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May 25, 2022


Councilmember Squilla has notified PSCA that he is ready to move forward with legislation for the sale of 1100 Wharton (the Municipal Complex area.) A draft of this legislation is available here. We will post a link to the final legislation as introduced when it is introduced and becomes available later this week. The Councilmember then plans to move forward with public hearings on June 9th and 10th.

The Councilman’s decision to move forward is informed by working with city agencies and a community process summarized here:

2012-2015 ————– 2035 South District Plan Development Numerous meeting
November 2018 ——————- 1100 Wharton RFP Release Meeting
June 2019 ———————–Door to Door Call for Neighbor Comments on RFP responses
December 16, 2019 ————————— Proposal Presentation
2020 – present ——————————–Opportunity for Neighbor Comments
July 20, 2021 ———————————-Recap Meeting (via Zoom)
October 14, 2021 ———————————Q&A with Fire Department Leadership
October 26, 2021 —————————–First City Council Hearing
February 10, 2022 ————————Recap Meeting (via Zoom- Recording Available here)

Since November 2018, we have also been encouraging and reminding neighbors to reach out to Councilmember Squilla and PSCA on this issue outside of the formal meetings and calls for comment as well.

Community Members will have two additional formal opportunities to make their voices heard before approval of the sale legislation:

For the Planning Commission Meeting on June 9th:


For the Public Property Council Hearing on June 10th:
Speakers interested in giving testimony on any of these legislative matters must call 215-686-3416 or send an e-mail to samantha.williams@phila.gov by 3 p.m. the day before the hearing and submit the following information:

• Full name
• Callback telephone number where you can be reached
• Identify the bill number or numbers that will be addressed (The bill is number 220522)

Speakers who submitted the above information within the required time frame will be telephoned during the public hearing and invited to the remote hearing. They will be given additional instructions by the Committee Chair once they are connected.

Immediately following the public hearing, a meeting of the Committee on Public Property, open to the public, will be held to consider the action to be taken on the above-listed items.

At the end of this month, PSCA will be deciding on how we will testify at City Council hearings. As a final step in our decision-making, we sent a letter to Alterra asking for clarification on some summary concerns we have been hearing from the community. Neighbors can read their response here. This last letter from Alterra also contained an updated rendering of the proposed building at 12th and Reed as seen below:

A summary of the most recent site layout and residential/commercial and parking unit count is below as well:

Rough Site Layout/Unit Counts

Parking Layout

Affordable Unit breakdown

In addition to building a new firehouse for the city as part of this project, Alterra will also be repaving the municipal lot at 11th and Reed so it can open for use for permit parking in the neighborhood and has pledged to make financial support available for community projects in the neighborhood.

If the sale is approved, there will also be additional opportunities for public comment and discussion as this project continues to move towards implementation. PSCA will continue to inform neighbors of public hearings and work with Alterra to arrange for ongoing community meetings.

On a technical note, last week Councilmember Squilla also introduced a necessary correction to the zoning legislation for this area that was passed last year. Both our Zoning Committee and Municipal Complex Working Group have verified that there is no change to the original intent of what was approved last year, and legislation for the city sale is still pending. Neighbors are welcome to review the Original Legislation and Corrected Legislation. This matter will come before Council in the Rules Committee on June 14th.

Community members who have questions about PSCA’s process here are welcome to reach out to municipalcomplex@passyunk.org. As always we encourage our neighbors to express their opinions about this project directly to Councilmember Squilla at mark.squilla@phila.gov

April 5, 2022

As a follow-up to the meeting earlier this year, Alterra Properties has provided an updated traffic study responding to some neighbor concerns. Documents are available for download below

February 11, 2022

Neighbors can watch a video of the February 10th meeting with neighbor comments and chat text via this link:


January 2022


Councilmember Squilla is hosting is an additional community meeting regarding the Municipal Complex/1100 Wharton. Details:

1100 Wharton/Municipal Complex Update Meeting
Hosted by Councilmember Squilla
Thursday, February 10th, 7pm
Direct registration link: 

Councilmember Squilla has asked PSCA to assist in facilitating a meeting so he can report on the status of the Municipal Complex proposal and process and continue to gather feedback about outstanding issues requiring further updates.
Join him, representatives from Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and representatives from Alterra properties on Thursday, February 10th at 7 pm.

