 Nov 2011 05:36 pm

We received the following from the City along with a request to push it out to folks in our neighborhood. Please help SEPTA and City plan new bus service by clicking on the link below and filling out their short survey. (Make sure to write in “Passyunk Square” for your neighborhood!)

As the number of Center City workers living in neighborhoods south of Market Street continues to grow, SEPTA, the City of Philadelphia and the Center City District have been exploring the feasibility of developing one-seat (e.g. no transfers) bus service from South Philadelphia (east of Broad Street) to the Center City Market West Office District.

To help determine the effectiveness of adding such service, we are interested in learning more about the commuting patterns of employees who live in South Philadelphia and work in Center City. We have developed a short survey for employees to fill out and would appreciate it if those who live in South Philly would fill out the following survey.

So if you live in South Philly and work in Center City, please fill out the survey. To access the survey, click on:

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Ariel Ben-Amos at or 215-686-9001.

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