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Minutes from October 2, 2012 PSCA General Meeting @ SPOAC

Meeting began at 6:37 pm, ended at 7:45 pm. Attendance: Approximately 50.

Board Members: Anton, DiCapua, D’Ippolito, Emma, Fioretti, Geary, Knapp, Morris, Wilder, Zenzola. Absent: Knox

 1.      Announcements

    1. a.       Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola announced that our November general meeting, normally scheduled for Nov. 6, will be moved because the 6th is election day. May happen on Nov. 5 or 7, depending on availability of meeting space.
    2. b.      Food Sponsors: Thanks to J & J Pizza for donating the pizza.
    3. c.       Appreciation: Pam Zenzola read a thank you letter to our local firefighters and EMS personnel, and presented Fire Captain Kevin Ewing with the commendation letter, a PSCA sweatshirt, and homemade cookies.
  1. 2.      Committee Reports
    1. a.       Zoning: Tina Geary discussed the upcoming cases to be heard by the zoning committee next Tuesday Oct. 9 at 7pm at SPOAC. These include:

                               i.      Presentation from new tenants at 1601 S. 10th Space.  Opening Fountain Porter in the defunct 1601 space and asking for modifications to the original provisos including interior distribution of seating, hours of operation 11am-2am, and outdoor seating. 

                               ii.       1216 Reed: construction of a 2 story addition with full cellar and roof decks, removal of existing 2 story addition at rear as part of a single family dwelling in L2 zoning district. (extension of a previously approved zoning variance).

                               iii.      1412-14 S. 7th: construction of a 2nd story rear addition for use as a 10-family dwelling with 8 off street parking spaces in R10A zoning district.  Refused for use,  open area, rear yard depth, and no accessible parking spaces.

                                iv.      Presentation by the developers of the Annunciation School at 12th and Wharton.  Proposing approximately 50 apartments (mix of 1 & 2 bedroom units) with retail or community space on a portion of the Ground Floor, approximately 30 parking spaces, and roof deck(s).  They are looking for feedback on the plan as well as community input regarding the use of the retail/community space on the Ground Floor.

  1. b.      Events: Ilene Wilder introduced the volunteers planning our upcoming events:

                                 i.      Home Tour: Trish Kowalski discussed the Oct. 13 home tour, held in conjunction with Design Philly. PSCA is excited to have 11 homes on the tour, and 50 tickets sold. Most ticket sales happen the day-of.  The after-party will take place at South Philly Bar & Grille, with 20% food. Need volunteers to sell tickets for a one-hour shift the day-of.

                                 ii.      Xmas Tree Sale: Gary Tumolo sang his report on the upcoming Dec. 1 Xmas Tree sale at Urban Jungle, to be held from 2-6pm. Gary is looking for volunteers to sing carols in a chorus, either from 2-4 or 4-6, or both.

                                 iii.      December General Meeting: As in previous years, our December meeting will be a Holiday Potluck, organized by Michele DiVeterano.

  1. c.       Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that the next Clean Up day is Oct. 27 from 10-2 along 6th, 7th, and 8th Streets. An e-waste recycling event will be Nov. 17 at the Acme from 10-2.  An Xmas tree recycling event will happen soon after the holiday. A member asked about the possibility of holding a hazardous waste haul-away event, for household paint and other items. We have previously thought about this, but it requires specialized training to be able to handle the material. PSCA will look into the training and possibility of holding such an event in the spring.
  2. d.      Education: Christine Knapp is looking for a volunteer to lead this committee, as well as more volunteers that are interested in grantwriting or finding grants. Committee met Oct. 1 to discuss these roles. PSCA will host a three-hour advocacy training on Oct. 27 from 9-noon on how to advocate for your child in his or her school and outside of school on a broader policy level. Location TBD. This will be open to everyone. A map of school catchment areas will soon be on our website.
  3. e.       Beautification: Sarah Anton discussed some recent initiatives:

                               i.      Pruners Club: The Passyunk Pruners will be working with DNCA on a pruning trees on 6th Street on Oct 6 10:00-12:30. Meet at Gold Star Park.

                               ii.      Tree Planting: The fall tree planting will be on November 10 at 9am. Deadline to request a tree for the spring planting is end of October.

                               iii.      Passyunk Gardens: Will be holding a fall Halloween party on Oct. 26 from 6-8pm.

  1. f.       Parks: Chris DiCapua informed us that Columbus Square has received the “PA Community Greening Award” award from PHS. He also gave an update on activities happening at Columbus Square and he encourages all to visit their website to see the details on yoga, zumba, pottery, and other classes. Columbus Square will be hosting a flea market and Pumpkinfest on Oct. 27. Friends of Gold Star Park is looking for volunteers to lead efforts at that park.
  2. g.      Neighborhood Ambassador Program (NAP):  Angel D’Ippolito reported that 15 volunteers have signed on to be Ambassadors, and they will meet on Oct. 22.
  3. Town Watch: Kim Davis stated that the next walk is Tuesday Oct. 16 from 6-8pm (since Saturday Oct. 13 is home tour).  Kim gave a brief update about the importance of neighbors communicating with each other when they see something suspicious and reaching out to the Police Department. Ace Delgado, our community relations police officer, recently met with concerned neighbors, offering advice after some recent break-ins. Ace also mentioned a new Police Department initiative to hand out property labeling kits, where you can label valuables, as well as place a sticker in your window indicating you are a member of this program. This will aid police in identifying stolen property. Another potential idea is to mark valuable property with identifying information with a UV pen, that the police can then use a UV light to identify.
  4. Planning: Karin Morris reported on two ongoing projects. First, PSCA now has the final permitting from the Streets Department on the 30 “Welcome to Passyunk Square” signs to be installed on key streets in the neighborhood. Ordering of signs can now happen. Second, PSCA is creating a new feature on the PSCA website on available development sites in our neighborhood, to be uploaded in November.
  5. 3.      Presentations
    1. a.       Fire Safety: Captain Kevin Ewing (of our local 12th and Reed Engine 10 fire company) handed out a number of fire safety leaflets, and gave a brief overview of some fire safety tips. He encouraged everyone to have working smoke detectors, and that if you call 311, the fire department will come out and install 10-year lithium batteries for free in your detectors. Most importantly, have an escape plan in place in case of fire, and practice it with your family. Some tips include: Don’t jump out the window unless it’s your very last choice, as the fire department is coming and their mission is to get you out; Don’t use space heaters, but if you have to, keep them three feet away from anything flammable, and don’t have them on carpet; Don’t use candles, even in bathrooms; Sleep with your bedroom door closed, because if a fire starts it cannot spread as quickly through a closed door; Don’t cook in loose clothing; Stop, drop and roll still applies if you are on fire!; Have a plan for how you will evacuate kids, pets, and anyone infirm or with mobility issues; If you live on the 3rd floor, consider owning a ladder to help with your escape; Have a “Shelter in Place” kit in case of a toxic spill or overturned truck, whereby you can seal your windows with plastic and duct tape, which are good items to have on hand. The local fire department’s phone number is 215-685-1788.


–Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, October 3, 2012.

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