October 2021 – Update

There are two important dates coming up to be aware of:

October 14, 2021 – 6:00pm
Special Meeting with Fire Department Leadership
Register for this meeting here:

At the July 20th meeting on this issue, there were several questions about plans for the new firehouse and how they were vetted. Councilmember Squilla feels it is important that neighbors have the opportunity to speak directly to fire department leadership to hear answers to these questions and has arranged a meeting to do this. The Councilmember and Alterra properties will also be available to review the process for this project going forward and to answer more questions.

October 26, 2021 – 10am
First City Council Hearing on this Topic

The first City Council hearing for this project has been scheduled for October 26th. This hearing is for the first part of the legislation that would allow this project to go forward. The legislation as proposed is available here. Anyone is welcome to register to testify.

Instructions for registering to testify are as follows:

Speakers interested in giving testimony on any of these legislative matters must call 215‑686‑3412 ext. 8, or send an e‑mail to brett.nedelkoff@phila.gov by 3 p.m. the day before the hearing and submit the following information:
•     Full name
•     Callback telephone number where you can be reached
•     Identify the bill number that will be addressed (in this case – 210638)
Speakers who submitted the above information within the required time frame will be telephoned during the public hearing and invited to the remote hearing. They will be given additional instructions by the Committee Chair once they are connected.

We encourage neighbors to visit the City Council calendar for updates and details on the City Council review process.  Our understanding is that there will be another hearing to proceed with legislation that would allow for the sale of 1100 Wharton. 

July 2021 Update

Meeting Video, Traffic Study and Opportunites for Further Feedback

On August 3rd, the city’s Civic Design Review panel will be meetings to provide feedback on the proposed Master Plan change that is triggered by the ongoing legislative process. Neighbors are invited to attend and give commentary. Please note that commentary from our July 20th meeting will be included in the consideration. More information on how to attend is available here.

We encourage neighbors to continue submitting feedback to Mark.Squilla@phila.gov with a copy to municipalcomplex@passyunk.org throughout the summer and fall. We will post City Council hearing dates when they are scheduled. The earliest this could happen is mid-September when Council returns to session.

June 2021

Update Meeting July 20th, 6:30pm

Councilmember Squilla will be hosting a meeting to update the community about the further process for advancing this project and to discuss the fine details of the project as requested by community members over the past year and a half.

The meeting will be held: 
Tuesday July 20, 2020, 6:30pm online
Register at  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZModOGurjMpEtVyezvfWRZKSiytoDkw4SG5

Neighbors who need assistance accessing the meeting can email contact@passyunk.org or call 215-266-5088

Councilmember Squilla has also provided us with first-draft legislation that addresses this project. This legislation has been introduced to provide the opportunity for official review though Council has left for summer break. The earliest date for a City Hearing would be on this matter would be October 2021. This draft is available here with supporting documents here and here. Download as one zip file here.

A copy of the flyer promoting this meeting is available here. We encourage you to share with your neighbors.

October 2020


The pandemic paused our updates for this project but Councilmember Squilla has asked us to share that, based on community feedback, the developer has updated their proposal to reduce the density of this project and agreed to add additional landscape trees throughout the streetscape. Below is the chart with new residential unit counts (155 as opposed to the 170 listed in our chart below) and further reiterated details.


We will pass on updates on how the process for approving the sale of this parcel will proceed as they are announced.

December 2019

Update Meeting Post

Thank you to the 80+ neighbors who attended Councilmember Squilla’s meeting last night regarding proposed plans for the Municipal Complex area. 

For those who could not attend last night, below is the handout distributed by the proposed developer, Alterra Properties, and a chart summarizing the updated proposal for the area.



We encourage neighbors to send their feedback directly to mark.squilla@phila.gov with a cc: to municipalcomplex@passyunk.org

Neighbors are also welcome to add their names to our mailing list for updates about this project and submit comments on our Municipal Complex google form.

We will be reporting on feedback and next steps in the new year.  

You can also download and review a copy of the 2035 Philadelphia South District Plan section regarding this area, that was discussed at last night’s meeting. 

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