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The Passyunk Square Civic Association By-laws state:

At the general membership meeting held in May of an election year, a simple majority of Members present and eligible to vote shall vote and determine any election. No votes by Members may be issued by proxy or absentee ballot.

This year the election will be held on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 from 6:30pm until 8pm in the meeting space at Annunciation BVM Church Hall at 1511 S. 10th Street. Voting will end PROMPTLY at 8pm. No one who has not already come through door by time will be allowed to vote.

Voters must verify that they are eligible to vote as members of PSCA. Membership is open to anyone who lives, owns property or owns a business with the primary location within the boundaries of PSCA. To verify, ONE of the following documents can be used as proof:

  • Voter registration card
  • Executed lease agreement (either for renter or business owner)
  • Deed
  • Valid driver’s license or state-issued ID with address in neighborhood
  • Utility bill
  • Business Privilege License (for business owner)

Voters should be prepared to show one of the above documents at the Election. We will record that verification so that anyone who votes in this election will not have to show documentation at future elections. If you are unsure whether you voted in a previous election, it’s a good idea to be prepared with an ID.

At the April General Membership meeting the Nominating Committee submitted a slate of nominees who had applied to be candidates and met the eligibility requirements. Below are the names of the candidates presented alphabetically with their answers to the questions posed on the nomination form:

1) How many years have you resided, owned property or owned a business in the neighborhood?
2) What experience have you had with volunteering in the neighborhood?
3) Why do you want to be on the Board of Directors?
4) What strengths and skills would you bring to your Board service?


antonSarah Anton

1) 11 years

2) I have been regularly volunteering in the neighborhood since 2011 and have served on the PSCA board since 2012. I am currently part of the volunteer group that maintains Passyunk Gardens at the corner of Wharton and E. Passyunk, Co-Chair of the PSCA Beautification Committee and PSCA Treasurer. I also serve on the Capitolo Playground Advisory Committee.

3) Being on the Board of Directors helps me to stay in touch with what’s going on in the neighborhood and gives me the opportunity meet more of my neighbors and to hear what issues are important to them. I enjoy getting to work on projects that will benefit the area and in providing leadership that focuses on encouraging others to get involved. I find it very rewarding to see the community grow and thrive, in part, due to our work.

In continuing to serve on the Board, I hope to work to further develop neighbor engagement in all the great program PSCA has in place. The actual work of planting trees, tending Passyunk Gardens and working on beautification projects is important and satisfying, but steering the frameworks for these efforts so they are always focused on building connections and providing ways for neighbors to get to know each other is why I enjoy being part of the PSCA leadership.

4) Having served on the board for a few years now, I have gained a sense of the opportunities available to our neighborhood from city programs and other networks in the city. I’ve learned a lot about how organizations like ours function and really believe I’m at a junction where can be most effective in service to the neighborhood.

I have over 15 years of experience as a non-profit manager and I hope to continue to bring this expertise – for my specific projects that require financial and project management skills, as well in an advisory capacity for fundraising, communications and general administrative work – to our growing organization.

I’m a Penn State Extension Master Gardener and PHS Tree Tender and would bring the the skills I’ve gained through this training, as well as access to expertise through the alumni network from these programs, to greening projects in the neighborhood. In addition, my non-profit career has focused on the arts, so I can bring specialized skills to help manage opportunities for art projects and installations in the neighborhood.


brownJeff Brown

1) 29 years

2) In 2012 I was elected to the Capitolo Playground Community Garden Governance Council and became Treasurer this year. I attend Playground Advisory Council meetings and have been active on many Love Your Park days. Beginning in 2013, I’ve attended most of the monthly PSCA membership and zoning meetings. In 2014 I volunteered for NAP and participated in its Flashlight Parades, and, at the request of PSCA, attended a Police 3rd District Town Hall meeting.

3) I developed an appreciation and respect for our neighborhood as a result of my working for the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. I was first assigned to South Philadelphia in 1970 and eventually became the Redevelopment Authority’s Project Manager for South Philadelphia. I liked the neighborhood so much so that I purchased a house here and have lived in our neighborhood since 1986. I’m very pleased to live in the 19147 zip code, which is the most ethnically and racially diverse in the City of Philadelphia. I am also amazed at the recent transformation of the neighborhood. Although I love the people and character of the old neighborhood, I welcome the new young residents and immigrants and the creativity and energy they bring. All of my grandparents were immigrants and were able to provide opportunities for their children and grandchildren and I believe that the current immigrants who are new to our neighborhood should enjoy similar opportunities.
I want to see our neighborhood continue to grow and prosper for the benefit of all its residents, long time neighbors as well as new, and feel that being on the Board of Directors of PSCA would allow me to make more of an impact on the future of our neighborhood.

