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Below are the results from our November 2016 Zoning Meeting:

  • 1212 S Mildred St- Proposal to use a household living two family dwelling in an existing attached two story dwelling.  Current zoning is RSA-5. The committee voted 5-1 opposition. No nearby neighbors in attendence for a straw poll.
  • 1509-11 S Franklin St- Proposal for lot adjustment to create two new lots resulting in four use refusals and 6 zoning refusals.  Current zoning is RSA-5. The committee voted 5-1 opposition. Straw poll at the meeting 12 of 19 in opposition including a vocal group of nearby neighbors. 
  • 1226 S Sheridan St- Proposal to erect a third floor addition with a roof deck and pilot house above an existing attached building.  The committee voted 6-0 non-opposition. Straw poll at the meeting 1 person out of 40 in opposition.
  • 610-612 Wharton Street. Application is for a change of use in the existing structure from (2) CMX-1 properties to (2) RM-1 triplexes.
    The committee voted 6-0 non-opposition. Straw poll at the meeting 1 person out of 40 in opposition with no nearby neighbors in opposition.
  • 1312-16 E Passyunk Ave, 916 Wharton Street – Proposal to create one lot from four OPA accounts, and for the erection of an attached structure (60ft high); Roof Deck at the third, fourth and fifth floors accessed by a roof access structure for a multi-family household living (12 Dwelling units) from cellar through fifth floors with common residential lobby/amenities with three accessory parking spaces including with one accessible space at first floor and with four bicycle spaces in an accessible route. Developers will be returning to the committee in January with revised plans based on neighbor input.

Additional letter sent from September meeting:

  • 1434 S. 9th Street – Application to use the property for multi-family household dwelling. The committee voted 8-0 in opposition. Near neighbors in attendance voiced some concern, although the overall straw poll vote was split.  The zoning committee suggested numerous changes and issues for the applicant to consider and never heard back from the applicant, except to request our letter to the zoning board.

Our next meeting will be December 13, 7:00 at St. Maron’s Church

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