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The South Philly Trash Think Tank was formed in spring of 2012 as a group of residents committed to addressing the problem of litter in new and creative ways. For the first project, members reached out to businesses offering takeout & items consumed off-premises to advise of a City regulation requiring them to provide a trash can outside of their store.  The City will be stepping up enforcement of this regulation soon for those that do not comply.

We finished our outreach in August; visiting 42 businesses of which 16 were already in compliance.  Having almost 40% is a good starting number and are hoping all the remaining business we met with will add a trash can soon.

We would like to thank all businesses that were already doing a great job in keeping their area clean:

Dunkin Donuts 1401 S. 10th St; (215) 463-7675
Iannelli Bakery 1155 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 468-0720
CVS 1405 S. 10th St; (215) 465-2130
Rite Aid 1443 S 7th St; (215) 436-7748
Acme Markets 1400 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 467-2221
Oaxaca Grocery & Deli 701 Federal St; (215)755-2223
Richetti’s South Philly Cold Cuts 701 Wharton St; (215) 468-9676
Pat’s King of Steaks 1237 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 468-1546
Geno’s 1219 S. 9th St; (215) 389-0659
J&J Pizza 1177 S. 9th St; (215) 551-1233
Los Taquitos de Puebla 1149 S 9 St; (215) 334-0664
Atlantic Pizza 1401 S. 12th St; (215) 755-6115
Chickie’s Italian Deli 1014 Federal St; (215) 462-8040
Franco & Luigi’s High Note Café 1547 S. 13 St; (215) 755-8900
Bitar’s 947 Federal St; (215) 755-1121
Ippolito’s Seafood 1300 Dickinson St; (215) 389-8906

We would also like to recognize the attached businesses that have responded to our Trash Think Tank group’s request to place a trash can outside of their business.  We appreciate their support and help to reduce the amount of trash on the streets of our neighborhood.  Great Job!

Tienda el Paisano 1345 E Passyunk Ave; (215) 467-1751
Passyunk Market 1407 E. Passyunk Ave; (215) 465-2452
Lucky Star 13th Federal St; (215) 551-5066
El Jarocho 1138 S. 13th St; (215) 463-2020

Next time you are in any of the above businesses let them know their effort and support of our neighborhood is truly appreciated.

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