Philadelphia and Trash & Recycling02 Dec 2011 06:25 am

From now until December 16, the City of Philadelphia Department of Streets is providing curbside collection of bagged leaves citywide. During this program, leaves will be collected for composting purposes such as fertilizing gardens and nourishing trees. Only bagged leaf collection will be offered. There will be no mechanical leaf collection. This program is offered to citizens receiving City collection of trash and recycling materials.

  • Leaves will only be collected in brown paper biodegradable bags, which can be purchased at most major hardware or home improvement stores. If your leaf collection needs are small, reused brown paper bags from the supermarket are also acceptable. The Streets Department does not provide bags.
  • Set leaf bags out next to trash and recyclables on your regular trash day.
  • Leaves set out in plastic bags will be collected as trash, not recycling.
  • Never mix trash or other recyclable materials with bagged leaves. This contaminates leaves and makes them unfit for recycling and composting purposes.
  • Use as many bags as needed, maximum 40 lbs. each.
  • No collection will occur on a City holiday.

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