Beautification and Minutes10 Mar 2012 12:28 pm

In case you couldn’t be there last Tuesday, the minutes from the Passyunk Square Civic Association March 2012 General Membership meeting are now available by clicking on this link (.pdf). Plenty of good info there about upcoming events and other projects we have planned for the neighborhood.

One particular item from Tuesday’s meeting might be of interest to our membership and has a little urgency to it since we need to have a list of potential participants put together by March 15.

Paul Fugazotto of the Philadelphia Water Department discussed their Green Streets Rain Check stormwater incentives pilot program. Passyunk Square is one of eight neighborhoods in the city selected for the pilot program. There is a cost share component, whereby those homeowners who sign up and are selected pay a small portion (10%) of the overall cost of such items as downspout planters, yard trees, de-paving, porous paving, and rain gardens. PWD is looking for 35 homeowners from Passyunk Square to participate, by signing up by March 15. Each property will be evaluated to see if they are eligible for any of the above interventions. Homeowners will be asked to participate in at least two surveys, two focus groups, and a home visit, in exchange for this funded program. As an example of the cost savings, a typical downspout planter would cost $800 total, but PSCA homeowners would only pay $100. The home visit would occur in summer 2012, with contractors doing the work in fall 2012 and spring 2013. More info at

If you’re interested in participating and pursuing the de-paving, porous paver installation, downspout planter installation or any of the other storm water management interventions (which, let’s face it, will also make your yard space look a bit nicer), please email us at

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