4) I worked for the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority for thirty four years, ending up as the Project Manager for South Philadelphia, and have lived in the neighborhood for twenty nine years. As a result, I am not only familiar with South Philadelphia and our neighborhood but I know how Philadelphia City government works and have been acquainted with many of its officials. In addition to my knowledge of the City, I was a local union president in the City workers blue collar union, District Council 33, for twenty nine years and have experience and skill in union organizing, conducting meetings and fighting for social justice. I have also been involved with community organizing in South Philadelphia and Reading, Pennsylvania as well. Furthermore, I am interested in the history of Philadelphia and have some knowledge of the history of our neighborhood. I am a veteran of the Army, having served as an Infantry officer in Korea, and have experience in organizing and accomplishing a mission. I believe that my experiences and skills can be useful to the Passyunk Square Civic Association.


kleinJared Klein

1) 2 years

2) I am currently a member of the PSCA Board of Directors and have served in that capacity since January, 2014. Prior to that, I joined the zoning committee as a member in the fall of 2013, and was elected zoning chair in December 2013. I continue to serve as chair of the zoning committee.

3) I have greatly enjoyed my board service thus far and hope to continue the good work PSCA is doing for our neighborhood. Specifically, I believe that a key to a great neighborhood is active engagement by neighbors in efforts to improve the quality of life. Whether that is reviewing zoning cases, participating in a clean-up, planting trees, or helping our local schools, every small effort brings great rewards to our daily lives, and helping those efforts through board service is both a benefit to our community and personally rewarding.

4) My legal practice includes a large percentage of my time devoted to zoning and land use, and in my time as Chair of the Zoning Committee, I believe we have continued the good work the Committee is doing providing guidance to neighbors, reviewing applications and addressing concerns.


knappChristine Knapp

1) 8 years

2) I have been on the board of PSCA for the last 8 years, heading up the Trash and Recycling committee, serving as Vice President, then President, and now continue to serve on the board.

3) Being involved with PSCA allows me to help improve my community at the ground level. Together we can tackle issues like litter and improving our schools while also building a stronger community bond. I’d like to continue to contribute to this great work.

4) I am the longest serving board member, having been on the board for 8 years, so I can be helpful in being the institutional memory of the organization. I also have a lot of connections to the City and non-profits that can be useful to PSCA as resources or information partners.


silvaRicardo Silva

1) 7 years

2) Running for a Re-election. I have been working in several projects with the board. Among them Latino Community Outreach, Columbus Square fundraising committee.

3) One of my biggest goals is to get the Latino community more involve in the events and be the voice of this rapidly growing community in our neighborhood.

4) Bilingual Spanish, English. Customer Service oriented. Good understanding in the latino community customs and needs.


zenzolaPam Zenzola

1) 6.5 years

2) Sit on the 9th St Washington Ave BID Steering Committee
Board Member of the PARC
2009/10 Organized Coupon Book, Plant Sale, Home Tour and T-shirt sale
2010/12 VP In addition to chairing all events, initiated the Art Auction
2012/15 President Initiated staffed and implemented several new activities: ESL Program, Language Exchange Program and Business Outreach. Increased Social Media to enhance outreach. Offer Spanish translation of monthly newsletter

3) My primary interest in remaining on the BOD is to continue to give back to my community, a community that has welcomed me since 2008. I am passionate to make a difference in our neighborhood the best way to achieve that would be to remain on the Board to continue the work we have started. This Board has formed partnerships with area businesses and schools; we have strong community involvement, investment, and ties. Our goals include implementing long lasting changes to benefit the entire community.

It is my belief that being an advocate for our neighborhood is to support and encourage the growth and development of local schools and businesses and to work with and involve area families. By engaging with and involving members of our neighborhood, I will continue to strive for unity, with the goal of making the community stronger and ensuring that our neighborhood is a safe and welcome place for all.

To me, home is not just my house but my community as well. Passyunk Square is my home: the place where friends and neighbors’ children go to school, where I dine with friends, where I shop. By continuing on the Board I will strive to promote community development and improve the quality of life for all in our neighborhood.

4) The strengths and skills I would bring to the Passyunk Square Civic Association Board of Directors include experience with team building in both the corporate (for profit) and public (non-profit) sectors. As well, I have been fortunate enough to have extensive personal experience in the United States and abroad working with charitable and community organizations, and will bring those skills to my work with the Board. I thrive when working with a wide ranging, varying group of people, an especially useful skill given the increasing diversity of the Passyunk Square neighborhood. I also work well with a wide range of personalities, and am adept at determining an individual’s strengths and how their interests and skill set(s) may best work towards achieving our common goals. In addition, I value and appreciate the input of others, and collaborate well, skills that will be put to good use a member of the Board of Directors.

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