Event08 Feb 2012 02:10 pm

Residents of Passyunk Square can receive a discount for Theater Exile’s upcoming show, Knives in Hens by David Harrower.

Contact Clara at 215-218-4022 or purchase a ticket on line using the discount code NEIGHBOR.

Bring a group of 10 or more and receive a 20% discount off of the regular ticket price.

What: Knives in Hens by David Harrower
When: Friday February 10, 2012 at 8pm
Where: Studio X – 1340 S. 13th Street

Cost: $15 (be sure to use discount code NEIGHBOR when buying online)

Knives in Hens is a bold and beautiful play. In a secluded village, a young couple’s love is challenged by an outsider, and the three are soon plunged into erotic love triangle. Theatre Exile invites you to enter an excruciatingly intimate world filled with mystery and poetry, and to watch as one young woman’s journey of self discover ruptures the very fabric of her own existence and jeopardizes all she holds dear. Knives in Hens will seduce you with its language and immerse you in a reality beyond our own, one that invites exploration and envelopes it’s audience in a total performance experience. Using a non-traditional relationship between audience and performance, Exile presents a new staging of Harrower’s work, one that will flood its audience in sensation.

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