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Minutes from February 5, 2013 PSCA General Meeting @ Columbus Square Rec Center

Meeting began at 6:45 pm, ended at 7:45 pm. Attendance: Approximately 30.

Board Members Present: Zenzola, D’Ippolito, Anton, Morris, Emma, Fioretti, Knapp, DiCapua, Geary, Wilder. Board Members Absent (excused): Knox

 Welcome and Introductions: Pam Zenzola introduced the Board and had attendees introduce themselves to new neighbors. She thanked volunteers who assisted the Jackson School on the MLK Day of Service. She also mentioned the pending sale of Acme on March 31st. We do not yet know what will happen with the store. EPABID and PARC will soon distribute a survey to residents on what types of retail businesses they would like to see on E. Passyunk Avenue. PSCA will assist with getting the word out. Also, Pam encourages anyone to take down any PSCA flyers you come across, whose date has passed, in order to keep the neighborhood looking good. Thanks also to those who contributed addresses of abandoned properties, as this list has been sent to L & I and Sciolo Turco. Also, PSCA Board will volunteer this Saturday to answer phones for WXPN’s fund drive.

 Committee Reports:

 Events: Ilene Wilder reminded attendees that PSCA will host a networking happy hour Feb. 6 from 6-8pm at Devil’s Den. $10 gets one free drink (draft beer or chardonnay or cabernet wine) and appetizers. Happy hour prices extended until 8pm. PSCA will host an art silent auction on March 22nd at Theatre Exile, chaired by volunteer Aubin Clever. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer or if you know of artists we should contact. Ilene also thanked everyone who gave a donation to our annual appeal, which is still open and accepting donations.

 Trash and Recycling: Carmela Fioretti announced that PARC’s cleaning contract with us will commence in March (after a brief hiatus for late January and February). The trash and recycling committee will next meet on Feb. 19 to discuss events and initiatives including forming an eco-club at Jackson School, hosting a spring clean-up and another e-waste recycling event (especially since a new state law makes electronics recycling mandatory).

 Education: Christine Knapp reported that the Advocacy Training on January 26 had a very good turnout and the committee will be meeting again sometime this month.

 Planning: Karin Morris reported that the Development Opportunities feature is now complete and soon to be on our website as well as a link to the interactive google map of development sites. This will be updated biannually. Karin thanked Lynn Mandarono, planning volunteer, for her assistance on this project. Two upcoming initiatives that will involve feedback from PSCA include the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC)’s Washington Avenue Roadway Design Study, investigating bicycle and pedestrian safety and a new roadway design for Washington Avenue from Broad to Christopher Columbus Boulevard, and the newly forming Washington Avenue Renaissance Group looking at ways to improve the Avenue and work with property owners.

 Beautification: Tree plantings: Andrew Emma and Sarah Anton announced that the Spring tree planting will be April 20. Form submission deadline for the Fall planting is April 5.  Andrew mentioned that the Board is looking into whether to continue with Tree Tenders plantings or opt for having Parks and Recreation do the plantings, and spend civic volunteer time canvassing for new trees and doing maintenance and prunings. LoMo has switched to this and other civics are considering it, now that Parks and Recreation is doing so many plantings.  Passyunk Gardens: Sarah Anton announced they are looking for more volunteers to assist with the garden. Camden Children’s Garden has been asked to vacate their space by the end of March.  PSCA does not think this will affect Passyunk Gardens (garden is in partnership with Camden Children’s Garden). Public Art: Anyone that has ideas for good locations for public art in the neighborhood or blank walls for murals should send those ideas to beautification@passyunk.org

 Parks: Chris DiCapua mentioned that park activities, from yoga to kids activities, can be found on their respective websites. The Capitolo Advisory Council will meet Feb. 6 at 7pm, while Columbus Square Advisory Council will meet on Feb. 21 at 7pm. Gold Star Park is looking for new leadership.

 Neighborhood Ambassador Program (NAP):  Angel D’Ippolito reported that the next NAP meeting will be February 18 at 7pm at 1326 S. 9th Street. NAP hopes to incorporate Town Watch into their program, and is looking for more volunteers. NAP is also planning a diversity festival for this June.

 Zoning: Tina Geary read the cases to be heard by the zoning committee on Feb. 12 at 7pm at SPOAC. These include: 4th and final appearance: 1412-1414 S. 7th St.: Application for a 2nd story rear addition to an existing 2-story structure, 8 off-street parking spaces for use as a 10-family dwelling.  Refused for use, open area, rear yard depth, and # of ADA parking spaces in R10-A zoning district.  Applicant has modified original proposal removing the addition and reducing # of units to 8.  Eight parking spaces are still included in the project.  1204-1210 S. 12th Street: Application was originally for a single family dwelling on this property but developer/owner is now seeking to erect a detached structure (41’ 2 ½ high) to include a cellar, stair penthouses (8’ high) to access the roof top decks, walkout decks at second floor (w/ 46” high railings) and carports at the first floor, for use as six individual dwelling units with an 18’ common driveway.

 To be heard by SBSNA at their zoning meeting on Feb. 19 at 7pm at Methodist Hospital: 1221-31 S. Broad Street (Armory):  A developer has purchased the property and is planning on converting the property into multi-unit residential housing. 

 To be heard by Dickinson Square West Zoning Committee on Feb 26 at 630pm at Parsons Building at 4th & Morris: 1107 S. 6th:  Must be demolished due to structural failure. Requesting use variance for a 4-family dwelling in RSA-5 zoning district.  Refused for open space (11%) and total height (41′).

 Other: Andrew Emma mentioned the recent discussions by other civic associations to expand their boundaries so as to not exclude certain blocks in zoning decisions (affected civics: LoMo, DSWCA, EPX, Whitman).

 Michelle Rumbaugh of Relay for Life of South Philadelphia gave a presentation on the Relay, which is an American Cancer Society fundraising event on Saturday May 18 at Marconi Plaza from 10am-10pm. Teams of people camp out around a track and members of each team take turns walking around the track. Food, games and activities provide entertainment and build camaraderie. She encouraged the civic to form teams (or individuals can form their own teams). The goal is to raise money and awareness about preventative care. For more information, go to www.phillyrelay.org.

 Ace Delgado, Community Relations Police Officer, reminded residents to lock their cars and to turn on lights in front and/or back of their houses for safety. The Police Department may also partner with PSCA on a property i.d. program and registering of personal security cameras with the Police Department.

 Presentation of the 2012 Curbed Cup: Pam Zenzola announced that Passyunk Square has won the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year (http://philly.curbed.com/tags/curbed-cup-2012), beating out 15 other contenders, including our noble neighbor East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association in the final round. The consensus was that we are really one neighborhood and we all win. Pam welcomed Darren Fava, Joe Marino, and Dave Goldfarb from EPX, who fulfilled their side of our friendly bet between civics by bringing excellent pizza from Birra and yummy empanadas, ceviche and croquettes from Cantina Los Caballitos for everyone to enjoy.

 –Submitted by Karin Morris, PSCA Secretary, February 6, 2013.


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