Zoning10 Jul 2013 11:50 am

The PSCA Zoning Committee reviewed the following cases at its July meeting. Results are below.

642 Washington Avenue: 

Application is for the retail sale of consumer goods on the first floor and for a two family dwelling on the third floor.  The proposed use, retail sale of consumer goods, and a two family dwelling are prohibited in this zoning district. Unanimous 7 votes non-opposition to commercial use of the first floor. Unanimous 7 votes opposition to two rental units on second and third floors due to proposed size of units under 600 square feet. Committee suggested a two story single unit for the second and third floors, as they suggested to applicant in May, 2013.

819 Alter Street: 

Application is for erection of a third story addition in the required front set back of an existing attached single family dwelling.  The required front set back is 8’-0” but the proposed set back is 0’-0”. Unanimous 7 votes non-opposition with support from neighbors as well.

1139 S. 8th Street: 

Application is for the legalization of a one story garage to be used for off street parking as part of a single family dwelling.  The application was refused because the minimum dimension of a parking space, the rear yard set back and the open area of lot is less than the required dimensions. Unanimous 7 votes opposition with strong neighbor opposition as well due to applicant having had construction completed without permits and neighbors reporting approximately 12 to 14 people living in unit. Curb-cut/driveway also not up to code and a safety risk.

1244 Gerritt Street: 

Application is for converting the property with commercial space on the first floor and a two family dwelling into a three family dwelling, which is not permitted in this zoning district. Unanimous 7 votes non-opposition with strong neighbor support.

1526 E. Passyunk Ave. (Urban Jungle)

Applicant is to allow plants and flower merchandise on the sidewalk in front of the store, which is an unauthorized encroachment of the Right of Way of the Streets and Sidewalks code. Unanimous 7 votes non-opposition, with both neighborhood support and opposition, with the following provisos: 1. Racks on sidewalk must allow a 7 foot wide walk-way for foot trafffic; 2. Racks on street must be no wider than 6 feet and must not encroach on adjacent properties; 3. Must file for all permits pertaining to the selling of goods on the sidewalk and street, including parking signs; 4. Applicant will have access to the parking spots during the business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. All other hours parking will be available to the public. Applicant will not park trucks in the spots during the non-business hours; 5. Applicant agrees to follow-up with the community meeting with neighbors regarding other issues such as the storage of plants and other items on the roof.


The PSCA Zoning Committee meetings are opportunities for neighbors to hear the details of zoning applications within our civic association boundaries. The Zoning Committee does not make final decisions on the applications, but it does send letters to the Philadelphia Zoning Board Administration.

Please email zoning@passyunk.org with any zoning-related questions.


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