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The following cases were heard by the Zoning Committee of the Passyunk Square Civic Association at tonight’s Zoning Committee meeting with the following results. Present were Chairman Digiulio and Mssrs. Gumbel, Wise, Pohlig and Fortino. Absent were Mesdames Geary and Fox and Mssrs. Martella and Stuart.

1. 1304-06 S. 9th St (thru to East Passyunk Ave)
: Applicant is seeking a permit for the retail sale and rental of mopeds and accessory equipment on the first floor front and for the retail sale of cell phones and accessories on the first floor rear in the same building with an existing two-family dwelling above. The proposed retail uses are not permitted in this R-10A (single family) zoning district. This case will be about the uses on the first floor, not the two-family dwelling above.

Proposed moped business was a rental operation run by the people who run the Philly Moped Rentals at 231 N. 2nd Street. The permit for sales of cell phone and accessories was to legalize an existing use, the Metro PCS store on Passyunk Avenue. After much discussion about the suitability of the location on S. 9th Street for moped rentals and the sequence of events that had led to the unauthorized use of the space by the existing cell phone store, the Zoning Committee voted 4-1 in opposition to this application. (Opposed: Digiulio, Gumbel, Fortino and Pohlig. Not opposed: Wise) It should be noted that members of the committee expressed support in general for the moped rental business but had concerns about the location of that business in an R-10A (single family) parcel and in the middle of dense, residential block. The committee also took an INFORMATIONAL vote (not official) to determine opposition or non-opposition to an application that would ONLY include legalization of the existing cell phone store and voted 4-1 in non-opposition to that.

Applicant’s Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing is Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 9:30 AM and their calendar number is 16154.

2. 704 Alter Street: 
The official notice from the Zoning Board of Adjustment continues to say that applicant is seeking a permit for the erection of a three-story addition with covered balcony from 2nd thru 4th floor on an existing one-story structure for use as a six-family dwelling total and four accessory interior parking spaces. This is what the applicant brought to the October Zoning Committee meeting. However, based on communications with a representative of the applicant, the Zoning Committee is expecting to see revised plans that would result in either a three- or a four-family dwelling (edited to clarify… applicant IS proposing a four-family dwelling). In October the Committee voted in opposition to the six-family dwelling plan but offered the applicant the change to revise the plans and come back.

Neighbors of the project expressed concern about the traffic on a very small side street that has very little room for existing cars and requires some amount of vehicle shuffling when large trucks such as city trash trucks need to navigate the block. The Zoning Committee voted in non-opposition by a 4-1 count. (Not opposed: Digiulio, Gumbel, Wise, and Fortino. Opposed: Pohlig) The Committee requested the following provisos be made a part of this application:

Trash storage to be in the garage.
Non-opposition was for plans showing a 4-family dwelling submitted to Zoning Committee on 11/15
Commercial trash pick-up once per week. Trash contractor will have key and will conduct trash pick up during normal business hours.
Lighting on street level for security.
One interior parking space per unit included in leases for the tenants at no additional charge.

Construction provisos:
All construction will take place between the hours of 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday and no loud construction will happen on Saturdays.
Dumpster for construction waste will be kept in garage during construction, not on sidewalk.
No street closures.

This applicant’s Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing is scheduled for TODAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2011 at 2:00pm, ZBA Calendar No. 16330.

We encourage any interested parties to attend the Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing and offer testimony directly to the ZBA at 1515 Arch Street on the 18th Floor.

The PSCA Zoning Committee meetings are opportunities for neighbors to hear the details of zoning applications within our civic association boundaries. The Zoning Committee does not make any final decisions on these zoning applications, but we do send letters to the Philadelphia Zoning Board Administration. Those letters outline the neighbors’ thoughts on the application and the Zoning Committee’s decision either to oppose or not oppose the proposal. Check out Passyunk.org for more information following the meeting about how the board voted and information about the ZBA hearing dates for these cases.

Zoning Committee meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm at S.P.O.A.C.

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